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I remember seeing this argument about billionaires and corporations leaving the US if they are taxed fairly at a national level. If that were the case then 1. The US wouldn’t lose out on revenue it wasn’t losing out on already, and 2. The “free market” or the government would adapt to fill the abandoned niche.

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right now, we are so woke in the military we’re losing recruits right and left

Tuberville is blocking military promotions. If officers are not regularly promoted, they are discharged from the military. Tuberville is contributing to the discharge of US military persons and blaming it on "wokeness".

We’ve got people doing poems on aircraft carriers over the loudspeaker.

Tuberville portrays this as a problem contributing to "wokeness". As evidenced by this thread, there is a long storied tradition of war poetry. Including famous military persons.

After Ingraham asked, “Could we confidently take on China?” Tuberville replied, “Oh no. Oh no. No, and we’re running Russia into China."

This is false, China is warming to Ukraine. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2023-09-06/france-sees-china-easing-stance-on-ukraine-before-g-20-summit#xj4y7vzkg

"They’re combining up and now BRICS is very, very concerning to me because they’re controlling all the petroleum in the world.”

Blatantly false. https://investingnews.com/daily/resource-investing/energy-investing/oil-and-gas-investing/top-oil-producing-countries/

Tuberville is either lying or misinformed. Debunking these comments took some minor work and taught me how effective it is to spew bullshit.

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The leotard in question is worn by the model on the far right who, even though she is cut off, visibly has her hands covering her groin area. Perhaps a re-design is in order?

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Who else is better equipped? In my view it would solely depend on the lawyers that internet archive hires, and money plays a big factor in that.

Also, internet archive is going through the route process of how legislation gets overturned or upheld. Just because you perceive them as unworthy to bear the challenge doesn’t make that true, and as a result your commitment to not support them because they aren’t the one true chosen is ill-informed.

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This is a weird take to me. One of the groups is not like the other two in your own example. It is obvious that there is a huge wealth gap driven by unregulated capitalism which is contributing to the problem, and multiple studies have shown that homeless people that receive free money (i.e. a universal basic income) use that money to stop being homeless.

Unleashed furries?!

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Solemnizing a marriage = officiating
People can already refuse to officiate weddings, this bill is symbolic posturing

why would you be an asshole for being attracted to cock?

Now please create one that’s designed to eat carbon dioxide and methane

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U.S. officials said the administration was required by law to spend money now that Congress set aside in 2019 under Trump, adding that attempts to push lawmakers to reappropriate the funding elsewhere failed.


My friends and I enjoy sharing our results with each other every year. IMO the problem arises when results are shared with advertisers or without my knowledge.

Not driving cuts down on car exhaust. That isn’t bullshit, it’s a no-brainer.

Mark Rober has a great video on bedbugs: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2JAOTJxYqh8

He finds that Diatomaceous Earth, steam, and heat are the way to go

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They don’t undress the person being searched in the demo video, and they point out that they are searching around the breast and not the breast itself. Maybe practices differ in NY but you have to admit the unbuttoned shirt is weird, the point being a pat down is not the same as a strip search.

I wind up getting claustrophobic in briefs and have to adjust a lot more than when I'm in boxers. And I bother with wearing boxers because they are softer than the fabric of the pants I wear.

this can't be proven

I made a good point, you just don't like it

If the roles were reversed would you still sarcastically recommend that Tom Wright have a Rudy-Giuliani-back-pat moment?

Edit: I admit that I did not watch the video when I made this comment, which I admit was short-sighted of me. I think the headline for this article is a bit misleading and the real egregious part is the end of the video where he gets in her face and acts menacingly towards her. I think the scandal is justified.

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ah, you weren't being genuine

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The short-sighted take here is shutting down conversation through fear-mongering. You are not taking into consideration that American car mfg’s would compete on price and that Chinese EV’s would have to meet safety standards.

I would like to see the US develop affordable EV’s independently of China, but I remain doubtful thanks to corporate greed and rampant lobbying.

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Raw fruits are low-carb, good for you, snackable, affordable, and sweet. Apples, bananas, tangerines, cherries, grapes. They’re fucking delicious. And best of all, no peanuts.

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IRS leaders said they collected $38 million in delinquent taxes from more than 175 high-income taxpayers in the past few months.

In one case, an individual had used money owed to the government to buy a Maserati and a Bentley, and roughly 100 high-income people tried to get favorable tax treatment through Puerto Rico without meeting certain tax requirements. Many of those cases are expected to face criminal investigation.

Hard sell that good guys would bulldoze people.

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You’re right about the undue search and seizure. For me, it isn’t the politicians I fear in this hypothetical scenario. I fear the corporations and police that would be the case-by-case adjudicators.

Would you rather have your toilet crave your excrement, or despise you for it?

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Hardware limitations. A model that big would require millions of video cards, thousands of terabytes of storage, and hundreds of terabytes of ram.

This is also where AI ethics plays into whether such a model should exist in the first place. People are really scared of AI but they don’t know that ethics standards are being enforced at the top level.

Edit: get Elon Musk on the phone, he’s deranged enough to spend that much money on something like this while ignoring the ethical and moral implications /s

Musk claimed the Cybertruck is better than any other truck but also more of a sports car than any other sports car, made of a "special Tesla designed steel alloy" that he claimed will never rust and which cannot be stamped but which can also be produced in volume.

The skepticism is coming through very heavy and I’m all for it.

Musk implied that in a crash with another vehicle, the Cybertruck—which weighs 6,603–6,843 lbs (2,995–3,104 kg)—will destroy the other vehicle.

It’s a car, not a battlebot. Nobody should want to destroy the other vehicle in the event of a crash.

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pot meet kettle

One time I knew I was dreaming and I dreamt something I wanted to remember when I was awake. So I whipped out my iPhone and opened up the notes tab. I was halfway through writing when I realized it wouldn't be on my waking life phone when I awoke.

Is this a booty, a cock and balls, or a dickbutt?

Old man yells at cloud

You are forgetting about peaceful transition of power being a Democrat policy

he’s really the best you could come up with? Someone who attracts neo nazis?


  1. Ranked choice voting
  2. Real estate reform law regulating and limiting the powers of home owners’ associations, and banning corporate ownership of single-family dwellings
  3. UBI for the un-housed and homeless
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Mexico City

so, if I lose my job and my house, I should go to jail...?

Later in the article

The warmest summer in the tree ring reconstruction before industrial times was year 246, but the researchers say that even this does not come close to the recent warmth.

Even taking account of the large uncertainties, the authors say summer 2023 surpassed this range of natural climate variability by 0.5C at the very least.

It is also worth looking at the graph later in the article, which shows that over the past 2k years the temperature has maintained a baseline, and post-industrial era it turned into a hockey stick.

I replied to one of your comments, but I’ll give you more details

I live in Houston. It is the fourth largest, fourth most diverse city in the us. I find it to be very lgbtq friendly, and it has a large Mexican and Hispanic population. It is pretty good on affordability compared to the rest of the US, but expected income is lower than other parts of the US. As a trade off, no state income tax.

Houston is a very car-dependent city and is not easily walkable. The majority of parking is free, which is not a common luxury in other cities. There is lots of traffic every day. Green spaces are not overly common, but they are high quality.

Houston has a pride parade every year. The food is fantastic, and includes many cuisines from around the world. Lots and lots of Tex-Mex and Mexican food.

Houston is liberal-leaning (left-leaning). State politics as a whole are conservative (right-leaning). Gay rights have not come under fire here in Houston, but state officials are trying. Houston is happy to welcome immigrants, but there are many parts of Texas (mostly rural) that are unhappy with immigration policies, particularly from Mexico. State officials have recently tried to make it so they can override voting results from Houston on a number of key issues. Guns are a problem in the US, and that includes certain parts of Houston; there was recently state legislation that allowed anybody to concealed carry without a license.

Major industries are oil & gas, healthcare, biomedical, and aerospace. Law is also a great field to be in. If you plan on higher education, I recommend healthcare. There are lots of local things to do, but not a lot of tourism things to do. The weather is hot and residents spend the majority of their time indoors, unless they live near the bay or the gulf.

I think your biggest culture shock would be coming from a small town and living in a major city. It is a big adjustment. Don’t expect to own a house, expect to drive a lot, and even though there are a lot of job opportunities there is also a lot of competition and that can make it hard to get a job. Overall, Houston isn’t perfect but it’s pretty good.

California has liberal state politics, which leads to suburbs and rural towns that are lgbtq-friendly. But California also has one of the highest costs of living in the US, and has its own unique problems.

Here is the thing though: California and Texas are the two largest continental states in the US. They have different climates within their borders, and different ways of life depending on what part you are in. Texas is 800+ miles across. You have to narrow down your search. I also recommend looking at other states. You can find more acceptance and easier living. The Northeast, Northwest, and some Midwest states are liberal and some have a good and affordable quality of life, but it gets cold in the winter. And looking at a map of states’ political leanings will tell you who is lgbtq-friendly and who isn’t.

Great news, the James Webb telescope snapped a pic of Uranus and it's beautiful

There are 200 billion to 2 trillion galaxies, and in the Milky Way alone we have located at least 10 planets in the Goldilocks zone. That could mean at least 2 to 20 trillion Goldilocks planets, and this is an under-estimate because the scale of our search has been comparatively small. So it is likely that there actively exists plenty of tool-using, scientific, space-faring life forms out there as you read this.

As for time scales, the heat death of the universe is estimated to occur in 1.7x10^106 (or, written out, 17000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000) years. Many, many planets will move into or out of Goldilocks zones in that time. And, depending on the source and the age of the information, we estimate the age of the universe to be 13 or 26 billion (or, 26,000,000,000) years. I added zeros so the two numbers could be visually compared, and you can see we are a very young universe.

Combine these two points and you have ample time and opportunity for many, many civilizations to rise and fall. Where ten planets’ stars may be exploding, ten more may be just entering the prime conditions for life. So take comfort in the thought that we are, statistically speaking, not alone out here.

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Houston and Austin are the most LGBTQ-accepting in Texas. I live in Houston, it is pretty good on affordability and quality of life, and is a top-5 city in terms of size, and has a large Hispanic community (4th most diverse city in the US).

Certain (conservative / Republican) parts of Texas can be dangerous for trans, non-binary, and gender-non-conforming people.