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A lot less since I started using docker instead of running separate vms for everything. Less systems to update is bliss.

If at some point you’re going to add more hardware it makes sense with a NAS. Otherwise just add USB I guess.

This. For exactly this reason.

If you take the free trial you’ll see why there’s nothing else like it today. Its next level. Plex works fine too ofc. But its nowhere near as polished.

It gets a bad rep but was actually quite comfortable.

I never had an Atari system in its heyday but the Atari Jaguar, although getting a bad rep for its controller and limited library, is a pretty solid piece of tech and has the best version of Rayman imo. So, Jaguar for me.

I watched NetworkChucks tutorial and just did what he did but on my Macbook. Any recent Macbook(M-series) will suffice. https://youtu.be/Wjrdr0NU4Sk?si=myYdtKnt_ks_Vdwo

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Well, no. You need to subscribe separately to streaming services. And yes, I was sceptical before I tried it. There is nothing else like it, if you want to take control over your digital music library Roon is the best way.

PA-220 fw for internet access. An old workhorse, Synology DS1812+, for filesharing. A mac mini with Ubuntu running Plex and Roon also hosting Dashy in docker. A Hwg-ste to measure temp in my cabinet. I host a RIPE probe. An RPI4 running Zabbix. My next project is moving from PA-220 to something in the 400 series (probably 415) so I can upgrade to newer PANOS.

Sega Saturn or PlayStation 2. I’m mainly a STG/shoot’em’up player and those two consoles have a ton of them. If forced to choose between the two, PS2 edges out on top because of Dodonpachi Daioujou which I consider to be perfection.

I use Roon right now. Its great if you want to tinker around. I also have Plex which is more plain for music but works well enough.

People will moan and groan because paid software and not opensource but there is nothing even close to Roon for doing this. https://roon.app/en/

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Roon is self-hosted but not open spurce. Incredible at playing music, beautiful UI etc. Not free but best in class imo. https://roon.app/en/