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Email already has a To: field. There's no point in writing it in the body.

A professional email would be the same as an informal one. Start with "Hello!" or "Good morning!".

just 2 people

What does this mean?

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Seriously, there was a time when Google was lauded for all kinds of awesome innovation, and joked about that you needed a PhD to even be a janitor there.

Look at them now. They can't even do basic search functionality anymore, and are so misguided that they put out color filters for video.

I 100% agree they need to just stop existing at this point.

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Because a lot of the time you lose users because there aren't enough users.

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Yeah but he offset the negative environmental impact by killing all those people.

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Same idea as Lemmy except for chat. Basically Reddit is to Lemmy as Slack / Discord is to Matrix. One minor detail is Matrix is actually the protocol, so it's more like ActivityPub (which is Lemmy's protocol), and there are specific apps for Matrix which use that protocol.

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Please stop saying "mainland China". It implies Taiwan is part of China, at least to some.

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I don't get it. Internet is media, just like books, TV, or movies. Media is full of fucked up shit. Everything from Mein Kampf to photos of dead bodies to adult novels. We've had things like that since forever, and we've always just left it to adults to prevent kids from seeing the bad things, until they're ready.

Why is it suddenly different for the internet?

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Vermont can outlaw billboards across the state, but when it comes to everything digital, it seems like nothing's safe. We cannot even check out email on a dedicated email client application without being subjected to ads, both in the form of spam emails, marketing lists, and now even ads from the program itself.

IMO the government should be stepping in to regulate where ads can be placed, just like Vermont did with billboards.

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Good! Taiwan is a sovereign nation.

"he wasn't actually paid in money. it was just the value of the gold bullion he received".

Is that better somehow? I never understood this logic. Money itself is existentially just paper with no value until you spend it on something, and its value also rises and falls based on other factors. It's basically stock in the US economy.

Why is it not okay to give someone one kind of paper but not another?

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Good point, I guess he is pretty unethical after all.

I remember seeing some fine print when signing agreements for my college that any papers I write are intellectual property of the school. I'm guessing that's standard nowadays.

As strong as in what? Flavor or caffeine? I doubt three shots of decaf have as much caffeine. If you mean flavor, you know people like just the flavor of coffee right? That's why they're drinking decaf in the first place.

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You friend is insane and making the problem worse. Tell them to stop.

Even in the US, where tipping has been out of control for a long time, nobody in their right mind tips for takeout. The employee literally didn't do a damn thing other than a couple seconds of handing you a box and possibly cashing you out.

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A lot of the time these things include fines to teach them a lesson. Otherwise corporations would do this way more.

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IMO one thing I think should be made into law is that if a company grants unvested equity, everything granted will automatically vest when you get laid off.

If you decide to quit before they vest, I understand that those grants should be forfeited. If you get fired for not doing your job, I also get forfeiting them.

But if the company lays you off, that's on their side, so I think the opposite (automatic vesting) should be guaranteed by law.

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The job hasn't been eliminated. You are just the one doing it now. The only benefit is that the store doesn't need to pay you.

Eric Schmidt was amazing as CEO. Then he left and Page took over. He was okay, but nothing great. Then Pichai took over. He is an absolute douchenozzle and is basically there to just make as much money as possible all while trashing everything that made Google great. Google search sucks nowadays, YouTube is overrun with ads, and nothing interesting at all has happened with Android in a long time.

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Strong disagree about the email thing. When people say that, they aren't talking about low level implementation details like this article goes into. They're talking about the ability for Gmail to talk to AOL.

Non-technical users have no idea about implementation details of email anyway, so I highly doubt anyone has ever interpreted it that way.

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optimal performance


LMAO, Sublinks devs are so engrained in Java that they want to rewrite Rust in Java, and their survey they send is written in Office 365? They're a meme.

The Java idea is absurd and shouldn't be taken seriously.

I disagree with the Lemmy devs' political views a great deal, but:

  1. It's open source so you can audit if they're doing anything bad
  2. Just fork it and improve if you have issues with the code they're writing / features

Java is a horrible language. Nearly every developer I've talked to in the last several decades agrees, even previously hardcore Java devs. Please just stop.

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I've used Rust professionally for five years now, and it is too hard to give a full answer in any single comment. There are so many reasons. You are right, it is a lot more elegant. You can do things with its type system which you can't in any other mainstream language, because of ownership. It's really a life changing experience, so I'd suggest you just try it out, build a project in it, and see what it's like. You won't regret it.

I strongly disagree about generics / syntax. IMO they're fine and you'll learn to love them.

The high level answer I'll give is that Rust is a language that is designed from the ground up to not make many sacrifices. You can use it for systems programming where you can't use a garbage collector, or for high level stuff like an API server. It feels high level while also being as low level as you need it to. Its errors are absolutely fantastic. Same with the tooling and package manager.

You should really just see for yourself.

My interpretation of the title is "only has to pay...". 23K is nothing.

How does that even work? When you push code for a back door it's going to still go through a code review so it's not exactly going to be secret, right?

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throw NullPointerException;

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so I could care less

So you do care?

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Coming from an era when nobody had phones, basically everyone got bullied anyway.

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Even if they got the IP addresses, I thought I read an article from a while ago saying that the supreme Court decided that IP addresses aren't good enough to take any legal action on someone since they're shared.

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Android is open source so it doesn't matter who makes it. You can audit the code and remove what you dislike. North Korea does the same thing with Linux.

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When Spotify was made available in the US, I don't think there were any other services where you could, for free, choose a song and play it. Other services would just let you listen to similar music for free, but Spotify let you listen to the actual song you wanted.

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It's a double edged sword. Quality information should be accessible to everyone. We ensure that for kids through public school systems, but for adults you need to pay for it yourself. Which is a huge problems since that is the same demographic as "voters".

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I think you aren't aware of how much Google sucks at even simple software.

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Why is this necessary? I thought we've moved past language-specific IDEs.

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If you use eBay and PayPal you're asking for this. They shit all over users and don't care. I've vowed to never use either of them again.

...what did Trump win? All of those accusations against him were true.

It's extremely hard to disprove things in general as opposed to proving them, unless you're dealing with math or logic.

You really don't think "we store your username and haven't revealed it" is any better than "we store your real name and did reveal it"?

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Way more efficiency, almost no heat generated. Quantum computers in your pocket. No need for fans in computers anymore, even for supercomputers. Way more efficiency at sending electricity long distances. Things like maglev trains and fusion reactors and MRI machines can use superconductors without needing to keep the temp at negative 450 F. Cheap MRIs mean accessible, inexpensive MRIs for all. The list goes on and on.