Pro-Trump influencers fire up fears of migrant 'invasion' ahead of U.S. election to politics – 84 points –


You mean that "migrant caravan" that's appeared on Fox before every election the last 5-10 years; each time miraculously evaporating the day after the election, never to be heard from again... until just before the next election?

Kind of like that "war on Christmas"....that happens every year, just before the Christmas that has...checks notes....gone nowhere. In fact, xmas is probably more prevalent than it's ever been, at least since Dickens revived it...

Started 2017. Migrant caravan wasn't on the radar before then.

It's not as cyclical as I thought it would be though. it varies a bit.

I hate to be the one to point this out to you, but 2017 was 7 years ago. Which is squarely in the middle of 5-10 years ago

On the one hand, I want you to say it must still be 2017 because there's no way time is moving that fast.

On the other hand, 2017 was the first year of Presidential Dipshit McCheatsatgolf's misadministration and there's no way I want that to still be a thing.

I wasn't trying to prove them wrong, I was hoping to find the election cycle trend on search.

Also, 2017 feels like both last year and several decades ago.

I'm white and an immigrant. Love it when people start blowing a fuse over immigrants and I remind them that I'm an immigrant from a 1st world country.

"Oh I mean those other immigrants!"

Other....clarify yourself ...

"You know...."

"No. No I don't know what you mean. Clarify. "


"But you speak english'

Me picking up a 2x4...

And just like every other time they've done this, the "caravan" will magically disappear on November 6th if the orange dipshit wins.

You can put it on your calendar along with the war on xmas and the war on Easter - every two years, over the summer, a bunch of nonsense about migrant caravan(s) will start up...

It's just like those waves of antifa who invaded all those small towns in 2020. Remember? /s

Seriously, the online Right actually believed they were going to be overrun. They're incapable of intelligent reasoning about the most basic things. Or recalling how past claims failed to materialize and therefore viewing with skepticism new claims.

Heck, they cannot seem to make up their mind between "antifa/BLM/Ray Epps false flag on J6" or "peaceful protesters, they are political prisoners that donnie must pardon if he gets into office".

This is going to make Biden double down on his illegal border actions...

Which is the absolute worst path for Biden on this issue.

All the voters that agree with Republicans on this topic are going to keep supporting trump, this will just push Dem voters from Biden. It's important to remember when polls say "~60% of voters" that includes all the Republicans too, leaving ~10% of Dems. Biden needs to be looking at polls about specifically Dem voters and what we want.

Having the ACLU fight a Dem president for doing something that Dems (rightfully) criticized trump for doing a few years ago is just a bad look in the run up to an election. Especially when the main reason people give for voting Dem is to stop trump.

Becoming more like trump is the opposite of what he should be doing.

The 180 in immigration has been disheartening to watch. Remember when everyone openly mocked "build the wall" dipshits?

What's worse than seeing it happen, is people saying Biden knows it won't do anything, he's just doing it to get republicans to vote for him...

Like, they don't realize they're saying Biden should break the law and commit human rights abuses to get votes like that's not disqualifying for lots of Dems voters.

Especially when Biden won't do the same thing for left leaning voters.

It just makes it seem like Biden feels entitled to our votes, won't do anything to help us, and is willing to break the laws and violate his personal morals for the chance a handful of Republicans will switch parties.

I legitimately can not understand their (or Biden's) logic on this. It only makes sense if they honestly want to do this stuff, and are just making excuses to rationalize it.

Which again, just turns off Dem voters and makes Biden's re-election less likely. And why we should be running candidates who agrees with Dem voters. Rather than convincing voters to vote for someone who doesn't agree with them.

It's a slap in the face to Dem voters, and historically results in Republican presidents.

And the "best" part is they're doing this to court "republican moderates" who don't exist and wouldn't even vote for him if they did.

Is it time for the scary phantom migrant caravans to make their fictional biannual trek again? My, time flies.

(David Attenborough voice)

Every two years, like Trekkies to a convention, the phantom migrant caravan reforms and embarks on a perilous pilgrimage to the US-Mexico border. Much like those Trekkies, many will not survive the arduous journey. Yet, their strength lies in numbers, allowing them to fend off against ravenous wolves, zealous ICE agents, and even cacti. Curiously, the caravan vanishes entirely in the middle of November, only to reform again two years later.

They're so incompetent it would be hilarious if there wasn't so much at stake.
The electorate as a whole has the collective memory of a goldfish. Anything they scream about today will be forgotten by next Monday at the latest.
They keep jumping the gun on things that would otherwise be effective if timed right.
Other things like some of Trump's trials, and likely more indictments, will be coming back into focus in the fall because he booted them down the road instead of getting it out of the way now.
It's going to be all over TV just around election time and they're pissing away their counter arguments in the spring.

There's some serious Trump amnesia going on.