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I appreciate your commitment to inclusion.

I’d imagine they swap creative blow-offs for laughs, like any job.

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He graduated to Dad.

I’ve got a question about the classified document case. Do you think I should get Jiffy Pop original or Orville Redenbacher microwave for my nightly news recaps?

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If they are installing themselves as such an influence, I’m sure it come as no surprise when the torches and pitchforks come out. The legislature is too broken to deal with this. It will literally be the end of their lifetime appointments. Sadly

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As soon as you see “upstate”, you can bet it’s as provincial as any near midwestern state. I grew up along the southern border with PA. It’s more conservative than most people think. The Amish and Mennonite residents feel right at home in those communities.

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I’m starting to think they also don’t want to see his arm tats that honor victims of gun violence. That would be another crisis unaddressed.

A fucking pharmacist tried to talk my daughter out of the latest COVID vaccine (which I guess is its own thing and not just a booster). Wtf? This was at Walgreens. I’m proud of my kid, though.

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I’d like it to be affordable. I don’t mind PPV but come on.

This guy got fired for physically assaulting a student athlete on tape. His privilege kept him out of jail. Fuck the both of them. They’re criminals.

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Willful ignorance. It appears that doesn’t make one immune either.

Like so many parts of the health care industry in the US, people like to make money off of diabetes not invest in solutions.

I’d disagree but a bit of mint sauce couldn’t hurt at this point.

Well, get busy. That screenplay isn’t going to write itself. Or will it? cue intense music

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I recommend a vinegar based sauce to cut through the richness of the fatty ego.

It bothers me that he is trying to dunk on his own leadership. Why? Just to call attention to a perceived failing. What a douche.

Of course, people in their mid-fifties are useless. That's a bit short-sighted, don't you think?

The articles source is Australian.

And now I’m worried about an imaginary kitty in a car with no imaginary windshield.

He just ignores facts that don’t agree with the conclusions he’s already made. His time ignoring the criminal sexual abuse in his previous career has paid dividends.

Since 2016.

You’re going to need a better false equivalency than that.

What, pray tell, is the rule?

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And yet, that’s someone’s home that they are proud to have, I’ll bet.

I hear it’s lovely this time of year.


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That’s a dik dik.

Kevlar Second Chance?

Tokamak is Russian for magnetic bottle and is one method being explored for thermonuclear fusion containment.

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Take comfort knowing the sketch artist made him look like Jack Smith’s brother.

Too big? Hold my TCP/IP stack......

think he’ll be complaining regardless and screaming victimhood for the rest of his life. We need not walk on eggshells around a clearly brazen huckster because then he can manipulate the situation. No, thanks


I stand corrected as he was worse than I described.

It’s the only way to be sure.

Coal is a fossil fuel, btw. Part of the problem is that through subsidies, the cost of energy is being kept artificially low in the US. We need the increase in cost to de-incentivize oil/gas/coal.


I don’t think that’s possible in this case.