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As an American myself, it's very clear that the US is on the decline and has been for quite a while. The decline really seemed to gain speed when Donald Trump won the Presidency, ushering in anti-intellectualism in the government as well as in large parts of the population.

In addition, many Americans don't have access to or can't afford education beyond highschool, education that's freely available to most people in other developed countries at the beginning and throughout their career.

At the elementary level, American students also do worse than kids in many other countries, especially in Europe and Asia, as proven by the most recent PISA evaluation in 2023.

The US is extremely far behind the rest of the developed world and even much of the developing world at this point. It will take decades to catch up, let alone become a leader.

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To me, the big draw to renting is the flexibility. It's easier to move if you find a better deal elsewhere or you need to move for a job. It's especially attractive in many European countries where a lease is "unlimited" and doesn't run out unless you cancel and there's only a three-month cancellation period. Makes it very flexible.

A bit different in the states where the lease term is set, usually at one year and then you renew and have to pay to break the lease if you move out before the end of the lease. But still more flexible than buying.

A quick sale is much more involved and risky, imo.

"It is now time for Republican primary voters to decide who will be our next President preferred dictator and candidates are free to use any forum or format to communicate to voters as they see fit," the committee said.


I really do wish we could get away from the buy-and-throw-away mentality. We need to repair and reuse a lot more.

Honestly, though, Americans do seem dumber than average.

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I remember when many around the world looked up to the United States. Not so much anymore. It's more like a train wreck people can't stop staring at.

Those subscribers were notified in July about the change. This is just a story about it taking effect in a few weeks.

Yet, the extreme rightwing nutbags get all the attention. Screw those loons.

None. Norway was pretty much the first country to go ałl in on EV and Tesla.

Thanks for the info.

If we get technical, so do Russia

Don't think that's being technical. The US and Russia are literally neighbors.

How is it different than switching to Enhanced search in Windows settings?

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Better late than never. And where are the Republicans?

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Seems like the EU is the only major entity actually making an effort these days.

I sometimes hear a voice telling my heart that I'll become Iron Man, but to wait. So, I'm waiting.

The US must be very free then with all the massacred school children to pay for it. Enjoy your freedom, chump.

Vote for Trump and see how many dollars you'll get...

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Such a negative human being.

The amount of mental gymnastics this crowd needs to go through to defend Trump. Wild.

the portions are tiny, like the big Mac almost fits the palm of my hand.

Well, McD is apparently also going to start making bigger burgers.

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other developed countries

Try again.

Let Trump say whatever he wants about that. It's a losing issue.

They are wall builders, never bridge builders.

Very important that Norway gets in on this as well since they were very early and massive adopters of Tesla cars. That one will really chap Elon's ass.

And we'll do nothing about it as always. On to the next year. America, you're a real winner.

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What always baffles me is that specifically evangelicals love this guy. With all the name-calling and general awful behavior. Trump is quite literally what they don't want their kids to be.

Yet, as the leader of the country, they think he's just the best. Really weird and hypocritical.

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Just pay people a living wage. You know, like in other developed countries.

All too often the sad but true story about the US of A.

What do you propose? Just accept the massacres?

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This has been on the way in Europe for a decade now. Just wasn't quite mature.

I know credit cards can be a slippery slope for some, so learn how to practice financial discipline before getting one.

That said, if you're not paying with a credit card, you're paying at least 2 percent too much for everything you buy except the things that can't easily be paid for with a credit card.

That adds up big over the years.

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Having spent many years in both the US and multiple European countries, I can confidently say that the US has the weirdest, most unnatural, and most unhealthy relationship with nudity.

I'm still stunned. Shooter massacres kids and this nation does nothing. Again. Unreal but unfortunately not unexpected.

Good to hear. This is a great way to redistribute wealth from billionaires to workers.

Bonus when you can piss off Elon.

Yeah, don't spend more. Use it as a debit card.

And, again, make sure to be financially responsible and literate before you get a credit card.

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An unlimited amount, because nothing will make the US change. Kids being massacred in school, nothing. Concert-goers being plowed down from a hotel window, nothing. Bowlers killed while enjoying a game, nothing.

Apparently no price is too high and Americans will seemingly prioritize their weapons over everything else.

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Is it not the largest country at the top of the list?

Per capita, the US is way ahead of all other developed countries on gun-related deaths.

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Unfortunately, it looks like 50 percent of the US voting population is on their side. Including a lot of women.

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