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Sane people in Florida need to evacuate as soon as possible.

No! That is exactly the power play. Policies like this are intended to move liberal voters out of swing states. You know, the ones that sway the elections. They want the swing states to be red states.

Have you tried Firefox? It's a great lemmy client

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Here's my logic. You can be elitist and know how to do the thing that this article is conveying already. Lemmy is populated by an overwhelming number of users who are technically capable of doing the thing this article is conveying. But there's another wave of complaints that Lemmy lacks content, therefore cannot grow. This is content. And I submitted it, in the hopes that someone who is less technical doesn't give up on this platform and go elsewhere.

The conversations revolving around the lack of content on lemmy aren't taking into consideration the success of other reddit alternatives like Tildes. Tildes is busier than lemmy. Nurture the platform, criticize the writing if you must, but be constructive. If you have something to add to the conversation, add it.

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This is deceiving though. In The US tipping is literally everywhere now.

If you are waited on, I. E. Sat at a table or served at a bar, tipping is expected. If you go to a counter and place an order and someone hands you something while you're standing there, those workers aren't making 2.13/hr.

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Harris has been pro weed for years now. One of the foremost issues with our political system in the US is that these people are elected by a constituency that demands a job be done in a way that they want. (I am purposely ignoring the corporate donor aspect for this statement)

The locality (and the era) demanded drug dealers go to jail, so she did her job. Where Harris has floundered is how she talks about it and attonrs for it today.

You can be outspoken about a politicians past, but it's disingenuous to ignore that a politician has changed, especially so if they have changed with positive progression.

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Lol I thought the genre was called boomer shooter because you have an arsenal of guns that go boom while circle strafing and holding the mouse button.

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That headline is funny as hell

Per this comment, and the project itself, Firefox isn't supported.

Although, it seems the about page now suggests Firefox is supported

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This is a big roadblock for lemmy. There needs to be a clear indication that an instance is defederated from the community you're posting to and that doesn't currently exist.

A instance can make a decision thst it's users aren't aware of without some kind of marker.

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I've blocked two users who spam pro-China propaganda non stop in that /c/. Ugh

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Ya know, I have no issues with 2fa, but I watch older folks struggle with it for some reason. They can't fathom the 'magic'. But I don't understand 2fa on utility websites that are only payment portals that obfuscate account numbers. Like "enable 2fa for account security!" why? Because someone who has found my credentials on the dark web might pay my bill?

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You don't need to "be smart" to switch to Linux. Linux for the most part 'just works' these days of you choose the 'right' distro.

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Jitsi Meet for zoom replacement

They should turn to mastodon. Https://Press.coop is ready and waiting.

Exists and is free. Lookup The Dawn of Art. Includes narration by Daisy Ridley.

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Keep in mind how Google works. It's taking your metrics into consideration. So someone who has never Googled lemmy likely wouldn't have seen thst same result.

This is part of a larger political astroturfing campaign. There was a very comprehensive post on reddit about it when this garbage starting flooding into small subreddits. I'll see if I can find it.




Original credit to /u/hoyarugby on reddit

For people who are actually interested in how this developed rather than flogging a particular political horse

Kensington is a neighborhood in North Philadelphia. It's located not too far from the major highway I-95, and is also well-served by public transit via the Market-Frankford Line (commonly called the El, the elevated train above this street)

It was originally a neighborhood inhabited by Eastern European immigrants, who worked in garment factories, making things like stockings and hats - the textile industry was a key part of Philadelphia's industrial economy

The textile industry was one of the earliest hit with deindustrialization - factories moved to the cheaper and non-unionized American South, and then overseas, and Kensington was hit very hard by this de-industrialization. White Flight wasn't as bad here as in many other cities - Port Richmond, a neighborhood right next to this, is still largely white working class - but much of the white population fled and were replaced by Black migrants from the Jim Crow south, as well as hispanic immigrants

By the 60s the area had a large number of abandoned buildings, and the drug problem began then. First heroin in the 60s, then meth in the 70s, then crack and cocaine in the 80s and 90s. The neighborhood became a bit of a drug "emporium" because of its location - it's right near major highways and train routes, so it was a common place for people from outside of Philadelphia itself to go buy drugs. And all of the abandoned buildings created ideal places for people to squat in and do drugs

But though the area was awash in drugs and drug addicts, the abandoned buildings paradoxically helped keep the problems less visible. Large drug/homeless camps were established in abandoned lots and other marginal space - drug addicts and the homeless congregated there

The current situation in Kensington is caused by two things - fentanyl and cleanup efforts

I probably don't need to elaborate too much here, but the opioid epidemic and the influx of cheap fentanyl from China has turned the existing drug issue into an epidemic. Kensington is the place where you can get the most potent heroin on the east coast, for the cheapest price. It's a place that draws in drug addicts, keeps them ensnared, and kills them via overdoses. And it's the most potent of its kind in the country

Paradoxically, cleanup efforts pushed the problem from being somewhat invisible to being out in the open. In general, both the City of Philadelphia, and real estate money, have made an effort to buy up and restore/rebuild many buildings in the area. Kensington has excellent transit access to Center City, and is very close to the hottest real estate market in the city, the neighborhoods of Fishtown and Northern Liberties. Many of the buildings and abandoned lots that served as drug squats and homeless camps were bought up and torn down or restored, with the hopes that in a few years, Kensington will be the next hot real estate market in the city

The proximate problem that led to the current crisis was the clearing of a number of homeless camps, particularly the biggest one in the city, El Campamento which was established in the CSX railroad cut to the West of Kensington. After mounting complaints from neighbors and community leaders, CSX and the city finally cleared out the homeless camp. They were able to get some people housed and/or in treatment, but many addicts refused treatment/housing, and the drug problem will always create more homeless addicts. But now these homeless addicts didn't have an established camp to go to, so instead they just started living close to the drugs - right under the El on Kensington Ave, which is what you're seeing in this video. Basically, cleanup efforts pushed the homeless addicts out of camps where they were mostly out of sight, and into streets where they were very visible

The problem is really bad, as you can see, but there's no obvious thing for the city to do. A charity tried to set up a safe injection site nearby, but both the Trump administration and locals blocked it from being established. The city's homeless infrastructure isn't really equipped to handle the numbers of people here - and even if it had the money, most of the homeless are addicts and will refuse to live in homeless housing that requires sobriety. Kensington is going to remain a convenient place to buy drugs no matter what thanks to its great transit links. And the opioid epidemic will continue to produce new addicts that will be ensnared by places like Kensington

Some articles:




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Democrats just booted a mom's for liberty majority off 3 hotly contested school boards in my area yesterday. I understand the sentiment, but elections can work. Moving only reinforces the facism because it concentrates the bad.

Alex Jones Jr. Wing nut conspiracy theorist.

Half the population will say that this is fake news and that Biden's DOJ is making it up.

That's clever as hell. It's been a long time since I've seen a new illusion.

What are you waiting for?

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Currently playing it. Works fine. Gamepad worked automatically, ui is compatible, and appears to be a low battery drain title.

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You can't be helped.

Alcohol is expensive and makes you feel like shit. Who does that to themselves by choice when there's alternatives?

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letterkenny dark web meme image

"hey here's news. Maybe. I can't actually tell you. It's just what I was told. This hasn't been relevant to me since it once was. But here's a blog post about it. I like cheese."

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Hey look, it's the Incus guy. Every time this topic comes up, you chime in and roast Proxmox and it potential issues with a link go a previous comment roasting Proxmox and it's potential issues and at no point go into what those potential issues are outside of the broad catch all term of 'bloat'.

I respect your data center experience, but I wish you were more forward with your issues instead of broad, generalized terms.

As someone with much less enterprise experience, but small business it administration experience, how does Incus replace ESXi for virtual machines coming from the understanding that "containerization is the new hotness but doesn't work for me" angle?

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Also has a vr mode. Super spooky.

A bad actor doesn't care what your wife does. :)

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I just bought the only game I'll likely ever buy on EGS. It was Alan Wake 2. Being published by Epic, it will unlikely ever be anywhere else until EGS shuts down.

My justifications are as follows: I love the developer and want to support them.

That's it. The experience was.. fine, but far from streamlined. The Epic achievement system is terrible. Imagine walking around in a horror game, immersed in the atmosphere, then a loud cheery mobile app chime blaps through your headphones and a giant banner splatters across the top of your screen announcing your achievement totally jarring you out of the atmosphere.

Then, imagine you find out you can turn on a 'do not disturb' mode by pressing shift+f3, then imagine you need to turn it on every time you launch the game. That's the Epic Games Store experience in a nutshell.

This comment is a little silly imo. There already is a GTA6. It's been leaked in a playable form and we already know some of the storyline. The marketing machine has already started ramping up.

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Windows has kb/m prompts

I have recently tested positive for a dozen different autoimmune issues. I went from a sharp 38 year old to a 40 year old who struggles with concentration. As a small business owner, it scares the hell out of me because I there is a lot riding on me to maintain the success of my business.

It's terrifying.

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The strain out there right now just does not care.

For real. Caught covid for the first time just before Thanksgiving. Got the newest booster back in October. New strain be like a honey badger.

Evochron. One dev, super dedicated to this concept.

spez has entered the chat

Because we apparently love A-B testing our government.

Good talk. Great convo. Well done.

I'd wager the superintendent also used district funds to pay for the ad.

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