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You would probably have to change your settings back then reboot to use it with the host then change again and reboot to use it with the vm

Oh got it, I use wire guard as a VPN for services that only I need but for things I share with multiple people I use cloudflare tunnel after learning about it from youtube tutorials

What's the notice?

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yeah but I mostly send pictures so if I hit the limit I just send them over multiple emails

You can use cloudflare tunnels which skips having to open ports and can also proxy the connection so people can't find your home IP address depending on what services you're setting up

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I guess everyone will work in solidarity to kill the player who picked the cybertruck character, then once that's done the remaining humanoids will just play like normal

Yeah I email myself for work stuff since we aren't supposed to plug in our phones to our work computers.

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I touched a huge isopod the other day, they have a tough shell

It's a pretty good racket. My friends boss saw us building ourselves a site one time when he let us use his shop on the weekend and he got intrigued.

So as payment for letting us use the machine shop we took over his business website from some expensive marketing company that charged a ton we got him down to a domain and a basic weebly plan. We took photos of the shop and just used their shop colors for the text and slapped on all the contact info he wanted.

Then his bookkeeper saw his site and wanted one so we did the same for her, then her son saw the site and wanted one for his friend who's a plumber. Next thing you know we are turning down jobs because everyone and their mother wants a $500 website from us haha. It became a better business than what we borrowed the machine shop for to begin with


I just created a vault that I keep in my nextcloud to keep it synced across devices

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I just made nextcloud keep the vault folder on my device and pointed Obsidian to the nextcloud folder

Hey I drove next to this guy this morning, with a big ol "I'm sensitive" flag that has the elongated reptile

What are war bikes, is it like in Furiosa

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Why are you the way that you are

Could I just inject oxygen for immediate relief

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But think of the short term gains!

That truck has a computer in it

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I had no idea people still used it, it sort of just died after Instagram came out with stories or whatever. Most people I know just prefer text messaging now since no one can agree vs fb messenger apple messenger what's app or signal

Random Pic online, is this how it would look haha

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Great game csgo Crowd strike global outage

Crunchbang was one of the first Linux experiences I had and then found ++, I stopped using it recently to try out pop!os but the idea of crunchbang++ never leaves me. It was great on my little thin client laptop

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And the big sleep

Just sit at the library for a while, sit near the shelf that has the topic you're interested in and grab a few books at a time and go through them to see if any seem like the right book

That gastric ulcers one sounds like euthanasia

The goal is always to try to take it as straight as possible without losing speed

Yeah it's built on freecad

AMP for game servers Plex The arrs Rss stuff Nextcloud NUT Pihole Bunch of stuff for plex like maintainer, shuffle Jellyfin and watch state sync between plex Speed test tracker Krita Excalidraw Actualserver Mealie Grav Tons of databases

We also took the liberty of canceling your health insurance to help protect the shareholders from your abhorrent health expenses in the far future

I like how it's the biggest IT issue and the best solution is to turn it off and on several times

What are you, an etymologist?

Veridis Quo by daft punk

OK we'll remove the label next update for your convenience

I thought it was mint mobile

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I miss the days where everyone was working from home, traffic is horrible again

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Mattress stores that stay open 24/7, pretty sure you send them a mattress full of cash and they deliver you a mattress full of coke

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Wait you watch the video? I thought everyone just went there for the ads and emailed YouTube executives to please keep adding more

Have you tried not being a robot

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They told the rock it was one movie to save money