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Not only does it say that in the first paragraph, it says it here

Five men were convicted for their part in operating Jetflicks, one of the largest illegal streaming services in the U.S., officials said.

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For those who don’t know

Krav Maga is the martial art of eye pokes and groin kicks and it’s what the IDF train with

I just didn’t think the meme fit when it already said where

So it’s religion

Look what he’s wearing!

Points to whistle

It’s called June and all companies do it

But that’s the whole point of going to church

Individual websites for niches instead of amalgamation websites

You won't believe which demographic is way more into gay spicy content than you'd expect.

The gays?

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Costs less

Simple machine forums (smf)



paid - ipboards, vBulletin

But that’s all software to run on your own server

I suppose I am a bit more cynical than you

It’s what he’s paid for

Bad PR comes and he takes the fall of stepping down with an exit package then everyone is happy

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Trump’s side marketed going to a black church and having thousands turn out to support him

It was an attempt to sway the black demographic into supporting him because other blacks do. The pictures paint a different story than what was advertised

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They could refuse aid to Ukraine until the new rules are scrapped like they did last time

I think it was talking about the 65+ group, I was just making a joke

But I find it to be misleading because there are a lot more people 65+ than there are in 18-24 for example

I am fairly certain they are gay too

Compare the diameter of the two countries

If you only look at one line between LA and NYC, that is a lot more cable being laid. Now add something remote like the middle of Alaska vs the middle of Finland. We can assume for this example that they both service 100 people but the cost to do so for the US is a lot higher

That’s why using density makes no sense

That doesn’t sound very open to me

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No one decided that, if you’re looking at Tolkien based fantasy then of course it’s British because it’s British fantasy

All of the Asian fantasy I’ve seen has been populated by people of their respective country.

Everyone knows the Grim Reaper is Jamaican

This post is stupid, just write your desired fantasy

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topics deemed to be “political ideology” in schools

Don’t you dare pledge allegiance! Don’t you dare play the anthem! Don’t you dare promote capitalism!

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It was ruled previously that Apple don’t have a large enough market share

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Hopefully shows why you should never trust closed source software

If the world didn’t have source access then we would have never found it

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YouTube thinks aarch64 Firefox is... a HiSense TV?!?!?!?!

Ah yes, televisions are exactly where the user wants lower resolution

I experienced a new hell today

The whole of the documentation was in video format and you had to accept all cookies to play the videos

At least with GUMBIES not having documentation there is a wide thread of people asking questions on third party sites

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Drm-free isn’t piracy

Bill is not replaceable

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There’s a reason everyone says “Just use Linux”

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Then it’s not a tip and they should include it in the price

It might hamper his apparent surging popularity among black voters

A lot of people only care about things when they’re impacted

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His Ridiculous and Unconstitutional Gag Order, not allowing me to defend myself against him and his politically biased and out of control, Trump Hating Clerk

But you defend yourself in the court room, not outside of it

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“Supports the creators” makes me think they have a revenue split and they got rid of the old system to prevent people from not knowing the difference

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Proton Pass offers passkeys that are universal, easy to use, and available to everyone for improved online security and privacy.

I wonder if there could be any bias in Proton claiming their product is the best

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Americans won the battle to bring back measles

Now they’re fighting to bring back tooth decay

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Piracy predates Netflix, if it was hard to fight against then Netflix as we know it wouldn’t have taken off

Wouldn’t that be someone with more knowledge on sex and hygiene?

No, it’s theatrics

An election is upcoming

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Because delaying mean’s momentum against him will continue to grow

You wait it out if you think there’s no chance for you or you hope it fades

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