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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

So I decided to Google this and mostly found that keeping your bedroom door closed increases your chance to survive a fire. So, hmm.

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One thing I love about lemmy is how easy it is to get a conversation going. On reddit it's really easy to be buried in a thread, and if you get a response it's often just a joke or a snarky remark. Here there's so much genuine engagement. It reminds me of the transition from Twitter to Mastodon. I guess people who bother to make the move are more likely to be more engaged users, too.

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The difference is lactose intolerance is not an allergy. Your body doesn't absorb the lactose, which causes water to stay in your gut due to osmosis. Annoying but ultimately not that dangerous.

Allergies cause inflammation, and repeated exposure to food allergens reduces your guts ability to absorb nutrients and can be very very dangerous.

Make sure you read up on the difference between milk allergies and lactose intolerance, and be aware of the differences in risk.

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I think the implications is that we aim this at people who say that.

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I wish this post had been titled lesbian rule.

I think it really fit its aesthetic.

Oh no they're hot

I'm not here to fuck reddit, that would be really weird tbh. I'm here to have a similar experience as reddit without supporting that crap company.

A lot of people here originate from reddit, and still have the same interests. Especially those who have experience organizing drawings on r/place.

If there's something you want on there, go find some people and get organized!

More cheese for me then. :3

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She was already wearing the tank top, and is still wearing the hoodie around her waist. Who knows where the cat ears came from. Maybe they just materialize when your egg cracks?

So I checked the article and it's bizarre.

I guess the trend

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I am just as confused as before.

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If you do a task daily, and you can shave one second off it, you save 30 minutes in 5 years. So as long as you spend less than that developing whatever tool or technique making it more efficient, you end up saving more time than you spent optimizing.

Fair point. I'm not eating more cheese to spite you, I'll just eat any extra unwanted cheese you (being any hypothetical vegans I might eat with) got served that would have to go to the trash otherwise.

But I respect your cause, and while I'm not fully vegan I do try to eat animal products mindfully and reduce my consumption of them.

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The same holds true? Can't be that hard not to be an asshole.

Chairs and chairs and chairs and chairs

Looks AI generated to me.

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Hey guys, did you know that you need a license to fuck fish? Get yours now!😏

It actually originates from AAVE. To cap basically means to exaggerate or lie.

Isn't that the horse from Horsing Around?

Edgy meme. (This one's for the Germans)

This is a friendly reminder that condoms exist. Solves half of your problems lol

Great, even

Goat! Lemmy really needs a goat community.


This guy has solved the entire lost media wiki and is keeping it all to himself.



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"Robin Mahfood, president and CEO of Food for the Poor" was my favorite.

What is it from?


toki a!