What can we do to keep the web open?

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What can we do to keep the web open?



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You don't need to "be smart" to switch to Linux. Linux for the most part 'just works' these days of you choose the 'right' distro.

Agreed but you do need to be willing to tinker a bit. Even ubuntu required a lot of tinkering to get working on my system. I'm all for getting people to switch, and it's much easier than it was 15 years ago when I started, but for most people they're not going to just install linux. We definitely are in the <1% of users.

If you have bleeding edge hardware, that can be a problem from time to time, but if I'm being honest, I haven't seen any real issues since the early 00's needed tweaking to work. To suggest that Windows is tweak free is disingenuous, and Apple is a walled garden that is designed to 'just work' but Apple expects their users to just buy a new device when something becomes mildly inconvenient to them.

Yeah, but you can't tell me that the levels of tweaking are the same.

For example. I have never had to go in and modify conf files for nvidia drivers on Windows to be able to run basic games. My ubuntu install? Definitely had to.

You need to mention that NVIDIA GPU is the problem for Linux usage, and even then, just install Nobara (made by Steam's Proton creator) or Garuda which takes care of everything related to NVIDIA GPU better than Ubuntu/Debian non-free firmware would. There is NO issue with Intel/AMD CPU and AMD GPU machines with installing any mainstream Linux distribution. No tinkering needed.

Sounds ‘ominous’

I was trying to convey that there is no right or wrong answer to which distro to choose, but some distros are more advances than others, so if the most applicable distro is selected it should be fine. But I get what you're saying.

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