How come there’s no big gaming community? to – 107 points –

Either my searching is wrong, or there’s a weird sub name out there….but I find it perplexing that us nerds haven’t made a big gaming sub yet?

I’ve seen a lemmy world one, a pcgaming on kbin, a beehaw one that’s mostly dead….but no big boi general one?

I’ve blocked 3 fuck cars communities just this evening but I nary see any gaming posts in my ALL - active/hot.

Weird. Someone point me in the right direction please 😅


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This is a big roadblock for lemmy. There needs to be a clear indication that an instance is defederated from the community you're posting to and that doesn't currently exist.

A instance can make a decision thst it's users aren't aware of without some kind of marker.

unfortunately it's not as easy as that. defederation isn't meant to be fun. but a last resort. for example if people do illegal stuff on one instance, you want to defederate them WITHOUT having their link and instance name kept around everywhere. But you're right. We still need a good technical solution for that.

You can't stop a user from cross instance subscribing, so if a user subscribes to ! Antisemitic@bob' before it's defederated, it should be immediately clear if posting across instances will have no effect to the posting user.

A real world for instance is that I have a subscribe pending to ! thst is either stuck or not being accepted. I've made posts before realizing that is not federating with that instance and had no idea so I've been contributing to the ether.

Sure. Didn't know this happens. I'd consider this an UI issue and i hope someone files a bug report. If you're explicitly trying to subscribe, or you're already subscribed, you need to get an error message if the software does anything unexpected (ie silently dropping messages).

The instances that are federated with one another I believe are publicly listed, somewhere. From there it would be fairly straightforward to create a tool that tells you whether your instance is "compatible" with the one you're interacting with.

Anyone good at coding? Sounds like a project. Make one and add it to the list that I'm sure is also out there somewhere. If there are such useful things, they should be added to all the sidebars and made common knowledge.