Researcher uncovers one of the biggest password dumps in recent history

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Researcher uncovers one of the biggest password dumps in recent history

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Ya know, I have no issues with 2fa, but I watch older folks struggle with it for some reason. They can't fathom the 'magic'. But I don't understand 2fa on utility websites that are only payment portals that obfuscate account numbers. Like "enable 2fa for account security!" why? Because someone who has found my credentials on the dark web might pay my bill?

They can use the information to try to send you fake invoices to try to scam you, or use your personal information to social engineer you or your relatives, attempt identity theft etc. Basic info-sec is still important. It's like leaving the bathroom door open when you poop. It probably isn't going to hurt you if you leave it open but its still probably a good idea to shut the door if its a public restroom

Alright, that makes some sense. Fair enough.

I'm also trying to find the angle on it. Like with my ISP I guess someone could have my password but not necessarily my address? So from the ISP site they could peek at my address??? I'm not even sure it has my address unobfuscated but I figure it must somewhere, like "view this bill".

A lot of ISPs provide email, too. So getting an ISP password lets them reset your other passwords which used that email address for the "forgot password" prompt. (I'm guessing you don't use your ISP provided email, but you're not "most people".)