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No, seriously, when I say I can't afford it, I mean I really can't afford it. Like, seriously, my "Fun" budget for each month? 15 dollars. Lol. I'm brooooooooke as fuck, bruh.

Aside from the reasons stated by other people in this thread, purely destroying something isn't really Microsoft's MO. Theirs is Extend, Embrace, Extinguish Embrace, Extend, Extinguish.

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You're right. Whoops. Haha. Thanks, I fixed it.

I would love to buy an AMD, but I can't afford it, so I'm stuck with the Nvidia I have.

It. blows.

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You get raises?!

AFAIK Proton is the only one, or at least one of the very few, in the market that supports Port Forwarding. Mullvad got rid of theirs, which frankly sucks because although my experience has been (mostly) great, I've also heard great things about Mullvad, and it's best (and nice) to have competitive alternatives to choose from.

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You get an upvote for the tasteful interrobang, friend. 👍

Not sure if you're serious just forgot a /s but in case the former I just would like to point out that many people—me being one of them—would absolutely love a second monitor but can't afford it. Hell, I can't afford a first monitor. The only reason I have one is because I bought it back when I had a job that actually paid me a living wage. If it broke down now, I would have issues.

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Thanks. :)


Epic Games Store

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A new theory claims

Hypothesis, not theory. It is a small distinction but an important one in science.

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Serious, honest question: why are we bringing gender into this?

I've never considered the idea of one gender being any more likely to commit piracy than any other. Is there some kind of piracy subgroup of people in Indonesia or elsewhere who claim men are more likely to pirate music than other genders, particular women?

Again, this is a serious question, with no malicious subtext. I'm genuinely wondering where in the hell this question came from, because it seems to me like it came out of nowhere.

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I don't see the contradiction here. Right Person is just asking what Left Person's beliefs on those matters are, not whether they believe those beliefs are objective.

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......I don't get it.

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It's truffle dip.

I think it's really dumb that people think 5'7" (170 cm) is short for males.

The typical height of the human male is anywhere from 5'5"–6'0" (165–183 cm).

5'7" isn't short; it is stupidly average.

Source: https://www.healthline.com/health/average-height-for-men

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I think it's kind of an unfair comparison. Hubble was made decades before Webb was, when we knew a lot less than we do now.

This is like insulting Shakespeare for not writing with a ballpoint pen.

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Puritanism bullshit.

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Truth be told? As a former fan of the books but a reluctant enjoyer of the universe, I would love to try the game.

But as a trans person, I cannot in good faith give additional attention to anything Harry Potter. Many of the fans may be good people, but the books are problematic, the author is a piece of shit, and anything that gives either of these things more exposure should be shunned. (Sadly, this means the movies are a no-go, even though Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson are gems; I can't remember how Rupert Grint feels.)

Not censored, just shunned. I'm not going to be an asshole to someone who likes HP but is a nice person otherwise. If they ask me my opinion, I'll tell them, but I'll stay away personally from the official content, if not all content (fan content is on a somewhat case-by-case basis, but mostly that too if only just to make staying away easier).

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I made a major improvement in my ability to not give a fuck about my job.




I work in American retail.

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Although I agree with the "land-centric" part, I do have to say that to be fair it does look like a horse in every part except the bottom.

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The Martian, by Andy Weir

That being said, why are you using camelcase with "re-read"? That's what the hyphen is for.

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It's not Lemmy; it's the instance you're using.

Yeah, it's called "not starving anymore".

I really hate to be "that person", but..........it's "run of the mill", not "run off the mill", friend.

It's a term from the late 1800s that refers to "manufactured goods not graded or sorted for quality—that is, a mill's products before they've been separated according to what will sell for how much." (Source for quote: https://www.merriam-webster.com/wordplay/where-does-run-of-the-mill-come-from)

Seriously, I'm not trying to be a grammar nazi here. Unless of course that was just autocorrect being a dick, in which case I'll go walk off a cliff now... :/

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And I had to walk, uphill, both ways!

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Sigh... Whelp, time to go download a shit-ton of stuff before yet another friendly port goes down...


We need to straight-up ban images with the pagination still in the corner. -_-

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As a trans person, this has always been one of my favorite fiction quotes.


Seek help, my friend.

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Yes, it is called Heresy.


For there is but one god and he is mighty.







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The "1/2" in the top-right corner pisses me off.


Fucking W H Y Y Y Y Y Y.

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Just a PSA to anyone who looks here: with DDG, ChatGPT is not your only option. You can choose to use Claude instead, if you wish.

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"If I have to be miserable, so does everyone else."

Yup, that's the kind of mindset a lot of these kinds of people have.

Like others have said (or hinted at), never make an ultimatum you are unwilling or unable to follow through on.

And saying you'll leave "unless x happens" is just such an ultimatum.

It's gotten a bit better, but last time I tried switching, the GUI client for my VPN provider was shit, the PC gaming compatibility aspect (non-Steam) wasn't quite good enough for me, Nvidia's drivers said fuck you to my display, and I couldn't quite figure out how to set up Samba. Lol.

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Stupid question from an ignorant fool: how does this differ from just using bluray to transfer files?


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cries in Spore

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Oh the rich people that died because an asshole didn't take engineering safety guidelines seriously?

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