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My thoughts, exactly 😌

I recognize a lot of people, both good and bad. When someone stands out I set a note for them in Lemmy, so I can see them more easily. So far in this thread I see,, and - all fun and awesome from my experience.

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At least it reminded me to renew my annual donation to Wikipedia. Fucking Muskunt.

I used Power Delete Suite about a month or so ago, it's foss and it worked great.

I set it to delete each comment, but in case Reddit tries to "roll back" my deletes I also set it to manually edit and save every comment to something (ex. "comment removed"), before doing the delete. It took a good hour to get through all my comments.

I also decided not to delete my 15yo account. My logic here was perhaps that will be a protection from Reddit resurrecting my comments or account in some way, since it's still an active account. It just sits there empty now.

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The cell processor is infamous for making the PS3 notoriously difficult to develop for.

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Anecdotally I have the impression a lot of North American Lemmy users are technology professionals and enthusiasts in their 40s and 50s and therefore many would also be Trekkies from the 20th century.

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Do you think the first subject is actually an Elon simp, or are they ethical enough to weed them out?

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Hire Rob Schneider to do his stand up act. Rob Schneider does his stand up act.

Schneider came out as a clown in 2012.


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I think most oldies are embarrassed by them. I'm not though, but I only surf the world wide web from my phone, so perhaps I'm more hip 😎

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So the plan working as intended. Spread'em thin, Ivan.

them robots took our jorbs!

Really... I have to check that out. For a very long time I've wanted a mode in maps where it behaves as though I put a destination in without a destination, why don't they have that?? If this is the mode you mention and I'm only just finding out, then it is definitely the one Google is turfing...

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So the Republic of Gilead may actually happen? Are there enough checks and balances left to stop the US from becoming a Christian Saudi Arabia? Is it time to leave Canada before their destiny is manifested all over us?

Connect for Lemmy. It's a lot like Relay for Reddit was. And it lets you block users, communities, instances. I still have Thunder app and the /kbin instant app installed, but after the first month I rarely use them. Connect is great.

So the scientists are being portrayed as lunatics now instead of the crazy business assholes scheming to maximize their golden goose? Right.

If holding in a fart makes your stomach hurt then you need to shit. It eventually hurts to hold your piss and shit in, but then we use the washroom instead of filling our pants. Same thing, imo.

Have a shit, stop farting all over the place.

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This guy is pretty annoying.

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Elon is such a fucking clown.

Was just talking about how difficult work is going to make the next three days, so that I can't wait until they're over, but that's another week of my life where I'm wishing for days to pass so I can try to be happy again. Lame. Lame as fuck.

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Ernie statue

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This should be used as Lemmy copypasta. Very well said.

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Here's a picture of all the new areas, called the ECS: US ECS

From here:

I'm tired of seeing this asshole cheering in different article photos with his stupid haircut, glasses, and chins.

Perhaps as likely as YouTube Premium separating music access from no ads on videos... I wish. It keeps me locked in.

Ah yes, coal is the penis!

Reverse psychology Uno card attempt to get any remaining mod or community they don't control to out themselves as a risk and be ousted, imo.

It'd be cool if I could filter out any headline on the internet that ends with "here's why"

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Is this some hardware they're activating or software that's going to hurt already struggling performance?

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Mellow greetings, citizen. This idea was a running gag in Demolition Man.

From the article:

Aoba himself suffered burns to over 90% of his body in the fire,


Those convicted typically remain on death row for years, or even decades. The death penalty is conducted by hanging.

That's going to be an agonizing wait for the hangman.

This is the BTTF2 reference I needed to see.


The pricing is infuriating in Canada, since nearly half the price of real beer is alcohol-related excise duties and taxes, which do not apply to non-alcoholic beers. So when companies charge the same or more they are just keeping the difference, it is not "sin tax" related like we've been conditioned to accept up here...

I had auto update for relay pro disabled in anticipation of the change, but just tried to open it now, and it forces the update to continue. So I uninstalled. Crazy I've used it since the beginning when it was called Reddit News.

14 years on Reddit was long enough though. I tried to stop scrolling it for years, so I'm happy the changes were more than enough to make my quitting stick.

So this is what it looks like when Google prioritizes a fix. Neat!

Google from the article:

Thanks for sticking with us. Our team is looking into this storage issue affecting some Pixel devices running Android 14 and we're working hard on a fix. We'll update this thread with more details soon.

This is really cool, thank you for making it. I opened in Firefox on my Android and used the Install feature FF has, and it's really slick.

Fantastic game, my family has been playing it for years on Switch, starting from when my kids were uselessly young, to now that they are pretty good gamers and it has always been fun. One of the few games my wife plays with everyone.

Orders open November 16th at 10am PT... will it be possible for a normal person to order one, or have the bots got this one in the bag already, I wonder.