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America's authoritarianism doesn't make China's authoritarianism any better. They can both be shitty, buckaroo.

What, you don't enjoy a nice iced crude oil on a hot summers day?

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Infact, retard was the "respectful" term once upon a time. Before that moron even had it's day in the sun.

They got two things right: Science can be wrong sometimes. And you should Google petrified wood (it's really pretty).

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If he has to explain that it's legal, and refuses to tell you what it is until you get hired, it's a scam. Probably an MLM he got sucked into.

Lots and lots of police people turn off the body cams to do evil stuff on a regular basis.

Do y'all think we don't have cum pitchers in the US? I know we're bad, but we're not savages.

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Noooo that would be stealing food right out of the developers' mouths /s

You haven't met enough drag queens. There is no limit to how much floof the can get out of a cheap wig.

He's basically saying "we'll stop shooting once they're all dead".

I kinda wish xor (pronounced "zor"?) would enter the common English lexicon. It'd be so useful to just have different words for inclusive or vs exclusive or.

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I mean, so long as he's reporting his income. Plenty of cash businesses operate within the IRS's good graces. Hell, you can even report your income from selling drugs. The IRS just wants their cut.

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I would argue it's more ethically defendable. There are lots of meatless alternatives to eat. A viable hearts for transplant are scarce and if you need one then you NEED one.

I mean, one person is promising to end democracy in favor of chrisofacism. I feel like a "drive off the cliff" campaign is a pretty apt analogy.

I'm a bisexual trans woman. I've dated men and women while presenting as male, and as presenting as female. In my experience the whole "not picking up on hints/not leaving strong enough hints to be picked up on" thing is not a gendered issue.

Honestly I really don't think men and women are as different as they appear.

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Just a regular 'ol retail worker. I'm so glad Lemmy was here to save my lunch breaks from reddit.

It's a word for butt. It sort of has a childish connotation, like a pre-school teacher might direct their class to "keep your fannys on the ground."

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Yeah, Biden is a warmonger, are you implying that Trump isn't? Because that's fucking insane.

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He's got his retired gynecologist friend to commiserate with.

I'm sure Netnyehu is really dreading the intense finger wagging he's in for.

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Fascism requires an "other" to function. Once one "other" is a destroyed there will always be another one to take it's place.

You're effectively voting for "eh whatever"

I'm ready for someone to disrupt the super yacht market with some fucking torpedoes.

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Most of the trans women I've run into are bi/pansexual or lesbian. Of course, I'm also a bisexual trans woman and have met most of them through dating apps, so I definitely have some pretty heavy selection bias, and my anecdotal data means nothing.

Fuck, work is slow today.

"they must have cheated, after all, we cheated at every opportunity and still lost." - Republicans

This is actually where systems like alimony come from. If only one works, (or one makes significantly more than the other) it can kind of leave the other up the creek without a paddle.

Just like every other belief they claim to hold so deeply, they only support cops when doing so is convenient for their narrative.

I mean, it sucks to get inconvenienced by stuff like this. But the goal is to make nations hurt economically for supporting the Palestinian genocide.

Most of the other options available would probably injure or kill innocent people. Like, you're not gonna make a difference without some casualties. Better that casualty be an afternoon instead of your life.

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I think my favorite is "cat ears on side" . It's a shame you rarely see cat girls/boys drawn like that.

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No we don't. Most of us don't even like this guy, just a bunch of morons who's votes matter more than the rest of the country's.

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They were gonna shoot those kids anyway. It's not like they've been holding back until now.

We do! We also have fewer teeth, and all of our mental health problems are caused by our uteruses wandering around inside our bodies.

As an enthusiastic boy kisser, I fucking love to kiss girls.

I wish I had that kind of parental relationship in my life. I haven't seen my parents in years.

I'm from the US and I still get excited when I see raccoons. I love those lil guys.

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People always tell me I'm smart. And I definitely have some things I'm good at. But I'm pretty dumb about a lot of stuff, but I think that's pretty normal.

Honestly, I try not to think about people in terms of smart/stupid. Everyone has a complicated set of strengths and weaknesses that are slowly changing all the time. Just labeling someone as smart or stupid is overly simplistic.

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Hey, you don't need a family to have your whole weekend eaten up by a bunch of shit you don't wanna do.

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No, billionaires did this to us 🪻

That's the point. All this culture war bullshit is there to distract from climate change, nazis and all the wage slavery (and regular slavery) going on in the world today.