Is there a way to have a link to a post resolve to a users home instance? to No Stupid – 33 points –

The posts here have your home instance as the URL. Is there a way of creating a link that will use the home instance to resolve? Like how you can use ! for a community. are all the same post.


Not natively (that I'm aware of).

A few 3rd party UIs will detect community/user/post links and re-write them to fetch locally.

Answer from when I asked the same question;

Good question, and sorry to disappoint but I believe the answer is still no. This has been talked about a lot ever since the initial exodus over from Reddit, so I can only assume there's a complicated technical reason why it's not a thing yet.

If you're Lemmying from a browser there's a tool called Lemmy Universal Link Switcher that I've heard good things about, although full disclosure I've not used it myself. It doesn't solve the problem of generating instance-agnostic links but it does try to solve it from the reader's side.

So a hacky solution that uses lots of javascript to search your home instance and re-write the page. Got it.

Actually just learned more about this! See the post on !, or use this link to test:

What I use when clicking on a link is !, it will take you to the post on your home instance.

The option when posting is to use, which you can put before the URL. For example:

I'll probably use both. I'll include in my posts when promoting communities, and I'll use the extension for my own use. At least until there's a fix in Lemmy itself.

Sadly that breaks things for the UIs that put in the effort to resolve those automatically. I guess I can add a patch to filter out the lemmyverse redirector lol.