Arleen Sorkin, Batman: Arkham's Original Harley Quinn, Has Died At 67 to – 309 points –
Arleen Sorkin, Batman: Arkham's Original Harley Quinn, Has Died At 67 - SVG

This goes beyond gaming, but still a legend


Not just Arkham, she is the OG Harley Quinn. As well as Christopher Lloyd’s ex wife interestingly enough.

"ex wife" is not the normal phrase for when a wife dies.

The article doesn't say the cause of death. 67 is pretty young though.

A few stars recently have died in their sixties from cancer, I wouldn't be surprised if it was cancer unfortunately, but I of course have no idea myself.

Christopher Hitchens died in his 60s from cancer, but that wasn't recent.

I hate when they say cancer. Because cancer is such a broad statement and you can get cancer from many sources.

Cancer from nicotine. Cancer from being near too much chemical or radioactive sites. Cancer from eating, drinking. Obesity. From the fucking sun. Cancer because your body just generally hates you.

How about cancer from being too pedantic? Jesus.

Nicotine doesn't cause cancer. Like, not at all.

If you want to be a pedant, follow through. It's inhalation of the biproducts of combustion that causes cancer. It's burning tobacco that causes cancer. It's tobacco grown with fertilizer that locks in lead isotopes that causes cancer.

I've seen a few sources saying she's been dealing with lung cancer the last few years and that's she died of complications from that, but I've never heard of any of the sites before, so I won't vouch for how reliable that info is, but that's all I can turn up.

Dang, with her and Bob Barker, my inner child is taking a beating this week. The premiere of The Animated Series is one of my clearest childhood memories, waiting for it to start and that theme kicks in. It always amazes me she was meant to be a that character and now she's such a big part of DC.

I mean between her and conroy, all we've got left is Hamill