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I hate that mania feels like such a good time. I used to not sleep as a kid bc it made things more fun


PSL maybe?

Hear me out, showing solidarity to a slave owner attacked by his slave is different than showing solidarity to a slave who was just beaten. The power dynamic should not be ignored

This is amazing and now on my wishlist

Rare based kyle

Dont say that

Fps chess - not bad really, the mechanics are but thats part of the charm

Muck - made for a game jam, fun with friends

Retail royale - ikea themed battle royale, no more than 12 players online typically

The looker - satire game based on the watcher

Leaf blower revolution - cookie clicker style idle game with more engaging mechanics. Not bad really but a time waster fs

Unturned - just a classic but still silly

Lunch lady - group survival horror game, played it once, not great - fps game where you play as a pear shaped phone with a pear logo, no comment

Peasant royale - self explanatory I think


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Happens all the time

Don't worry about it

Honestly I wouldn't be shocked about it being malware lmao. I dont think I have ever ran it tho tbh

Does it work on linux?

Edit: checked for myself, it does. Has a .deb too

Tummy hurt


Apologies, I am terrible at detecting sarcasm when I am sober and I was very not sober

My bad lol I never played the game it was making fun of but it WAS funny


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Bro just @ me next time wtf

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Having an interesting conversation with someone you just met. I see people do this shit all the time and they make it look like it comes naturally but every time I'm in that situation it is so difficult. Its like a series of quick time events that im severely underprepared for

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It was in a hot tub. My money is on drugs plus hot tub

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How to tell everyone you've never pleasured a woman without stating it directly

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Basically every sea monster cryptid. There's so much shit down there we don't know about. Guarantee many many many of them are over exaggerated yes but there has been more than one case of a sea monster cryptid turning out to actually just be a real creature. Fucks me up

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They are probably being paid by copyright holders

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Plants are green specifically because the red and blue wavelengths of light are useful for breaking specific chemical bonds necessary for photosynthesis and as such are readily absorbed by the plant. The plant makes efficient use of the energy provided by only absorbing the wavelengths necessary for its processes. However, plants still absorb 90% of green light and green light holds the highest proportion of the energy radiated by the sun.

To be more clear, green light has too much energy. When plants absorb light it first enters a protein mesh containing pigments such as chlorophyll that function like an antenna or receiver for a range of wavelengths. The pigments then transfer the energy to a "reaction center" where it turns this electromagnetic energy into chemical energy (photosynthesis). This process is exceedingly efficient; almost all of the absorbed energy is converted into electrons the plants can use. However, this protein mesh antenna is not solid and is constantly moving. These movements affect how energy is absorbed and how it flows through the pigments. Think of diffraction in water. Fluctuation in the intensity of light can create noise in this process; a quick brush of shade or sudden increase of light intensity can decrease the efficiency of photosynthesis. For plants and really everything that lives, a steady input and output of energy is desirable. Not enough electrons making it to the reaction center causes energy failure while too much will cause general overcharging effects that can damage tissue. When the noise of this system fluctuates it makes it difficult for the plant to self regulate it's energy flow and could cause the plant to kill it's own tissue or essentially starve. So essentially, while absorbing all green light would provide the plant with more energy, it's not capable of handling this energy so plants evolved to limit their intake of green light.

However, this is not to say that green lights ability to efficiently evaporate water is not a factor in this evolutionary development, hell it's probable that these two things are heavily related. Green light might evaporate water so well because of some combination of its relatively high energy mixed with the size of its wavelength interacting with the hydrogen bonds between water molecules in a more efficient manner than other wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation.

source for those interested

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The important stuff:

Amazon has been fined in Poland for misleading consumers about the conclusion of sales contracts on its online marketplace. The sanction, of close to $8 million (or in local currency: PLN 31,850,141), also calls out the e-commerce giant for deceptive design elements which may inject a false sense of urgency into the purchasing process and mislead shoppers about elements like product availability and delivery dates.

consumers who ordered products on Amazon could have their purchases subsequently cancelled by the tech giant as it does not treat the moment of purchase as the conclusion of a sales contract, despite sending consumers confirmation of their order — even after consumers have paid for the product. For Amazon, the conclusion of a sales contract only occurs once it has sent information about the actual shipment.

Amazon failed to clearly communicate this salient detail to shoppers, finding it only provided the information at “the last stage of purchase”. It also found the information was sometimes “difficult” for consumers to access, noting for example Amazon could use a grey font on a white background in text displayed at the very bottom of a page

Its enforcement also calls out Amazon for using deceptive design to encourage shoppers to click buy by presenting misleading information about product availability and delivery windows — such as by listing how many items were in stock to be purchased and providing a countdown clock to order an item in order to get it on a particular delivery date. Its investigation found Amazon does not always meet these deadlines for orders, nor ship products immediately as they may be out of stock despite claims to the contrary shown to consumers.

So basically, because the moment of purchase is not the conclusion of a sales contract amazon reserves the right to just cancel your order, the writing that states this is purposefully hidden, the countdown timers are meaningless, the purchased product may not even be in stock, they don't ship products when they say they do, and the products sometimes don't arrive when they say they will. Who would have guessed.

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And diet and work safety and income distribution and the list goes on I'm sure

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50 is pretty nice what are you on about

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Bro I'll be real with you north Korea got fucking obliterated to the extent that they were living underground because every single building has been bombed to rubble. North Korea was definitely the victim of imperialist interference. No person in that country deserved that level of devastation.

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Tunic mentioned

You ancestors also had social anxiety nerd. Like yeah maybe great great great grandpappy went through wars and famines but he still stuttered in front of your great great great grandma and laid awake at night thinking about it.

I wish LSD did what people who don't do it think it does

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Personally I just hop in an wing it. In the case of baldurs gate I already understood most classes and races because of DND but in general when it comes to games like that yeah I just wing it and hope for the best

Wait people pay for 4chan?

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Cyanide smells (and maybe tastes?) like almonds. For people aware of this there is a subversion of expectation. It isn't particularly good joke but taken satirically it's alright.

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I was consistantly working out for 6 months until I sprained my wrist a few weeks back. Haven't been to the gym since. Wrist is completely healed 🤷

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

He was a german philosopher known for his idealism. Marx disagreed with him vehemently because Marx was a materialist.

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