Lemmy users who feel the heaviness of depression, what issue in your life weighs you down the most?

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I have recently tested positive for a dozen different autoimmune issues. I went from a sharp 38 year old to a 40 year old who struggles with concentration. As a small business owner, it scares the hell out of me because I there is a lot riding on me to maintain the success of my business.

It's terrifying.

A dozen? I have a few and could offer advice from time to time... does the list include MS?

Not yet. Almost 100% going to be an SLE (Lupus) diagnosis, but I've been subject to a battery of blood tests (seriously, I'm like 40 tubes in at this point) and hitting for everything from cryoglobulenemia, to sclerederma (ANA). It's just super disheartening to see a new test added to a retest order only for the new test to show positive as well as the retest. However, I don't believe we've ruled out MS yet and I know MS presents weirdly in men.