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You're implying they give you multiple. I hardly ever get multiple, pretty much only if I 'fail' the first one.

just a random employee. We could volunteer. And we had drills all the time.

I have fzf-git for all of that, but honestly I don't ever use it, as I'm hardly ever switching between branches and tab complete is enough for me in most cases.

# Deciphered from fzf-file-widget. Somewhat unclear why it doesn't exist already!
function fzf_add_to_commandline -d 'add stdin to the command line, for fzf functions'
  #git checkout $1
  read -l result
  commandline -t ""
  commandline -it -- (string escape $result)
  commandline -f repaint

function fzf_checkout -d "git checkout"
  read -l result
  git checkout $result

# https://gist.github.com/aluxian/9c6f97557b7971c32fdff2f2b1da8209
function __git_fzf_is_in_git_repo
  command -s -q git
    and git rev-parse HEAD >/dev/null 2>&1

function __git_fzf_git_status
  __git_fzf_is_in_git_repo; or return
  git -c color.status=always status --short | \
    fzf -m --ansi --preview 'git diff --color=always HEAD -- {-1} | head -500' | \
    cut -c4- | \
    sed 's/.* -> //' | \
  commandline -f repaint

function __git_fzf_git_branch
  __git_fzf_is_in_git_repo; or return
  git branch -a --color=always | \
    grep -v '/HEAD\s' | \
    fzf -m --ansi --preview-window right:70% --preview 'git log --color=always --oneline --graph --date=short \
      --pretty="format:%C(auto)%cd %h%d %s %C(magenta)[%an]%Creset" \
      --print0 \
      --read0 \
      (echo {} | sed s/^..// | cut -d" " -f1) | head -'$LINES | \
    sed 's/^..//' | cut -d' ' -f1 | \
    sed 's#^remotes/##' | \
    # fzf_add_to_commandline | \

function __git_fzf_git_tag
  __git_fzf_is_in_git_repo; or return
  git tag --sort -version:refname | \
    fzf -m --ansi --preview-window right:70% --preview 'git show --color=always {} | head -'$LINES | \


function __git_fzf_git_log
  __git_fzf_is_in_git_repo; or return
  git log --color=always --graph --date=short --format="%C(auto)%cd %h%d %s %C(magenta)[%an]%Creset" | \
    fzf -m --ansi --reverse --preview 'git show --color=always (echo {} | grep -o "[a-f0-9]\{7,\}") | head -'$LINES | \
    sed -E 's/.*([a-f0-9]{7,}).*/\1/' | \

# https://gist.github.com/junegunn/8b572b8d4b5eddd8b85e5f4d40f17236
function git_fzf_key_bindings -d "Set custom key bindings for git+fzf"
  bind \ca\cs __git_fzf_git_status
  bind \ca\cf __git_fzf_git_branch
  bind \ca\ct __git_fzf_git_tag
  bind \ca\cl __git_fzf_git_log


It knows they’re wrong which is why I don’t really think this article is accurate. Is it training if it already has the answers? Probably not.

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You're making the claim that there were errors, how about you back it up with the data. At this point you're just fearmongering (again).

And unless KY tells CO you’ve registered there, they wouldn’t know.

? And why would that matter?

We literally are discussing single states. The Federal government doesn't run the voting, it's individual states that do. So all voting improvements literally happen at an individual state level.

Everything works fine in a small network.

what a hilarious excuse for your state being shitty. This is such a tired and untrue trope it isn't even funny anymore, it's just sad.

I'm gonna go ahead and say that the lawyers I implemented it for understand it a lot better than you (and yes even Google's lawyers).

If not in the EU, this doesn’t impact a business not planning to operate there.

it does if you ever will operate there though. Many many companies eventually need to do business in the EU. So not following GDPR is just asking to never be allowed to operate there ever. Fine for local newspapers, not fine for a finance company that eventually needs to do business across national boundaries.

both of those aren't websites. I use fork though and had no clue you could do that. I've needed that like 10 times in the last week alone haha

I do know that Mozilla's Privacy Preserving Attribution is not something you should worry about. I also know if someone calls it the "enshitification of Firefox" or the work of an "anti-privacy, pro-advertising cabal," they're either ignorant or simply looking for rage bait clicks from angry Linux users.


Performance? FF is faster than chrome. What are you talking about.

If, for example, you move from one state to another, your previous state may not know you don't live there anymore. So if they see you haven't voted in that state for a while, they'll assume you don't live there and remove your name from their registration.

They always know, especially if you’re paying your taxes correctly. Try moving to Colorado. You’ll get registered immediately without doing anything and your ballot will be mailed to you. You don’t ever have to do anything in person.

There’s no reason to unregister someone from voting. In any state.

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The irs literally did send almost everyone in the country a letter during covid… it’s not nearly as difficult as y’all are making it out to be.

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They’re already publicly criticizing her for not being white…

Colorado handles it just fine. Sounds like you’re making excuses for your state, don’t lump all the states in with yours.

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I did a bunch of image generation on my 3080 and it felt extremely fast. Enough that I was able to set it up as a shared node in one of those image generation nets and it outperformed most other people in the net.

They were fretting about it until their morals went out the door for money.

I also remember MapQuest on dialup. Holy cow.

Someone said Mark Kelly and I think he’d have a fantastic chance to win.

Think it would have been funnier in the other order

When I worked in a high rise we had floor fire wardens per office, and we had to have a plan on who would carry injured or otherwise immobile people down the stairs. I had an ankle surgery at one point and had a designated carrier, and a secondary for when they were out of office.

Man I’d say their other stuff is terrible as well. Yeah it functions but what a low bar to meet.

Probably a Scandinavian country if I had to guess.

You can use - everywhere you can use a ref in a git command. I very often use

git checkout master
git pull
git checkout -
git merge -

(Of course that’s all aliased and I have other flags in there too, but that’s the gist)

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Switching to Fish was the best decision I ever made in my terminal. Besides using tmux.

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He was sick during the debate. I guarantee he had it then.

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I think most OSS code I have ever touched has been the cleanest code I’ve touched. Business critical code is always the spaghetti.

The m series really are a game changer for battery life and ease of use and weight. What the other person said about soldered on components is just completely ignoring the reality of the situation. There are plenty of arguments for and against soldered motherboards. Linus Tech Tips has a good video covering it.

The m1 isn’t as good as later chips, and the air really needs more oomph, but I literally run DaVinci Resolve, Lightroom Classic, and insta 360 studio on mine (mine is an M3) at the same time as I’ve got a thousand tabs in Firefox open and it can handle it just fine. Which is saying something as those are not lightweight programs.

I can’t compare it to an m1 air, but my dad has an m1 air and he’s never complained about it. He’s using it for just normal stuff though. Doc editing, web browsing, watching YouTube.

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Once upon a time I was the person that was constantly messing with my shell. I would performance tune it, try out new plugins weekly, change my config often. It honestly became a huge waste of time. Since switching to fish I literally haven’t spent any time configuring it at all, besides adding in the fzf plugin and the fzf-marks plugin. It just works. And it has all of the same features that everyone adds to zsh with plugins straight out of the box.

If you’re happy with the default in bash or zsh then you will be even more happy with the default in fish, as it’s just much much more user friendly (which is why so many people add so many plugins to bash and zsh: to make it more user friendly). You can even configure it (even the colors) with a web interface! No mucking about in text files if you don’t want to.

16gb. It definitely would not be able to do all of that with only 8, but it would still be very capable.

What are they doing to leverage their dominant position?

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Just because someone claims something to sue a company does not mean it’s true. You gotta go through the whole court process and prove it.

It says Valve "forces" game publishers to sign up to so-called price parity obligations, preventing titles being sold at cheaper prices on rival platforms

I’ve never seen any publisher claim this, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true. But it sure doesn’t sound like that has anything to do with being a monopoly. Epic, GoG, Ubisoft, etc. could all do the exact same thing.

Anyway, thanks for the link. I was not the one to downvote you on your last comment. You did what I asked.

We required (pretty sure it was fire code) designated people to carry immobile people down the stairs.

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Ok but you made a claim that they were leveraging their market position to maintain a monopoly. So please describe how they are doing that in any way shape or form.

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That isn’t what the grinning face with smiling eyes ever looked like on iOS. I have no clue where that article got that. And it’s not what it looked like on other platforms either. They have their emoji confused and so you can’t even trust the survey at that point. Here is the history of the emoji across platforms. https://emojipedia.org/grinning-face-with-smiling-eyes#designs. And I’d say that google’s emoji versions look bad compared to the iOS versions. Samsung’s are horrendous though.

And just for comparison here is the grimacing face history. https://emojipedia.org/grimacing-face#designs

Mac comes built in with those shortcuts just by holding command. Command left and right is home and end. Command up and down is page up page down.

And yeah there are definitely some holes? But Karabiner-Elements closes them up better than anything on windows does.

For navigation by keyboard you need to turn off a bunch of the animations and it’s very very snappy. I use Hammerspoon and can jump between apps faster than on Linux and windows.

I was the person who used every kind of zsh package manager that existed. I even had performance tweaks for some because they were too slow for me. I didn’t even use oh my zsh because it was too slow, and I had hundreds of customizations and maybe 30 plugins.

I no longer needed any of the plugins except fzf and fzf-marks when I switched to fish. It really did simplify my life a whole lot. I don’t ever mess with configs anymore.

Anyone who ever hopes to actually move or operate in the EU will be forced to comply. So an instance owner in the fediverse might operate their instance out of the US. Then the US enacts some law to force handing over user data. The server owner wants to move (themselves or the server) to the EU. Well, they’re now fucked.

Or if an instance owner wants to sell something on the site, guess you’re not selling to 50% of your users.

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You said browser extension. And how do you think those payments go through? Mozilla isn’t a payment provider. And even payment providers use downstream companies to actually move the money around. So either you trust Mozilla to choose a trusted third party……orrrr you trust a third party extension to choose another trusted third party, and that one is now handling your payment information.