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One in five lemmys is a holocaust denier denier /s

Well this just is plain illegal

Very much "old man yells at clouds" vibe from them

To be clear UV flashlights are NOT the same as blacklight flashlights. However I totally agree if you are getting a UV light source for some reason, eye and possibly skin protection is a fantastic idea

I imagened the soldiers flashing the camera as they took control of it lol

"cuddle" with them... Yea I'm sure that's what they're doing

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Telling a porn star to "go fuck herself" made me chuckle more than it should

As a straight male, I too have fingers and a mouth

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Genuinely curious how this compares to cigarette waste and litter. Including lighters that go along with them

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I'm all for owning media and having hard copies but not sure I am following on the financial side. $2000 for your "vault" is around 16 years worth of paying for streaming services. That's not including your self reported extra renting. Do you think the 16 year ROI is worth it? Is the higher quality media a factor?

Just curious how it would be good for your "monthly expenses" given how much you are intending to spend.

Those individuals who assault children are despicable. As are those who assault civilians and any who support the assaults. Although people seem to paint entire populations by the acts of few

They could have sold multiple tickets

Okay this is something everyone should know. Great tip!

I think what they are trying to say is then you, alone can change your schedule how you see fit. Many others don't see the utility and don't want the forced change.

If you want more light in the morning, you yourself can wake up later

Why do you want to save xitter?

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You wouldn't download a car, more horsepower

This is almost certainly it. I agree those lumps on the bottom look intentionally designed to prevent sloshing when filling the pond

Adding new connectors means you only need about an inch extra on each side. Very low skill required if you have the (cheap) tools to do it. Actually putting new wires in place is a bit harder but still fairly easy. Attach some string to the old cable, pull it all the way through the walls. Attach the new cable to the string, then pull that through the walls. Then just add the connectors like the other scenario.

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Lmao when you put it like that, it sounds like a killer investment. I have a dollar spare to contribute!

Lol calm down it was an off hand joke. Not a great joke and it clearly didn't land but it certainly wasn't some grand statement meant to offend

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Seems totally legit...

Oil pumps? Seriously though 10-15 seconds doesn't sound excessive at all. I would be surprised if anyone is actually in gear and putting serious load on their engine/trans in under 10 seconds.

I mean the dotcom bubble was overhyped, it was a bubble

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How are you surviving off of a dollar a day for food? Genuinely curious

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Do you have an example of a card who's interest is applied before month end? That sounds shitty as hell

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Not if new information is brought forward

I'm all for more public transport but I'm also all for improving safety features for pedestrians. Not sure why anyone would be against putting the cost on car owners.

Workspace switching is also a three finger swipe on windows 10

Your wording makes you sound like such a Weak FEMALE. /s

He's right though, you don't need a rocket to launch stuff

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If the holes are sized for a single ethernet cable, you won't be able to pull through two. If your confident holes are all oversized, sure go for it. Otherwise you risk getting it stuck half way through a wall and pulling the two cables apart

I totally agree. Let people know you need help, and if they're able let them help you! However, I have been financially scammed by sick friend before. Turns out they were sick because they weren't taking care of themselves and spending the money on the garbage making them sick. I still feel sorry for them, just wish they actually got better

Anything else would be far too distracting

Disagree, Jerboa is actually pretty damn good. Some QOL updates are needed sure, but over all it's good.

Do you use liquid smoke at all?

Your ring finger is longer than your pointer?

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What's unhealthy about them?

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I think you are both arguing about an institution giving money to random people right? Just the amount of both money given and number of recipients are changing right?

I get the republicans are rich and tax cheats. But do you really think only Republicans are going to oppose it? No rich democrats ever cheated on their taxes?