President Joe Biden will unveil his new plan to give student loan relief to many new borrowers to politics – 183 points –
President Joe Biden will unveil his new plan to give student loan relief to many new borrowers

If the system is such that it warrants periodic relieving, doesn't that signify it probably deserves permanent overhaul so it isn't possible to need to borrow so much in the first place

Democrats think so, Republicans don't.

Which is unfortunately a major issue as they'll stone wall any attempt that requires new legislation to achieve

Do what you can in your state to try and turn it away from red as the more of our country that we can do that to the sooner we can get some solid progress in the right direction

progress in the right direction

Left direction

Sure. Is the executive branch able to provide periodic, specific relieving out permanent overhaul relieving?

This is the best summary I could come up with:

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden will announce his latest effort to broaden student loan relief next week for new categories of borrowers, according to three people familiar with the plans, nearly a year after the Supreme Court foiled his administration’s first attempt to cancel debt for millions who attended college.

The actual federal regulations — outlining who would qualify to get their student loan debt reduced or eliminated — are not expected to be released then, said the people, who were granted anonymity to detail a proposal not yet made public.

Still, the effort seeks to make good on Biden’s promise after the Supreme Court struck down his initial plan in June, a $400 billion proposal to cancel or reduce federal student loan debt that a majority of justices said required congressional approval.

And the fresh announcement on student loan relief, a vital issue for younger voters, could help energize parts of Biden’s political coalition who have become disillusioned over his job performance — people whose support the president will need to defeat presumptive Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump this year.

The plan that Biden will detail is set to expand federal student loan relief to new yet-targeted categories of borrowers through the Higher Education Act, which administration officials believe puts it on a stronger legal footing than the sweeping proposal that was killed by a 6-3 court majority last year.

“President Biden’s expected additional executive action will greatly reduce the burden of student loans for millions of Americans,” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said Friday.

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