Trump "floods the zone" as general election tests desensitized voters to politics – -10 points –

Many voters have tuned out — or priced in — Trump's baggage and legal issues to the point where he's now favored to defeat President Biden in November, according to RCP's polling average.

A Suffolk poll out Wednesday found that 49% of voters now approve of Trump's job performance as president — matching the highest point he ever reached in office. The big picture: Financial Times columnist Ed Luce calls this phenomenon "the banality of chaos."

Trump's candidacy is "so far off the charts it is almost paranormal," Luce writes, but most of the former president's controversies no longer break through to the public.

In 2018, former Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon argued that the best way to neutralize the media — which he labeled "the real opposition" — is to "flood the zone with shit."


No way 49% of voters approved of his job. Get the fuck out of here with this bullshit.

49% of people with a home phone line that answer calls from unknown numbers. Polling has been fucked for a few years now. it's almost like a shit ton of old people died in 2020. I wonder what happen in that year.

People have gone numb to Trump's crap, unfortunately. That, plus a general public with the political memory of a knat will get you in this situation.