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that's what I've been thinking

this is actually my case lol, no way I'm writing thesis in libreoffice or onlyoffice if I didn't have much experience of using it

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It sorta is a pomodoro, I've been using for a while for desktop so I don't lose track of time. Though majority of my time I didn't spend on a desktop so, a mobile app that also less resourceful could be more useful.

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Can you provide pictures?

iirc the purpose of mintest itself is to be a stepping stone to make other game, but if people are having fun playing it as it is then I'm very glad

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I'll check it out

thank u for your kind word

the shortest google calendar could reoccur an event is 1 day

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ohhhhhh, I didn't download the app itself but it makes me search cuckoo in f-droid, and what do you know there is one last updated in 2017, wish me luck and thank you

In my case it was a distro's fault and my laziness to fix it. So, wifi's firmware is proprietary and some distro that are lightweight just didn't provide the firmware.

Remember when debian provided both regular iso and non free iso? yea my laptop couldn't connect to wifi if I were using the original iso.


For android : Basically almost all app from SimpleMobileTools, a few version right before it was sold (to a company in a controversial city)

For desktop : some kde app that works both for windows and linux (I used windows for now) like Okular and FileLight (though this one isn't so much daily basis)

and for both I used LocalSend

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Right, gnome for people who came from windows

This could be it, do you know the software's name on f-droid?

ArcoLinuxB KDE.

I've learned from Brodie's video that Ubuntu upload schedule is basically slightly different gnome's schedule. So, KDE with rolling releases is what I think is best.

Though IIRC the scheduling of plasma 6 onward will follow gnome's 6 month period to synchronize with bimonthly releases of distros that does it.

I'll need some input on this

Because I haven't heard that app at the time, and none of my colleagues use it

stable or unstable?

I think I found the one, some app I tried is developed like 7 years ago then I found this which last updated in Feb 2023

here's the link:

sometimes the video is already segmented a day after uploaded, so it's still impressive