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What's the context?

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This argument is pointless. Neither of you is right. Arguing for or against optics is pointless.

This argument is pointless. Neither of you is right. Arguing for or against optics is pointless.

Consent isn't legally required if it's fair use. Whether it's fair use remains to be ruled on by the courts.

I don't think you can use gpl for anything but code. Creative commons license would be more appropriate.

/c/unions is worth subbing to.

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Education is knowing that tomatoes are a fruit. Wisdom is knowing to not put them on a fruit salad.

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No one in this sub would know because they only go outside for rhythm game meetups.

Two shitty rich people being shitty rich people to each other.

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That's basically the current situation.

You're liked an arrested development character.

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She was underage at the time.

They updated it to really good stuff with 2.8 like 3 or so years ago.

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Vast majority of violence is interpersonal and someone who was known prior to the violence.

It would be trivial to just buy spy cameras already built for spying. The tech already exists

"advanced users" on forums are rarely very representive of users as a whole.

One of the reviewers said it wasn't his job to check the graphics, just the text. Lazy ass.

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It looks like a shit game but calling it plagiarism because they're both games about capturing monster seems a bit silly.

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Fine for people to voted uncommitted but jot sure why we don't see more people voting in the republican primary to throw trump off balance.

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Twilight is pretty misogynistic.

They subsidizing in hopes they can gain monopolistic marketshare.

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Not disagreeing but citations would be nice.

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LGBT as a category has been increased a lot over the years. Asexual or people who don't feel they conform to super strict gender norms are all included as "queer" now. So I imagine it's a combo of things, some people being trendy, some people being freer and not feeling the need to hide, some people who previously didn't identify being included.

Left handedness was persecuted and after it stopped being persecuted there was a massive rise in people who were left handed. But it plateaued and has remained pretty stable since then.


I've never understood the difference other than I get the vague sense display port is associated with apple.

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Ux is not about drawing pictures. That work is already automated by ui kits anyway. Ux is about thinking through requirements and research.

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Suits are idiots. No argument there.

You could say the same thing about fossil fuels in the USA...

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Because if you have to subdize to get marketshare then how are you going to maintain that marketshare once you stop subsidizing?

This has been the play for the last decade of cheap VC debt in tech. Wework, Uber, etc all these businesses operate at a loss in the hopes they can someday get a monopoly. That's the explicitly stated business goal or Uber!

It's not sustainable. It's stupid and the bill will come due eventually.

Games as an industry is impossible to make money in unless you're a platform owner. That's just how it is. The 1983 game industry crash and Nintendo resurrection showed that. It's just repeating the cycle.

What's even the point of your comment or the stance you're taking?

"I don't like this guy. He sucks"

Okay ... and?

I don't think the it's dumb capeshit is the cause of death bud.

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I don't get it.

WordPress is open source. You can just use it and not host with WordPress.com

At this point using winrar tells me the person is kinda old and out of touch with tech.

Signal is open source. The only part that isn't is the server side spam filtering.

This anti user attitude is so lame. It's some real hipster nonsense.

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All 3 are correct because language is determined by use https://www.merriam-webster.com/grammar/the-many-plurals-of-octopus-octopi-octopuses-octopodes

Read some Wittgenstein nerd.

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Brother makes great printers and they accept generic toner/ink.

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We badly need federated identify and or at least something portable/nomadic.

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I don't think op was saying that she would have been a worse president, but rather a worse candidate, as in she was uncompetitive.

"real ai" isn't a coherent concept.

Turing test isn't a literal test. It's a rhetorical concept that turing used to underline his logical positivist approach to things like intelligence, consciousness etc.