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It will end up being like FreeVee on Prime for anyone who's ever watched a movie or anything on there. They straight up randomly just inject ads in at random times, often not even during scene breaks. Characters are sometimes mid-sentence... Oh, and we're back to the volume of the ads being 2x louder than the movie itself because I guess that law Congress passed way back in the day only applied to cable and broadcast TV.

It makes it nearly unwatchable. So get ready for that experience.

No we don't, we have 400+ years of capitalist history to tell us what comes next; Oligarchy, neo-feudalism...

People: Cory Doctorow didn't invent this concept. Read a book.

It's almost as if there's an entire class of (inordinately wealthy) people who have no reason to exist in the capacity that they do.

CEO's are so important to the functioning of a product that they don't even have to fucking understand the product itself. Why not give them shitloads of money?

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The first part of your comment may be true, but it's leaving out an important caveat: he's very much directly responsible for the current state of his party, and the rabid base he helped create.

I think that's some important context.

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But I thought it was the left that's indoctrinating children?

That's what they need to convince their base in order to get them to support their indoctrination schemes. They've convinced so many people that simply teaching science and history is leftist indoctrination, and they need to combat it with their own propaganda.

Religion is a malignant tumor on humanity

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Ooohhh fanboys doing (presumably) unpaid PR work in the comments!

Does this mean lemmy has "made it"?

Maybe they never should have gotten rid of the porn...

Imagine what humankind could have accomplished if we didn't have to divert the majority of our energy and resources to constantly beating back fascism and bigotry.

So much human potential spent holding back the same exact fucking thing every single time. We fought a world war over this shit almost a century ago! Why the fuck do we still need to constantly fight this shit. It's exhausting.

Edit: spelling/grammar

Year 2030 is a global target for renovations in every aspects of societies and countries.

According to whom? What kind of world do you live in where there's some kind of overarching "force" with "targets" like that?

If I'm being honest, it sounds like conspiracy theory BS.

Because America is a third world country with shiny veneers

We make our employees sign a form when they're hired stating that they will not mention our company or any of its employees on social media in a negative way. It's standard practice

The NLRB ruled that non-disparagement clauses are not enforceable

It's a clear violation of the first amendment... Also, referring to the company you work for as "we" while talking about firing another employee is cringe as fuck.

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And they'll still blame the left. These people will never admit they were wrong about this. They will go to their graves claiming climate change is a hoax, even as the world that they were meant to leave for their children and grandchildren literally burns around them.

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Meanwhile... child labor protections? Who needs em? Protections against child marriage (or let's call it what it is, rape)? They'll be fine. God wills it, after all, and it's in the Bible (or so they're told, very few of them actually read it).

Meanwhile, actual abuse is happening constantly in the Catholic (and others) church, and what do they do? Just shuffle 'em around a little bit. They "repented", so that means we can leave him alone with kids in Montana now instead of New Mexico. Problem solved! Thank the lord!

These fuckers have zero interest in actually protecting children, and for a good chunk of them, they're actively working toward the exact opposite.

Then why are they even still there? It's like they're so addicted to the small amount of irrelevant "power" they get from the position and they just can't give it up.

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So I guess humans are doomed to repeat the same stupid mistakes over and over until the planet literally burns to a crisp. Very cool.

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Anti-LGBTQ+ people have shifted (back, this isn't new) to arguing that any exposure to anybody or anything that isn't completely hetero-normative, to be "child abuse". The internet is one of the few things many children in particularly backwards states (looking at you Florida and Texas) still have that can show them the truth/reality about gender and sexuality. So naturally, conservatives are desperately looking for ways to stop that.

Meanwhile, the blatant, real sexual abuse and grooming of children is mainly happening in the church and in the home. There's a reason these parents don't want their children understanding the very very basics of sexuality, their bodies, and what is right/wrong when it comes to adults touching them. And it ain't because they care about their wellbeing.

A kid can't rat you out if they don't know the word for what you're doing, or that it's even wrong in the first place. How convenient for them.

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Yeah it sucks. But those of us paying attention, and have a basic grasp on history, know what the alternative is. See Florida for a microcosm.

Running candidates that nobody thinks will ever win everybody knows will lose, in a first past the post system, that will only siphon votes away from the one candidate that can prevent that fascism from fully taking hold of the nation, for pride is not only incredibly ignorant and short-sighted, but it also ignores what third parties (particularly progressive ones) do to electoral counts.

This isn't a fucking game, and it's not a joke. The wolf is at the door, we don't have the luxury to be throwing away votes on Cornell fucking West.

If you want to vote third party, get ranked choice voting. Until then, get with reality, or vote third party and take responsibility for ushering in the end of our Republic. Your choice.

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Have you ever browsed the Nintendo eShop? It's like 50% shovelware.

If they have a screening process for their shop, it's absolute trash.

So I guess Zoom will be banned in Europe?

He's literally the leader of the legislative branch of the Republican party. It would be absurd to act like he bears no responsibility for the direction of his party.

I think I've started learning that I'm kind of ok with that barrier to entry... I mean, it's pretty fucking low. It's not that difficult to understand if you are willing to take 5 mins to learn how it works.

Don't want to be gatekeeper-y or anything, but maybe if you can't pass that simple test, then the overall discourse is better off without you in it.

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Watching this right now. Very good. One of the few remaining high quality video essayists left on YT imo.

Yeah, anyone who tries to tell you that "the free market will sort it out" when you ask about companies selling dangerous medications, equipment, chemicals, structures, etc. in unregulated markets, is either ignorant of reality or an actual monster.

And that's not even considering inelastic goods that put corporations in a position where they could continue to profit from human misery without the "free market" ever correcting it. And that's not even considering rent seeking.

Anyone who considers human lives as acceptable collateral in people's' obsession with compulsively gaining and hoarding wealth, has no place in modern society.

Do you like lobster or shrimp? They're basically bugs.

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If you're enjoying yourself while you play, then the time was well spent. Like you said, try to remember that nobody is making you play every game you start to 100% completion, that's an entirely self-imposed rule.

That said, for me personally, the length of a game is generally irrelevant to whether or not I will enjoy that game. If I enjoy a game, I enjoy that game. If it's long, it's long. If not, cool.

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To me, this is far more effective than pouring paint on priceless works of art. At least this is a direct message to a billionaire.

8 more... well as every other modern conservative.

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Hilariously, the data don't back them up, my wife does research on this very topic for a company. The dollar signs do though, they have to justify the property expenditures.

No. That's sunk cost fallacy.

If they've already bought and paid for the buildings, they are not losing more money by not using them.

In fact, they probably save money on things like maintenance, overhead, security on physical sites when they're not being used. They could also be renting those spaces out, or straight up selling.

Disney, at least back in the VHS, and (probably early) DVD days, would purposefully keep their titles in the "vault" and only release a handful of titles at a time for a limited time window.

What it did was create artificial scarcity, and when they put out an "anniversary edition" of Cinderella or whatever, they cashed in.

Which is just so insane because the Greenhouse Effect is a very simple, very well-understood phenomenon that anyone who actually wants to understand it (and even conduct experiments to directly test it) very easily can.

The runaway greenhouse effect leading to climate change is slightly more complex (but is it really?), but simply growing trees to counter the greenhouse effect is like such a basic, simple, scientific concept that even children understand.

Like... It's literally the reason greenhouses exist and work. I just... I don't know what to say anymore to peoples' ignorance.

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Dude's wife is a doctor, his wife, and yet he still thought "wet ass pussy" was referring to a medical condition or something. Dude doesn't even know how basic female anatomy works. And he's fucking married. To a doctor.

You forget that literal children play these games

What a brain rot take. They are children, my guy. I know you think you're the smartest 12 year old in you class, but not everyone is as clever as you .

Or maybe this is just you telling everyone that you know don't know how propaganda works.

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You could still play most (if not all) ps2 games without a memory card. You can't save your game obviously, but nothing stopping you from playing.

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Libertarian folks: pretty good example of why you need government. Permits are a good thing.

"Retiring" and "resigning" are different things. He may have been near retirement age, but the statement he made makes it clear this was a resignation for a cause. With a good reason.

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A lot of the development for Proton has also been community-based. Aside from whatever Steam has done to directly improve Proton, just creating the Steam Deck, and SteamOS has brought so much more attention and focus to improving it to an extent that probably wouldn't have happened otherwise. It gave people a reason to volunteer their time to improve it.

Maybe if you view everything in your life as a transaction or a zero-sum game, and put no value in education or knowledge.

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DeSantis did it in Florida a year or two ago as well. These people are gearing up for civil war.

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