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As much as I get the idea, a strike with an end date is ridiculous and makes no difference whatsoever. The reddit CEO even said that he was just going to wait it out, showing how 2 days is nothing. And changing it to forever does seem to have had a real impact, because now they are actually trying to force subs open. However, yes, the mods really should have endorsed one place and gone with it I completely agree, which could have kept the community alive while still not being on reddit in protest

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Yep, and you are posting to the community by mentioning the account lol

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🐌 Texas

I'd gladly help out, I have have mod experience being a moderator for a discord server (for a Minecraft mod). Never done anything mod-related for reddit/lemmy, but I'm sure it's not too different. I have lurked on r/196 for a while and really like the community and the idea (funny shitposting meme community but with a side of queerness). I didn't really interact much beyond upvoting on the subreddit, but I'm going to try and be more active and involved on this new platform :)

The real curved line was the friends we made along the way

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I'm not falling for this, John Capitalism


Oh no the threads screenshots have started already

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The two genders

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Actually it's a horse

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but we stay silly :3

Can't forget the sequel: the cover for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, but edited so the words say "The Leg 2"

God gives his most convoluted situations to his most silly experiments

Hi, if you still need more mods I would gladly help out!

I primarily reside in the MST/MDT timezone, and spend a pretty good amount of time browsing here and the general fediverse (https://blahaj.land/@ty), so I would be able to give it my all when required. Unfortunately I don't post much myself mainly due to a lack of creativity and just because most of the memes I have are from c/196 itself, though I really love the community that has developed here

As for existing experience, I moderate/admin a (at present) 131626 member discord server surrounding a Minecraft mod (I can give you the invite and/or my username if you want), so I have experience dealing with people and helping resolve issues as fast as I can when needed. I have been doing staff-related roles in that server since December 1st 2020, so I am not very new to moderating online spaces :)

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