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A decent language learning type app, like dulingo

Man, all this speaking in tongues talk lately is giving me PTSD. Next they'll be getting "drunk in the holy spirit". Every time they pulled this shit at church, I wished my mom would have chosen abortion instead

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I successfully got a few rubber bullet scars

Wasn't fun loving, southern Baptist. It was crazy ass non denominational, fire and brimstone, revolations, scaring kids about hell. Kenneth Copeland visits, and the like always went this route. Nothing entertaining about it. It was scary as fuck! And if I didn't act right, it was paddle board time when we got home

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You seem to have gathered that the murder victim shot at the police. Unless you have another source, you are clearly not reading the linked article. It states that no footage shows that the victim ever shot, or had a gun in possession. States that he had no gun on or around him when they cleared the slumped body. The did however find a (most likely planted) gun in the car later. Do you need a class on reading comprehension or something?

I remember the commercials "Piracy is not a victimless crime" pissed me off so hard, and drove me to download much more than I otherwise would have

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Yes, every native English speaking Walmart shopper are perfectly fluent, masters of the linguistic arts. They are known throughout the Americas to be amongst the classiest and highest educated group of shoppers known to man. Even the ones known to procreate with their sisters are likely to have a degree. Likely, a masters. These are stats and known facts of the highly esteemed shoppers of Walmart

Seemingly everyone but the Orange man faces repercussions

Was thinking about how much he must spend on dog food!! But he probably saves a lot of money taking the sled instead of driving.

Nice! Tax the shit outta these fools

Added bonus: More data for Lemmy to make private jet memes

LA central library has a banned book display. So happy not to live around the lovers of livestock

His defense should be insanity due to drinking too much of the municipal water.

Sorry, couldn't resist. Awful

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Found the bunker

Yea, the enshittification process predates the internet, so yes.

However, the loss of net neutrality has lead to these monopolies being able to rapidly speed the process in a large number of ways, from ways they work with and imprison advertisers and vendors to their platforms.

Their ability to buy telecoms favor. With the death of net neutrality, now broadband Bros shape the face of the internet for the most elite and powerful companies. Silencing the little websites and startups that used to show up in search results amongst giants like Amazon, eBay, Facebook marketplace, Ali, etc. for ma and pa trying to run a small buisness. Making us all slaves to these monopolies, and the handful of companies you must deal with, enshittification, obnoxious new ads, and all, just to reach the masses.

Elon says you can't even put your Mastadon handle on Twitter, etc. I could go on and on.

The death of net neutrality has emboldened big tech in a massive way, as if it wasn't bad enough before. It had pretty much insured that the big boys all get a fat cut of everybodies pie, and you just gotta grin while you eat their shit, or starve

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What rolls down stairs Alone or in pairs, And over your neighbor's dog? What's great for a snack, And fits on your back? It's log, log, log

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Balling out while free balling leads to teabagging dead Granny

Walk Hard is one of my favorites. Also 2007, so not so recent. They fell off hard after Tropic Thunder 2008ish. MacGruber was okay. Popstar would be the only one I can think of that's fairly recent

Thank you for your merciful, sweet release! Prepare for a lawsuit if I'm still alive in 8 days

If you find a toilet in your dream, don’t use it.

U dun fuk'd up

If android just turn off auto-rotate in drop down menu

School would make you pee in litter box?

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Ah, thus the deflecting post of Biden bound and gagged

Keeping Republicans out of office and the FCC is a good start. Obama fought against repealing it his entire presidency, despite tons of pressure from big tech and the other side of the aisle. I think it's congress would have to change laws to protect it?

By your description I'm assuming you're talking about the old hospital in LA by the 101? If so, that's just where they house a bunch of the poor brainwashed minions.

Their headquarters (Gold Base) is right beside Hubbards old mansion in San Jacinto on like 500 acres. Not so cheap looking

My mother used to recycle her douche bottles, throw it in with the regular dishes, and make her own. Guess who always had to wash the dishes...

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I edited it to be more readable

Mantle, lol Everybody knows the Nazis fled to hollow earth at Antarctic...

Sick of YouTube's shit? Heres this open source alternative, awesome!

Buffer, buffer, buffer... ISP says, lulz, no neutrality, throttled bitch!

Try a VPN. They're all largely shit for a different reason. We sold out freedom out of fear of the WMD's

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Idk. Would add anxiety to wiping. Like, I don't wanna miss and smear any butter outside the bread

DAB: Drugs are bad, except for concentrates.

Yeah, you don't wanna let that cat outta the bag. It'll be like the Radiohead Just video up in here

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It's better than bad, it's good!

Everyone wants a log You're gonna love it, log

One much more than the other

Try some strings of popcorn garland and ornaments

I prefer a lot more kick, and found a chipotle habanero sauce. But yeah, chipotle is best jalepeńo. Smokey goodness!

I'm aware, thank you. I was just making light of the insanity. You know, instead of crying

This is MGK's grandpa, MGG

I can see the headline now:

Disgruntled high schooler kills 12 strippers at Florida strip club, per orders from Jesus Christ Almighty

I thought I remembered that a major factor was the Cuban vote in Dade county that swung it for Trump in 2020, due to Trump going on and on about Biden being socialist/communist, and you know, their history...