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It's nice to meet all you. I am she/her, can speak Toki Pona and English (non-natively), and locatable on Reddit as MozartWasARed. The links at and are pertinent to me.

And Johnson.

Who you love is ultimately up to you. Some people still have love for their parents despite strictness, others might place the bar lower than you describe. That isn't to say I encourage physical discipline, I'm only saying people have different priorities. I probably faced what people today would call an unacceptable category of discipline, but either way was and am too distracted by how I mention society treats me to care.

I'll tell you when any happen.

Don't forget Wang.

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All questions are multiple choice to an extent. There's no such thing as truly infinite answers to a question.

I just find ways to combine them all and multi-task whenever possible.

Harry Potter. People often talk about a "golden age" of JK Rowling, and I think to myself, what golden age? Harry Potter, both the character and the books, are written like a hyperinflated Cinderella, complete with an attempt at discriminatory apologetics that would make CS Lewis say "you okay bro?"

Also, Luke Skywalker. People hate Anakin for being whiny and weak and Rey for being a Mary Sue, but Luke is both and nobody complains.

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You're looking at it.

The Red Turtle was designed for this.

I wished to be more well-off. Not that it came to anything anyways, I learned later on I was doing it wrong because I was actually wishing upon a planet. Venus is the object in the sky that's the first to appear as it gets dark, the last one being the Andromeda Galaxy, which I'm sure would make you the first trillionaire if it was the first thing you saw and wished upon.


My culture isn't really homogenous when it comes to an outlook on authority figures. Not that I can speak for anyone aside from myself. For me, it depends on the authority figure. Where do they derive their authority from?

Police I can get along with, but I'm not going to obey them just because they're police. Police follow a mishmash of rules handed to them by governors whose rule is built on lies and theft or destruction, that is, their predecessors knocked out previous entities through war and revolution and they are a continuation of that. So any obedience I give to a governor is a gift. This is often contrasted with admins whose superiors are said to have crafted the entity they rule over with their own mind and hands and without deception, and I follow them unconditionally unless jurisdiction becomes an issue.

They're like the dragon scroll, they reflect as much of your true destiny as you're able to see in yourself.

Hopefully the computers of today can still run it.

Dust maybe? Dust can have the same particles as smoke.

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That itself could be its own reason. Manufacturing isn't 100% perfect.

Due process. Freaking due process. Or the scientific method or whatever you want to call it.

What do I mean to be implied by saying this? Suppose you encounter a situation where accusations are thrown around. Normally this starts by asking what the claim is before talking further about what is wrong with the action in question plus what separates it from hearsay. You might consult testimony/proofs/cross-examination for this, with some of this being more defining/damning than others. Things like you'd see in 12 Angry Men, like "you just said X when you're now saying Y", "what makes this indication of what happened, inarguable enough to not be found within reasonable doubt", and "you have all this testimony on one hand and the physical remnants telling us another thing".

In short, it's supposed to be instinctual that what people want to do is to mark the truth via scrutiny when it would otherwise blend in with everything else.

Alright, so you might be asking what I mean when I say this as my answer. The pen being mightier than the sword is not an idiom that anyone should have to say, but seldom has someone here ever had any issue randomly walking up to a crowd and making damning remarks about someone they don't like and instantly denting another individual in ways that should matter. Relatedly, someone might have what they insist is solid indication of something but isn't for the very fact that it's arguable and leaves room for doubt.

I've seen an individual in particular do this, they go up to people and say "this person is a pedo", they then go up to another crowd, same thing, they say "this person is a pedo". Usually it has some super long elaboration too, complete with a mixture of things without solid indicators, things with no indicators, and actions which were already compensated for years ago. People in charge typically know better, but the common people have this idea in their mind that "this is a damning claim, logically it wouldn't exist for no reason", like have you ever seen a spiteful ex before? I myself am an arguable victim of this, chronically on numerous occasions, in all spheres of life, being unable to do so much as engage in hobbies without the paparazzi wannabe we know as the human populace chiming in. Sometimes they'll even pull the "well then prove the rumors are false" card which requires that you can prove a negative (which would make it not a negative in the first place). The social equivalent of chopping down trees so that I have to walk over them while walking on a path, hoping one day maybe a branch will jab me or something.

One day a few of us asked about this and the response every time was "it's human nature to forego due process if someone can sense due process would be dishonorable", and that was one of the last straws that led to my misanthropy and the fact that, in a profound way, I detest the very essence of humanity, and why I often contrast neurodivergence with human nature, because it's often those of us who are neurodivergent who are considered as having the lesser states of mind. I beg to differ, we're not the ones who are showing how profoundly self-defeating we are. One might say I've even self-reflected months at a time just to contemplate if maybe I was the asshole. I'm sure I am the asshole sometimes, but that doesn't mean a learned person cannot see the holes. And people wonder why I feel sorry for the ultra stigmatized.

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It's easy enough at the moment, but that's basically it.

What country are you from?

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I would probably be a mom by now if I could be, not because I want to be but due to regular happenstance, but with everything I face and everything having kids could add to that, I don't trust myself as one, with both bad genetics and a fear of imbuing a bad childhood at play.

I may only dream of such a world where it was that simple. Some would say one's will and inspiration to frame an individual suffices as a foundation. To use a metaphor, it's a very Corenlius-Evazan-esque situation but without a jedi to retaliate and with the whole bar (representing the known world) in on it. The stigma is also contagious in a way, the few people who see things for what they are being lumped in with me, often not even intentionally. The suspicion for me was always pre-existing, based on trivial things about me that brought to mind misconceptions, and it just possesses new forms it seems, no matter how collateral, never shrinking because it takes a self-feeding form. Sometimes it's like the minds of the world have been hacked because one minute I might be explaining such a thing to them and being told I'm being agreed with, and the next, they're being confronted by an antagonizer who barely says two words to them about the conspiracy theory of what I've done that I just got done alluding to as what it is, even involving positions of authority on occasion, and suddenly they've been wololo'd. So avoiding fulfilling the object of their fears does little to quell anything.

Which one?

However you see yourself, it's welcome in our eyes.

Does all that come with instructions on what if the other side starts spinning it and making the case that you're operating by this MO?

Green apples.

I see so many sometimes that I half-expect someone to reply to something I've said saying they have the death sentence on 12 systems.

Make one. I'll join.

Once again here to say I'm surprised Lemmy has no equivalent to KarmaCourt.

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I wish for ten more wishes.

It fluctuates because there are a few factors at play, two of them being my stigma and the condition itself. They might gaze at me for the visual appeal while looking down on me in every other sense of the word, they might treat me with kindness but not care about what they see because my condition turns them off, or anything in between. Typically, though, they aren't attracted to me. Some level of stigma has always been with me since birth though, it's not like my state of being which came later.

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I did not choose the living life, the living life chose me.

I sit and think about stuff, or I help in random ways.

Wasn't the main point just to "sue" each other though?

I can only imagine how many of us are the type who'd find ourselves standing before Judge Judy.

I'd enjoy my family more.

No question about this here would be complete without mentioning that the reason the myth persists that lemmings commit suicide out of natural instinct is that people shooting a Disney nature documentary wanted footage of lemmings doing this and disgruntledly pushed thousands of them off a ledge when it was discovered they don't do this because it would get them that footage.

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laughs in woman

He's my crush for a reason, he's the one guy to rule them all.

The benefits of Taylor Swift would just extend to music.

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Gotta watch 'em all.

My home and my best friend's home, not much else aside from those too.

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