Trump supporters call for riots and violent retribution after verdict to – 357 points –

I don't know why people keep laughing this shit off...

It doesn't have be a 1/6 again for there to be danger. Like, you all forget that someone broke into Nancy Pelosi's home and beat her husband with a hammer?

He openly said his plan was to hold her prisoner and torturer her until she admitted to what faux news said she did. And that he was open to executing her if he couldn't get a confession out of her.

That shit was fucking real, and because just one person stupid enough to not even check if she was on that Coast of the country at the time.

Even 1/6 wasn't really a call to riot until everyone was already there. Most of the idiots that were there didn't know what was going to happen, but the militia assholes were coordinating with Trump's campaign to use those idiots as cover to prevent police from getting thru the crowd.

All it would have taken was 20 of those militia idiots to get in with handguns and they likely would have been able (and surely were willing) to execute any Senator or House member they wanted.

Stop taking fucking victory laps and treating literal by the neck victories like the war is over.

Because the fascists aren't going to just go cry in a corner. And I don't mean that like calling all trump supporters fascists. I mean the actual self aware and heavily armed people who want to install a fascist dictatorship and the people who funnel huge sums of money and even access to trump.

Hell, Russian propagandists are still a thing that happens, and they operate where trumpets already are. They're not trying to get trump new voters. They're trying to radicalize existing supporters and convince the masses to show up as a distraction.

So whether it's "lone wolf" attacks, or another serious attempt using idiots as human shields, something is inevitably going to happen again.

Well said.

I really fucking hope the current administration is taking it seriously.

Like, despite the optics of it, if trump has any kind of advertised gathering anywhere near DC, NYC, or other densely populated important place that could be a target...

We need the National Guard out in full kit. Not just day of, posted up in advanced with fences and people in elevated positions.

This shit isn't a game, even hitler failed his first attempt and had to try twice. Germany didn't take the threat seriously and we aren't really either.

Instead everyone wants to act like smug assholes.

Too many people live such privileged lives that they really forgot at the end of the day what is allowed to happen is just what the people in a close distance most capable of violence in the moment want to happen

There's is a giant gulf in "what can they do?" between "what are they legally allowed to do" and "what they can do before anyone physically stops them".

So if trump is going to hold a large rally in DC or NYC, then when we need to make sure there are a lot of law abiding military members with the equipment and capabilities to commit violence in the same area.

This ain't some shit where we can just throw a couple cops in right gear out front and call it a day.

There's literally been corrupt sheriff's caught ordering military hardware like a 50cal machine gun designed to be fitted on a helicopter...

Then selling it to militias.

This shit tends to get real, really fucking quickly historically.

There's literally been corrupt sheriff's caught ordering military hardware like a 50cal machine gun designed to be fitted on a helicopter...

I think this is (a particularly stark example of) the core problem here. The people who are supposed to be the ones protecting the rest of us from these right wing nutjobs are, well...right wing nutjobs.

I'm not an expert by any means, but I've seen a number of articles over the years that claim the FBI takes domestic terrorism very seriously, and is always actively investigating them. There have been some arrests, too. Is it enough? I seriously doubt it. But it's not being ignored.

Freedom of speech (and a general "preference" for white people and conservatives among law enforcement) makes it slower-moving than I personally would prefer. But I have to hang on to a sliver of hope that more of these assholes will soon be arrested.

And while their side thinks they have "all the guns" they really don't. They just walk around with them in public like psychos and dipshits. Our side has guns, too.

claim the FBI takes domestic terrorism very seriously, and is always actively investigating them.

There's not much they can do till a line is crossed, like we know about the machine gun sale because the FBI got them.

But not till after the militia had the machine gun for months and lots of other military hardware has been sold to them.

And remember, this is America, legal firearms can already be very effective and not far off than what the military uses. Hell, if you're really doing it credit card debt ain't an issue and you can be kitted out better than a US infantry soldier fairly easily.

Full auto is the only real difference, and isn't always a big deal, and you can (again, physically able to, not legally able to) easily convert ARs and Glocks into full auto or burst fire.

And while their side thinks they have “all the guns” they really don’t. They just walk around with them in public like psychos and dipshits. Our side has guns, too.

Again, this ain't about long term.

They're not the only ones with guns, they're not the only ones with body armor, and they're probably not even the majority of people with Glizzys.

But if 100 of them show up ready to go, with 5,000 idiots blocking traffic and response time again. Then we need the actual military already there and dug in ahead of time, not a fucking prolonged civil war between groups of civilians.

Does it matter if foot soldiers eventually get arrested after they carry out executions?

The executions still happened, and the people who bankrolled that group are likely bankrolling others and we've seen how slow our justice system moves.

The people coordinating 1/6 are literally still out there running around outside of jail. There's a lot more right wing militia groups out there who would have already tried to overthrow the US government if they had the funds for equipment and the opportunity.

trump doesn't give two fucks about them, just if they'll do what he wants.

Holding people accountable after shit on this level is obviously important, but even more is stopping them before they do what they're trying to.

With people like this, that means an overwhelming show of force, because if they think they're the most capable of violence in the moment, they're gonna use it.

So it needs to be very clear they're outgunned.

Agreed, and it’s not like they’d need a ‘clean sweep’ either. The fait accompli may be loudly derided by the ‘clean’ fashy actors in office, but that immediately changes the play on the field if an IED or lucky gunman murders a justices or a few senators, and now there’s a void.

Look at how they dragged out RBGs replacement until the next election, or that traitor prick Tuberville filibustered DoD leadership confirmations for months. They may not order the goons around but they know their role in the conspiracy

What is a glizzy in this context, I only know of the hotdog?

A glizzy could be:

  1. A penis

  2. A hotdog

  3. A Glock

  4. Anytime of handgun

  5. A Glock specifically modified with a "switch" to be fully automatic.

5 in the his case, but yeah it was a poor choice and I should have said "full auto" instead of even just "switch" would have been better.

My point was full auto Glock conversions are cheap and all over major cities. It is insanely easy to buy one online or make it with a 3d printer. And while it's popular with gangs and drug dealers, it's wildly impractical.

A pistol, and/or one with an oversized magazine that is so long, it protrudes out of the bottom of the pistol’s normal grip.

The Glock 33 round magazine is the archetype because it’s so large and obnoxious, but it applies to any magazine that has an extension to make it hold more shots

No, they're too busy with snipers at student protests.

Yup. And the default reaction of the masses is to adjust, which allows extremists quite a lot of rope to move things in their desired direction

On 1/5 everyone said it would never ever happen.

And by 1/7 they were fully confident it will never happen again and the matter had been settled.

As a person watching it all from a safe distance (I will still suffer from the ripples of an event though) it's just bonkers that the republican party more or less are being controlled by the Russians.

If I traveled back 30 years no one, literally no one, would believe me if I told them about the current situation...

Imagine telling Reagan that his country and his party would be pwned by the Russians. Yup, straight to the asylum you go....

I think there is a good possibility of small attacks here and there, but January 6th happened because they were already gathered in one place after a lot of planning and got fired up by both Trump supporters and Trump himself (who told them to go to the Capitol).

Their big civil war or whatever it is they are hoping for is not going to happen.

Is anyone surprised by this? He's spent basically the last 8 years training his cult members to commit homicide anytime they are even mildly inconvenienced...

Oh man, they'd be super offended by your comment if they could afford Internet. And read.

Correction: Trump supporters call for other people to riot and carry out their retribution.

"Someone in NY with nothing to lose needs to take care of Merchan"

Bunch of lazy cowards.

Probably Russians instigating anyway

This is an underrated comment. Putin's psyops is very alive and well throughout western nations. It works fabulously, especially among the poorly educated and the mentally unstable, essentially MAGA.

From the makers of Fuck Your Feelings, comes….


It's perfectly consistent, because their message is fuck your feelings.

Ah yes, calling for it because the cowards won't die for their own ideals.

No, they'll just shoot up a school or murder some innocent people for the crime of having brown skin or being LGBTQ+. Fucking rats.

I just said something similar in another thread, but for January 6th to happen, they had to be gathered in D.C. for a rally a significant amount of time after the election to give them plenty of time to get riled up, there were prominent Trump supporters on stage getting them riled up even more, then Trump himself showed up and told them to march (with him) to the Capitol and that is when the insurrection started.

On top of that, you had the current president of the U.S. supporting them the entire time because he wanted to stay president.

This is not going to have the same effect. The true die-hards are too spread out now. Could there be a few incidences here and there? Possibly. There won't be riots.

The true die-hards are too spread out now

And a few hundred of them are still in jail after January 6th...

Would this be the same Trump supporters who never bothered to show up to support him at his trial in huge numbers despite him personally telling them to?

Do it hoglettes get shot in the streets like you planned to do to me and my family.

I agree, he betrayed them by doing illegal stuff. They should definitely get their revenge on him!

For anyone reading this who might be advocating violence elsewhere:

  1. This will not go the way you think it will.

  2. "Where we go one, we go all" yeah, and I can tell you right now where y'all are going:

That's a nice looking cell. In the context of America, it might not be selling the point you wanted to make

Supermax cell. :)

Why does the Supermax cell looks like it has a nicer shower than my bathroom?

I don't know, but if I ever went to prison I would be alright if I had a cell like this and materials to write. I would finally turn all of my world-building into a proper novel, and would hope I didn't violent crime my way past public redemption.

That makes supermax somewhat appealing. Mixed messages.

That's cool it comes with a small shelf for your cat to sleep on in case you'd like to bring him.

🥱. Tale as old as time right wing nutcases

Man…I just spent way too much time on the site mentioned in the article and TLDR I am worried. Very worried.