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ʎlsnoıɹǝs sǝɹnʇɔıd ɹo ǝɯɐuɹǝsn ǝɥʇ ǝʞɐʇ ʇ,uoᗡ

I think I'm suited to answer this. I manage multiple people, including Gen Z. I am also Gen Z. People are actively trying to work here.

One of the biggest factors is employee appreciation and respect. A lot of companies will half-ass that front through just giving their employees an occasional pizza party. The problem with that style of management, is that it removes the human aspect. It kind of just turns it into another thing to just "check off the list" for corporate. It's something commonly thrown back at employees who complain. We've seen that happen enough to not want to deal with it.

It's also important to focus on the little things. Small details are what make up the big picture. If you leave those out, the big picture will be incomplete. Congratulate them when they reach a new goal. Tell them when they do work that would make the company proud, within reason. Encourage them, and actually work alongside them sometimes. If you want to throw free food on top, maybe poll your staff for their opinions on restaurants/food trucks. Show them you care.

Regarding the human aspect, a happy employee stays, and a happy employee is also usually a productive employee. Get to know your staff a bit, casually. Try to give reasonable allowances for time off during stressful life situations, like when their home floods or their sibling dies. Most companies will only allow the legal minimum.

Don't expect more from them than what you are willing to do yourself.

Accept their imperfections and work with them towards improvement. Instead of shouting, go straight towards the solution, and include them in the process. Allow them to learn how to avoid the mistake and learn how to fix it with you. Don't baby step it, but maybe show them a cool trick for that process if you have one. Remember that they are human and that there was also a time where you didn't know how to do it.

I'll be frank with you. Many of us don't see a great future over the horizon, so we're kind of making the best with what we have. We want to enjoy as much of the time in-between as we can. We've seen our grandparents, parents, siblings, and other family members become burnt out and emotionally overwhelmed, and we don't want that for ourselves.

The best way to not have that, is to not go along with it. So, hypothetically, I would go to the next job that treats it's employees well, even if the wage is the same. Why would I waste my efforts and hard labor on someone who doesn't value it? Why not spend it somewhere where I can learn, improve, and thrive?

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Some of the people in that reddit thread are unreasonably angry that some people moved to Lemmy.

I'll never understand loving a company so much that anyone who doesn't like it is automatically deemed a bad person. Why is a stranger's choice of social media so personal to some of these people? Why are they so livid?

I'm not even going to quote the specific comments I'm referring to just in case I get banned. One of them was comparing the entire lemmyverse to the subreddits that were banned over explicitly only having content about hating strangers for existing.

I'm happy I left if that what I'm "missing out" on.

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Some of it's also probably situation based.

If you hit on every single person of the gender that you like at one gym, they'll probably start to feel like you really just want just anyone who will say yes. They'll probably feel like you don't like them for them, and that you're just trying to keep your bed warm. Most people who want relationships want to be with someone who likes them individually as a person. Try not to write "scripts" for the situation in your head too much, either. If you do, it might crash and burn the second that someone goes off of that "script".

It's kind of tragic how all of this has become. A relationship likely won't fix any problems you might have with yourself, nor would it fix most of the other aspects of your life. A partner will also have their own needs and wants, and you should try to have room to provide some of that before you start dating.

Don't listen to guys like Tate. If he really had good advice, more people from his fan base would be in a happy relationship now, no? He makes money by making you continue to watch his videos. That's all he cares about. He's giving you bad advice so he can keep making money off of your sadness. That's not a bro thing to do.

Don't follow the plot of any rom-coms. That behaviour is usually a fantastic way to get a restraining order and absolutely ruin any chances you might have had with that person.

Find the little things that make you happy. Gardening? MTG? Video games? Hockey? Drawing? MMA? Take the time to properly enjoy those things that you love with the people who are already around you. It will help build some of that confidence. Let youself be passionate about your hobbies sometimes. It's ok, I promise.

Try not to worry too much if you mess up or if you ruin your chances with one person. There are over 8 billion people on earth, so there's almost always someone else you can try with. NO ONE succeeds 100% of the time, and that is more than OK. That is human.

Don't beat yourself up over not succeeding right away. Unless you are literally currently on your death bed, you still have time.

Outside of the dating stuff, be kind to youself, and try to make sure you're taking care of yourself. Self care isn't just fitness and healthy eating. Sometimes could be having pizza in the bath, sometimes it might be playing DnD over multiple continents, sometimes it might be watching cartoons, and sometimes it could even be something like skincare. Your happiness is important, and you should treat it as such.

As long as it doesn't harm anyone else in the process, please do what you need to do to feel happy. Life is too short to pause your happiness for someone who hasn't shown up yet. Life is too short to wait to improve things until you meet someone who hasn't shown up yet.

You deserve happiness, and the sooner you acknowledge that, the better. Find happiness despite what life might throw at you. Try to find joy even in chaos, and always remember that bad feelings usually don't last forever. You can get through these hard times.

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I agree. It's not even a case of "everyone needs to be strictly happy and agree with absolutley everyone" like some people seem to be making it out to be. I'm really not sure why random people are bringing up that they're conservative lol.

Just be a decent person and don't rush to insults and death threats. That's not exactly a high bar to worry about clearing, nor is it asking for much.

If someone asking a new community to be respectful feels like an attack, personal introspection might be good. Most people don't feel put off by that, nor should they.

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Personally, I might be done with the series at this point.

Did they not just put a lot of the vehicles behind a paywall in GTA V this year? If you previously had them, you were fine. You would be SOL if you didn't buy them in the game before the update, though. IIRC some of cars were even stuck behind the GTA+ subscription.

I don't want to buy a game, and then have to buy some of the exact same content again years later. They should have also told people that they would be paywalling the cars a decent amount of time before they went through with it, imo.

It's not the end of the world or anything, but I'm concerned that this might be an attempt at starting a new type of profiting. This is worse than the horse armour from Oblivion. At least that gave you new models and textures.

"We'll just sell them a game, then we'll sell them the same assets in the same game years later!"

Just wait until it spreads to more game companies. I wish that there was a stronger push back when it happened. People are going to completely forget about it until it happens again.

With their current track record, maybe I'll buy it after a decade haha

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I think that that bot might actually be preventing the AITA community from growing. Yeah, it's easy enough to block the bot. I don't disagree with that at all.

The majority of new users may look at the community and see nothing but bot posts. I don't know about you, but if all I see on a community are bot posts, I tend to skip that community. I don't always care to go digging through numerous posts to see if it's worth it to block a bot. Doubly so, if there is so much bot posting that the normal posts are practically hidden. A new user may just assume that the community is intended for bots and just skip it altogether.

I don't care about AITA anymore to be honest, but too many bot posts can definitely hinder the growth of a community. I think that would be true for many communities.

Imo, it's a touch worse when the community is based on personal stories. No one will really benefit from voting/discussing. Instead, you're reading posts that someone else intended for another group on another website. There isn't really a lot of "community" that you can get with that. Short story readers group, I guess? The actual OP certainly won't get any of the input.

I think this might become more common over time.

Up to this point, a lot of the news company's online presence was probably pretty cut and dry. Some of my local news stations have terrible websites that take forever to load, yet those websites were probably cutting edge at some point. One of them has a layout that hasn't changed in at least 10 years.

If their IT department hasn't expanded their skills beyond making and maintaining those original websites, I could totally see a long delay happening before/if they join the fediverse.

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You're not wrong, though.

It can be easy to put up a front around other people, and hide parts of yourself. Tempting, even. If people don't know that information about you, they can't judge you on it.

Let's say two strong dudes were side by side, one of them acts "tough", and the other doesn't care about people knowing about his fascination with antique figurines. I would always think that the second guy is tougher.

I don't know what happened, but "tough" seems to only mean "following the buff crowd" to some people. "Tough" isn't just muscle strength. Nearly anyone can pretend that they're like someone else. It takes a certain kind of self confidence to let yourself be passionate about the things that you love and enjoy around others. It shows mental strength, which I think is a huge part of being "tough".

In the earlier hypothetical, the latter guy would probably be the one to stand up for what he feels is right, regardless of what he's told to think. He probably also wouldn't be as easily swayed by judgemental people, and would probably be less anxious and insecure as a result.

It's this one

These comments are wild. At the end of the day, if we really dislike the actions of our instance, we can just change to a different one, or self host. Does it suck? Yes.

I don't think I can reasonably expect someone else to tailor their own instance that they created and paid for to my specific interests. A previous instance wasn't to my liking, so I just made a new account somewhere else. Isn't that supposed to be the whole point?

"If everyone defederates with everyone there will be no content". Well, it's a good thing that it's not everyone defederating with everyone.

I think that maybe the people who are really upset about defederating should try to host their own instances and act as admins for those instances. I totally understand wanting to do your own thing with the amount of time and effort that stuff requires.

Personally? I'm still pleasantly suprised/happy that so many people have created instances that they opened to the world. I also feel lucky that people are putting in a lot of effort to make places that anyone -even complete strangers- could join. I'm happy that there are a wide variety of instances.

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Who's literally burning books that were removed from schools?

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I smoked exactly one cannabis two years ago. My doctor told me that I probably won't make it to be 200 years old.

So, there you have it. If you consume even one of satan's cabbages, you too will die eventually.

I was thinking the inside of a bent knee at first haha

You can both be right, you know. Many of us also agree with what this person was saying.

I used to want kids. I will refuse to have kids unless I can afford them, and until I can GUARANTEE that their human rights won't be stripped away by the whims of stupid people who are completely disconnected from reality. I won't bring a new life into a world that's rushing towards climate oblivion, either.

I'll sterilize myself before I'm ever forced to have kids.

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Some of these comments are ironic or trolling lmao.

English is used as an in-between language for many people. Other countries that exist also use English still exist. Australians can use lemmy. Canadians can use lemmy. People in the UK can use lemmy. So on, and so on.

Imo, those comments say more about the person who is upset. Variety is good, and communication is good. Assumptions lead to a lack of information, and that can make you look really silly. I'm not going to read CA on a Canadian instance and immediately think of California. An Australian reading on an Australian instance probably won't assume that WA refers to Washington. Clarification is important, and someone asking for it really shouldn't be all that offensive. The world is a big place, people.

Crazy shit.

I didn't see it coming, but the entire department I worked at during my last job was laid off only two weeks after i started my new job. The cheeky buggers waited until people left for the Christmas weekend to call them and tell them.

Yet they act all baffled and suprised when people quit.

I'm sticking to lemmy at this point because of the principal.

I may only be one person out of millions, but I'm not giving reddit a lick of traffic unless Spez publicly acknowledges and apologizes to the dev for the false accusations, and to it's communities.

I figure, if my time on reddit is a just drop in the bucket, people should have no room to be angry with me if I leave reddit permanently. If the user base is so unimportant, reddit shouldn't miss us when we go. If the CEO is going to imply that people will get attacked by us for wearing reddit merch, then I want NOTHING to do with that platform.

People are hilarious if they think that reddit will suddenly stop it's shenanigans at removing 3rd party apps. When they go public, you can probably kiss most of your favourite content goodbye.

It's ironic too, because certain specific communities who are angry at the blackout will probably truly lose free speech when reddit goes public. Everything will likely have to be very suitable to advertisers and whoever has a stake in ownership.

Part of me wants to be upset, but especially since these are clothing manufacturers, I have to wonder if the people handling the returns have the same problems that I did when I used to process them.

It was my first job out of highschool (through a temp agency), it was my first day, and I did some returns. You know, writing down what the products were, why they were returned, the order numbers yadda yadda.

Everything was cool until I got this package with a LOT of sharp pins in it saying "you obviously need needles to sew the clothes properly". There was only ONE thread loose, and this lady felt that making a complete stranger find sharp needles hidden in fabric was ok. Part of me hopes that that person finds the same kindness in life that they seem ok to give to strangers. Part of me wishes that it wasn't such a common thing.

Some returns had legitimate rotting garbage in them, and a lot of them were only worn once and then were returned because they "only needed it for party, need money back now". You can only see so much ridiculousness before you have enough, you know?

As a former employee, the fact that that company essentially paid for those needles and for the rotting garbage to be sent for other people to deal with was enough to make me quit. It's not worth my health, full stop. It never will be. That incident also made me lose a lot of faith in most of the general public. Part of me wishes that that particular person experiences the same level of "goodwill" that they give to others. I don't like wishing ill on peopld, but I also don't want to wish on good things for bad people. Most of us manage to submit returns without including a hazard, and it takes next to no effort at all. I don't even have to think about whether or not to do that, personally. It's a no-brainer.

As long as the in-person returns are still valid (within reason) and it's stated very clearly that online returns will cost money before purchasing, I don't really see the issue. Just put that information where they will read it (or hear it if it's voiced) and it should be OK.

It will help save the people who still have to deal with these insane returns for minimum wage. Fuck the overhead profit, and fuck the people who take their rage out on random minimum wage employees. (Don't do that literally ofc.)

Take it up with the people who might be able to actually do something to fix your problem, if you're that angry about the product. I will absolutely think much less of you if you personally take out your business complaints on the minimum wage employees.

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Unless these things in the US seriously changes, I will never step foot there. I used to want to see all of the beautiful landscapes, animals, and buildings. I really did. Now, not so much.

If I have a medical emergency, I don't want to be somewhere where they'll delay necessary life saving treatment to first check if there might be a fetus.

Nope. Tbh, that also kind of sounds very similar to the things that they get angry at other countries for doing to women.

I'm sure that will make all of the plants and animals feels better..../s.

Yeah, for me, a company having a union shouldn't really have much of an effect if they are actually treating their employees well.

What wage discrepancies would there be to negotiate? Why would there be any arguing over allotted sick time? Why would an employee have a grievance against a company that they would need legal support for?

A company that truly wants to treat it's employees well should already be on board with all of that stuff. In fact, I'd almost even argue that they should want a union.

That's even ignoring what being in prison for that long will do to you mentally. From what I've heard, it's almost a whole other world in there.

I can't imagine getting out after spending 15 years of my life in prison, and being able to keep the same quirks and mannerisms. Everything is just different. It's tough for fully grown adults to transition through, let alone someone who spent the last half of their teens.

That being said, neither of those two dead people will ever get to see a sunrise again. They'll never get to feel the wind on their face, or tell their parents that they love them. For what?

Intentionally murdering innocent people is despicable and soulless. I hope that they give her a lot of therapy and mental help in there. What a tragic end for such young lives.

Yeah, at this point I've stopped eating dark chocolate. I love the taste of dark chocolate, but I don't love it that much.

We already warn consumers about the safe levels of ozone found in water bottles. Why aren't we regulating and creating adequate warnings for literal lead and cadmium? It's not like they're immune to being tested. It's not like their negative side effects are undiscovered.

Lead and cadmium can do some pretty nasty stuff to the body. It's also in most cheap jewelry ( common in places like Ardenes, H&M, AE, etc), and almost all children's jewelry (common in places like Claires, the Childrens place, etc). Some of it is at a pretty high concentration, too.

Scary stuff.

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It's almost too easy to get flagged online sometimes.

On one hand, there's probably something related to that word that should be flagged.

On the flip side, I think of the fox from Sonic when I see that word. There are probably a lot of people with random flags haha

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Now what will head management do when they want to give random people tours of their company! Think of all the empty desk spaces potential investors might see! (That's one thing I'll be happy to see hopefully end eventually. The people giving the tours where I work barely know anything about any of the processes or procedures. )

On a serious note, even from the capitalism mindset, this doesn't make a lot of sense. Even if they already paid out a lease for their building, they would still be saving on regular maintenance costs, and they would have a good reason to downsize their physical location when possible. (Saving money, long term). Fewer employees being at work may also mean fewer workplace injuries. (Saving money, long term).

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This reminds me of what happened at my last job towards the end of the lockdown. Previously, you started at a certain wage and increased a specific amount every 500ish hours, up to a limit. The last "raise" was only like 4 cents, but you still had to work the extra 500ish hours to get it.

Well, the company decided that they weren't paying enough to be competitive, so they suddenly raised everyone to the top rate. This put people who just started their very first job at the same pay rate as the people who had been there for multiple years. Their "solution" was to give the long term employees a one off, taxed, check for $200. To say that people were angry would be an understatement.

Personally, I think they should have just increased everyone across the board, especially after previously bragging about making record profits multiple years in a row.

IMO, when someone else makes more, it gives me room to also argue for more. Otherwise, why not go to another company that will pay it? Getting angry at the guy with the raise won't give you one. Inflation will still happen.

To anyone reading negative stuff about taking medications;

If you need it, you need it. You are the one waking up every day and living your life. You and your doctor will know you infinitely better than random grumpy people online.

Anyone who expects you to struggle is not someone with your best interests in mind. They are not people you should listen to. Don't make your life worse just because someone said to.

Personally, I don't even engage with those types of people. They can have a say when it's their life and their body.

I swear, most of the people who are against anyone taking adhd meds seem to be "educated" by Facebook smh.

One day, I had to tell someone that they should research pet safety before giving other people pet safety advice. This person was recommending people to feed their dogs things that are well known to seriously poison and harm them. Apparently, according to that person, all dogs can eat anything because their grandma's one dog was fine.

I responded with links showing that the food was in fact harmful, and a lovely mod banned me for "arguing". It filled me with rage. Not because I was banned, but because the OG misinformation was still up, but all of the corrections were removed. Other people's comments correcting it were removed, too. Fuck accurate information intended to keep pets safe, I guess.

I hope that the random people who saw the post looked it up before trusting that person.

Regarding the unionizing, for me, a big push towards it was seeing what's happening in many companies without one. A good union can help in so many ways. I've seen the writing on the wall with some situations that have happened over the last 5 to 10 years. Bad companies are trying to remove a lot of worker protections, and it feels like we really need to remind them that they aren't invulnerable.

My union for example, has some of the best employment lawyers in the country, and we don't have to pay on the spot if we need one. Previously, fighting a wrongful dismissal over unsafe working conditions would have taken time and money that many of us don't have. Now, we know we won't be screwed.

I would argue that a good company should want a union. They protect and guide both "sides", and if they're doing everything right, a union really shouldn't be a hassle for a company to deal with.

Now that you mention it, yes. I used to be able to just swipe without any problems, but now I only type letter-by-letter when I'm texting someone from work.

Why, you may ask? My phone has this odd tendency to try and insult my boss/coworkers when I swipe text. I don't insult people in other places, but my phone seems very eagar to literally call them things like "wimp", "loser", "hoe", etc. I don't want to get written up, so every letter is now typed individually. I've had way too many close calls lmao

It's only anecdotal, but a lot of the people I know who were hateful like that while growing up actually did come out as LGBTQ+. Some were trans, some were gay, some were bi, etc.

Some of them are just a-holes though. One dude complained about a gay classmate. He never liked it when I asked him why he was thinking about what the other guy was doing with his bits so much. I've always thouht it was a fair question. I never did get an answer, though.

I still want to know why these people care at all.

Personally, I don't even want to think about the genitals of 99% of the people that I've met. I honestly don't want to know, it has nothing to do with me. I'm more than OK leaving some things unsaid. I don't want to know. If you tell me your own gender or preferred name, cool, I'll respect that and leave it at that. You'll never see me asking if someone is trans. I won't push privacy, and again, it's none of my business unless it is.

Why do these people care so much about complete stranger's genitals? It is an obsession or a fetish? Is it just xenophobia?

The thought never even crosses my mind. I would be super grossed out if a stranger ever asked about mine, tbh. It's weird shit to judge an entire human off of, if you ask me.

If a strangers bits are important to you, you should really look into why that is.


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I left because of how reddit treated the 3rd part app Devs, suddenly forcing them to cancel subscriptions halfway through the year. (They could have given the Devs a heads up, but chose not to.) I left because of the libel that was being spread about a dev. For me, it wasn't that they wanted to charge money to use reddit, it's how they went about it that made me leave and not return.

Of course, they also forgot about blind people and moderating tools. They then kicked many mods for voicing their opinion and/or participating the blackout, even if the subreddit in question was in agreement with them.

I don't see Sync doing any of that, so please speak for yourself on why the migration happened.

I kind of wonder if reddit may have shit the bed worse than we thought.

Could you imagine a scenario where Spez already made a deal with investors under the table and now can't give those investors what they were promised? To me, this is all very sudden. The company has come off as being panicky since the start of all this. Spez's responses remind me of someone who is really worried about something else being discovered.

Time will tell, I suppose.

I hate that moment when you're writing and you suddenly forget how your own language works.

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Fuckin' aholes are also still hitting new profit records. They can cry me a river.

Their company wouldn't exist without the hard workers, as there would be nothing to sell.

In case someone relevant sees this, this might be a great way for Ford's competitors to rope in skilled, experienced employees. I'm sure that many employees are thinking about other places after seeing this "call to end the strike". I know I would be.

What an embarrassing thing to say to your staff. What an embarrassing thing to say publicly. These people must be more detached from reality than I thought.

You know what? I agree. Even over the last few months, I've seen it in action.

Before the blackout stuff began, I used to have to manually include the word "reddit" for reddit to even show up for most of my queries. Now, I can barely google anything without reddit showing up right near the top of the results.

Shenanigans, I tell ya.

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When I see clouds behind someone (especially in shots with angles like this), I tend to think that they are legitimate clouds unless there is obvious Photoshop. There was a very long time where natural lighting was preferred over artificial lighting for shots like this.

Why would someone go through the immense effort to make artificial lighting look like natural lighting when natural lighting is already there and it's completely free?

Are photoshopped clouds more normal than legitimate clouds now? Did I miss something?

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If they want more people to switch to EVs specifically, they absolutely need to try to make some changes if they can.

Chargers: In a world where many people are living in old apartment buildings and condos, people are going to need public chargers. I don't just mean enough for 20 people. If we want a big societal switch, we need to be able to assure people that they won't encounter what happened in Texas recently. 60 chargers is still pretty rough if your city has half a million people in it.

Cost: MANY people can only afford used vehicles. This is not only because of the up-front cost. Parts for repairs can become a massive factor when deciding what type of car to buy. Even if you can get a used car for 6K, you might not go for it if you know that certain important repairs will cost you up to 20K.

Design: There are concerns for a lot of people with things being too screen-based. Some people like knobs that you can change without having to look away from the road. How many functions will be stuck behind a subscription? Will an update brick your car? Is it ok to tow normally, or will it sometimes require a special flatbed that most people can't afford? Do we have the battery fire thing under full control yet?

If every single car eventually becomes too expensive, driving will either become a "caste" thing, or people will put things together at home that might be even worse for the environment. Shoddy DIY repairs can also count for this.