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But more seriously, vote everywhere for the most progressive people possible and vote strategically to get the most progressive person realistically electable when needed.

And then you get a drought that lasts longer than your infrastructure is able to handle and you're still fucked

Just because it's called patent infringement it doesn't mean it's not technically the same logic as theft that justifies it...

I'm using the word "technically" for a reason :p

Someone can praise their chiropractor, in the end that's anecdotal and then I could point to all the people that have become paralyzed due to chiros.

All of them are quacks because most of what they do to people is bullshit and potentially harmful, it just happens that they sometimes also do some things that are actually ok but it's methods employed by an actual medical field.

If there was more content on it than on multiple streaming platforms combined, wanna bet not all of it wasn't available?

Anyway, it doesn't matter, it would still mean a distributor didn't get paid for the content they're contracted to distribute if there's interest for it.

I understand the logic that "X isn't available otherwise so it's ok" but that's a moral view, not a legal one.

If you recreate something that's patented and selling it you can in fact get sued and yes the same logic applies, it's profit the patent holder didn't make for something the person you sold to should have bought from them.

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There is power in a union 🎶

Technically, profit was lost.

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You need to be a bad person to accumulate that much wealth while people around you are suffering.

Careful as having polls that make it look like candidate X is going to win for sure might make it so people who would have voted for their opponent will not show up to vote as they assume they'll be wasting their time...

The Guardian has reported previously that 1,000 pages of internal documents obtained by freedom of information requests showed that early on in the investigation the province’s department of environment and public health units began eagerly exploring the possibility of environmental causes alongside their federal counterparts. But by mid-2021, New Brunswick appeared to have halted the probe with little explanation.


All rich people became rich because people like you and me are paying more for services and things than they're truly worth, which means we pretty much never get our money's worth even when we feel like we do.

There are no good rich people.

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There's no end to it though

"A doctor's hands are always clean!"

That's when Semmelweiss should have rubbed dog shit on his hands and tried to rub them on these doctors' face.

The stuff they do that works is stuff that a physiotherapist will do, just go see the expert.

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If he was a certified physiotherapist then he would work as a physio I can guarantee that.

People say that? 🤔

Maybe it's an oral thing and I don't have enough meetings with English speakers...

I know it shouldn't be, I'm just mentioning that it's controversial because there's some pretty obvious stuff that people mentioned as a reply to the original question.

That's what happens when people vote against their best interests

Same issue it just affected people that came before us and means we have less wealth because our ancestors could have kept more of theirs if rich people didn't profit off them and it would have trickled down to the next generation just like it does for the rich.

Ooooh that's a controversial one, good job! 👍

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Swear words? Boobs? Hell nah

Someone getting shot ten times? PG-13

If people don't want a Reddit clone they've come to the wrong place

Ok but that's a separate issue and something that can happen with a regular gun loaded with a regular caliber blank, what they're saying is fake guns for movies should use a caliber for which no bullets exist, solving the main part of the issue, i.e. the fact that someone can load a normal bullet in a gun that is to be used as a prop.

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They called the police and were told to keep the money since there's no crime.

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My question is... Why from there? 🤔

The explosive effect of the muzzle blast caused enough blunt force trauma to fracture a quarter-sized piece of his skull and propel this into his brain, causing massive hemorrhaging.

Pressure from the explosion of the blank coming out the nozzle, so no debris involved either.

"with good stock"

The guy has Asperger syndrome, from the get go he's not the pinnacle of human genetics...

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You'll have to help me because I can't find any of those "most other cases"... I haven't looked before the 90s though

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It's not a common issue in general and taking preventive measures to prevent at least one risk is a good step in the right direction.

From the description of the incident it seems like Lee wouldn't be dead if they had used a gun in which it was impossible to put real bullets in the first place.

accidentally shot and killed in North Carolina with a .44 magnum gun that was intended to fire blanks but contained a bullet left behind after a dummy round had been inserted and removed.

I don't know why you would be opposed to taking measures to prevent one way these accidents can happen just because they can happen another way... 100% or nothing is a pretty stupid way to deal with issues.

There was a story on Reddit from a soldier, his squad ended up in a fight with rugby players in a bar in Australia and after the fight they had a drink together and when a soldier told the players they were pretty brave to start fighting people in the army, they replied "the only people we fear is women who play rugby because they're completely crazy".

People don't realize that the USSR was actually ahead of the USA and Europe in certain fields they decided to put effort in...

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Yeah it's too late to rush it, everyone has watched the TV show and is now interested in something else.

"Yes and if Biden was convicted in Florida he wouldn't be fit for office either, he hasn't been convicted in Florida, so what then?"

You fell right in his trap.

It was a republican amendment

So eugenics

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Kinda easy to miss something you didn't write

I don't check usernames 🤷

This discussion was about Valve but all big companies are in the wrong here. The accumulation of wealth is always done at the expense of the less wealthy.