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I've yet to encounter a video that wasn't mapped already. Thanks for working so quick.

I did once, and during my submission process someone else submitted it first. I do know how to create them now though! I'll be ready for next time.

Right?! Yesterday GamersNexus published a new video 3 minutes before I watched it. It only had a couple dozen views at that point, but somehow somebody had already mapped it!

If you watch smaller channels, you’ll find something to map. Even though the video is several days old, you’re the first sponsor block user watching it.

The hero of the people, puts my 122h to shame

Only 26 segments though, lol

Depends on what and when you watch. I have about double saved time at 1/3 of the submission count, so technically that makes you more valuable for an average viewer. Good job nonetheless

sometimes the video is already segmented a day after uploaded, so it's still impressive

Yeah popular uploaders are segmented minutes after an upload in many cases. I’ve even seen them completed in under the time it takes to watch at x1 speed.

I was early on a few high-profile videos, I guess.

Imagine being the one creating the segment for a Mr Beast video. Instantly saved some years.

Check out DeArrow. Made by same person to crowd source non-click bait titles and thumbnails (using a screen shot from the video).

"You won't belive this new gadget can do this" -> "review of (product name)"

"I ate 100 hotdogs in a day!" -> "Mr. Beast knock-off #32 wonders the streets and eats 3 hotdogs at a few street shops."

My average has gone to hell since I set up my own Piped instance. Now I live on the backs of those that endure Youtube still.

How does Piped work? It just downloads all of YouTube (lol), or you tell it to archive certain channels/subscriptions kinda like Sonarr and them?

It just runs as a proxy front end and fetches the videos as you use them. You have to set up your channel subscriptions and then if you go to your Feed, it just shows the channels, and nothing else. No algorithm spamming up your feed. No ads, uses Sponsorblock

It's the way Youtube should have been. There's a bunch of public ones, is the one run by it's creator. Make an account and play around before you decide if you want to run your own instance.

So it's the same as just going to the subscriptions tab? I'm just a bit confused about what the difference here is.

Kind of? It's more like if all of YouTube functioned like the subscriptions tab. You still have a trending page but it seems to be just the raw "this has gotten X views in Y time" kind of trending. Not the "this is what our Ineffable Algorithm God™©® thinks will maximize the amount of time you spend on our platform" kind. Then you've got the subscriptions page which is just chronologically all the videos from the channels you're subscribed to. But then there's also the stuff like sponsor block, dearrow, and such.

It's pretty good what little I've used it. It was just a bit of a pain to bring over your my subscriptions at least when I did it on mobile with the NewPipe app. I had to like download my data from Google, find the archive with my subscriptions data and give that to the app so it could find the channels I was subscribed to.

I see, interesting. Thank you for explaining!

I feel like I must be one in a million, because I actually think the algorithm is being pretty good to me. It's giving me so many interesting new suggestions and my Watch List keeps building up to where I will never have time to catch up and I just keep adding more and more.

I guess I've just been very disciplined in watching videos that are interesting to me, and not allowing anyone to watch their shit on my account. If they do, I remove that history.

I think a lot of people who complain about the algorithm don't actually have that many subscriptions set up. So there isn't really much of a guide for the algorithm on what to show people. I never get sports videos recommended or conspiracy theory videos because I never watched that kind of thing.

My subscriptions are all science channels, and people building their own computers. The algorithm knows what stuff to recommend me and what not to because I've told it.

That might be it actually. I probably have hundreds of subscriptions. I also make sure to like and dislike stuff to let it know what's up. 🙂👍

Not as many as some of the other people in here but mine's not bad. Haven't submitted anything in like a year too... It appears as though my stats are off a bit. I mostly watch YouTube on mobile and it's reporting more submitted segments (same time saved) but strangely more personal segments skipped on mobile for less time I've personally saved. It's using the same SB account thing so I douno whats up with that. Brings me to the same leaderboard even so who knows

Well now have a new service to use!

I'm so tired of Nordvpn and raid.

Like if you're playing an indie game that sponsored the video, that is sick.

I in no way wanna hear about man scaped while watching a Pokémon video.

Now we just need people to stop abusing the "highlight/get to the point" option.

Its great for "listen to my whole life story before I tell you how to fix this super obscure computer problem"

Not so great for "watch me build this cool table" skips to the final result.

You know you can configure to not autoskip those segments, right? You can always skip manually, if it's that kind of video.

I know, I'm just being picky. Someone likes to skip right to the end for a channel I watch every video, where the 'journey' is the intresting part.

I disagree? It skips to the highlight. If I came here to see the cool table, I wanna see the cool table, not the 15 minutes beforehand of the guy talking about tableology and his quest to find the optimal oak polish. Highlights don't skip automatically by default, so it harms nothing having it there for videos you personally don't want to use it on; if I'm in the mood to see a longform video, I will, and if I just want to see the cool thing displayed in the thumbnail, I will.

I also kind of enjoy the memey ones, like how most uploads of the beatmania song Second Heaven have the infamous SOMEBODY SCREAM tagged as a highlight. It's a fun little moment of "someone else was here before me for the same thing, and they left a trace", kinda like a dark souls message.

Maybe you might argue that should be a different category? But personally I think your definition of highlight is rather narrow

I wish you could contribute to sponsor block while only viewing from free tube