The Proud Boys are back: How the far-right group is rebuilding to rally behind Trump to politics – 83 points –

The FBI needs to do something. This is bullshit. Don't make me order ARs every paycheck until November. Every individual threatening violence over Trump is a traitor to Democracy. It is time our institutions treated it as such before we're forced to mirror them.

Ar you just going to run around strapped with a dozen AR-15s on your back?

No, you station guards at polls to deflect bees. And then you're ready when each hive in each state goes ballistic when Trump lose again.

The Proud Boys are the ones in the kilts who like to video themselves inserting buttplugs into their own assholes if memory serves

Woodchippers are really efficient at disposing of branches and logs.

Imagine what they could do to softer materials.