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The world needs to act to curtail Israeli crimes against humanity.

At the very least sanctions and boycotts need to be enforced.

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Let me share some fun Mozilla facts about their previous CEO who has now stepped down to “executive chairwoman” last week.

She received 6.9 million dollars in 2022 and 5 million in 2021, 3 million in 2020.

Her replacement is an executive from AirBnB and eBay. We will find out how much both of these are earning in 2025 when they release their financial statements.

They fired 60 staff and are adding AI to their flagship program to earn more money.

Tell me this is a good thing.

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laws passed in 2021 by Texas and Florida state legislatures. Texas House Bill 20 and Florida Senate Bill 7072 prohibit website operators from banning users or removing speech and content based on the viewpoints and opinions of the users in question

What the absolute fuck America.

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People don’t change their sock daily? Do you use the same underwear too? Am I abnormal-er?

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Even if any of that was true, how could they be allowed to share a students personal details like so?

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The solution is obvious.

Stop owning private jets.

Billionaires threatening, harassing, and intimidating normal people with their army of lawyers and sycophant fans is never okay.

Fuck Taylor Swift and every other rich piece of shit.

where did it all go wrong?

Capitalism is where.

It’ll always fight to go there, because least offered most gained is the name of the business.

Sure you can split them up and regulate them, that’ll last for a few years or decades but money is power and they will wield that power to undo it all again, time after time to seek profit.

The only solution is a system that doesn’t value capital.

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It's just another flavour of Chromium though isn't it?

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And the worst part is when it actually does and you have no fucking idea what went wrong before.

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Hey sorry, I'm just a bit curious about when you developed this strongly held view as it seems at odds with your previous posts?

Like for instance here where you readily accepted Israel's claims about Ibrahim Biari being in the refugee camp they bombed without independent verification?

I'm guessing some profound and enlightening experience in this past month has convinced you to be more critical of news sources and your previous comment has nothing to do with your support of Israel's actions such as your genocide denial or making excuses for why bombing a refugee camp was actually okay.

It just feels like your comment was made in bad-faith here, but I'm sure it was well intended.

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Because if it didn't work the last 20 years the US was doing it, it'll work the next.

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Homeopathy should be outlawed. Pseudoscience masquerading as healthcare.

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And yet the quality of life for Americans is still declining, while the wealth gap keeps growing.

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Food for though: In the US judges have ruled on multiple occasions that an IP address doesn't actually prove what individual engaged in the act.

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Damn only like 20 years behind the rest of the world.

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Because Korea doesn’t have enough issues with depression and work life balances as is.

Because in porn it’s consensual and enjoyed by both parties. They don’t want customers getting any ideas.

From the sounds of the article he only viewed CSAM.

He actively produced, tortured, raped, and killed these dogs.

I’d say the animal abuse is the “worse” here because it’s the one he’s responsible for causing.

Good luck inserting a rectangular-prism up your butthole.

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Good and let's hope it stays that way, because the rape victim filmed without consent is also one of the people in that video.

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Israel is beyond irredeemable at this point. We need mass protests against our governments who are supporting them.

And where are all those proud Israeli supporting cowards who come out to tell us how evil Hamas is every thread that isn’t showing Israels war crimes?

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The current law defines rape as vaginal penetration by a penis. The new law broadens the definition to include nonconsensual anal, oral, and vaginal sexual contact.

Would it be so hard to include penile in there as well.

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To owe 500,000 in taxes probably means you have enough money that the IRS wouldn’t go after you.

Now if you owe them $50? Straight to jail you disgusting poor.

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Israel and Hamas are wrong.

Palestinians are simply victims.

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Almost like we live in a world with two very distinct classes of citizen, based entirely on money.

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Mariam went to visit her family in Gaza before Saturday's surprise attack on Israel by Hamas.

How dare she go visit her family.

Didn’t they know not to be born as victims of Israeli crimes‽

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We shrunk it and it was as good as done once everyone stopped using those gases.

Over the last few years satellites have picked up greatly increasing emissions of them from China. Hence it’s opening up again.

Oh and before any hexchud wants to say this is fake news or whatever:

We show that emissions from eastern mainland China are 7.0 ± 3.0 (±1 standard deviation) gigagrams per year higher in 2014–2017 than in 2008–2012, and that the increase in emissions arises primarily around the northeastern provinces of Shandong and Hebei. This increase accounts for a substantial fraction (at least 40 to 60 per cent) of the global rise in CFC-11 emissions. We find no evidence for a significant increase in CFC-11 emissions from any other eastern Asian countries or other regions of the world where there are available data for the detection of regional emissions.

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What a fucking hero.

Because companies > people in the eyes of the state.

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4Chan is obsessed with linking pedophiles and trans/lgbt peoples.

Just from reading that description I would confidently assume the entire site is being faked.

I was going to download their movies to spite them, but looking it up they've only produced complete trash.

I’m on side “Let them fight”.

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With the exception of millennials, who were born between 1981 and 1996, Gen Z adults are notably less likely than those in other generations to identify as conservative.

Or in simpler terms, both Millennials and Gen Z are equally less likely than those in other generations to identify as conservative.

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How is it creepy? It’s activism.

This person is a hell of a lot more useful to the world than some billionaire piece of shit.

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Don’t have a least favourite.

But my favourite is WYSIWYG has been mine for 20 years now, it’s so fun to say.

It stands for “What You See Is What You Get” and was used for visual editing programs where you could move things around and the final product would reflect that.

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The Republican said he had told allies he would "encourage" Russia to attack any Nato member that failed to meet the alliance's target of 2% of their GDP.

That’s not just complaining about not spending enough, it’s literally inviting an invasion.

And you’re saying that doesn’t undermine their security‽

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Israel doing what it’s always done regardless.

Every year you hear of them killing a journalist or reporter, or two.

Such an odd way to hear people talk about food.

I’d never consider food to be “switchable”, let alone think another culture does it “better”. Like there’s so much diversity between Indian/Thai, on a dish by dish basis no country is better.

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Sounds the solution is to allow users to not have to connect to the server in the first place and communicate across a local network.

Because they’ve probably killed more money from loss of sales through this stunt than they have from AWS fees.

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I always call it a legal system, because theres sure as hell no justice in it.

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