NVIDIA Linux Driver Adds Wayland Bug Fixes and Improvements

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NVIDIA Linux Driver Adds Support for Night Light in Wayland - OMG! Ubuntu

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"hey here's news. Maybe. I can't actually tell you. It's just what I was told. This hasn't been relevant to me since it once was. But here's a blog post about it. I like cheese."

Your point being?

Really weird article. A bunch of snarky comments from the author that add nothing to the conversation. "It's been a decade since I touched an Nvidia card, so I'm just giving you the info I read in a changeling. Couldn't tell you if it was true or not, so fuck you!"

I am also not a fan of this website, but NVIDIA proprietary drivers are notoriously bad especially with Wayland, so I was thinking that people might find it useful and upgrade their drivers.

It's weird that you're being this defensive about it.

The other commenter wasn't chastising you for posting the article, they were commenting on the article and the author of it. Nothing to do with you.

I don't feel like they are being defensive at all.

"Your point being?" doesn't read as defensive to you?

Tbh, I didn't understand what the comment above that one was trying to say, so OP's comment was kind of what I was thinking. But then someone provided additional context, which was helpful, because of that comment. Yeah, it was a rude way to word that question, but I didn't really see it as defensive. Then the second comment by OP just sounded like a normal conversation, and that's when they were called out for being defensive.

The second comment is literally providing a defense for posting it regardless of the author

I think there's a big difference between explaining your reasoning and being defensive.

Gotta read the article.