A Texas woman is suing the prosecutors who charged her with murder after her self-induced abortion

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A Texas woman is suing the prosecutors who charged her with murder after her self-induced abortion | CNN

Aside from everything else that is wrong here, it's a great example of how fucked up it is that news can report freely on arrests, with full name, mug shot and details about the arrest.

What happened to "innocent til proven guilty"?

🤖 I'm a bot that provides automatic summaries for articles: ::: spoiler Click here to see the summary Gonzalez is now suing prosecutors, claiming in her lawsuit they knowingly misrepresented facts and disregarded her rights in order to have her arrested and charged, irrevocably changing the course of her life.

An investigation by the Texas State Bar found this January that Ramirez had committed professional misconduct and fined him $1,250, as well as placing his license under probated suspension for one year, beginning Monday.

Barrera, who had only been admitted to practice law in Texas just over five years before the incident, has not faced public disciplinary action for her role in prosecuting Herrera, state bar records show.

The complaint alleges Ramirez and Barrera “made misrepresentations of the facts and the law to a grand jury, recklessly and callously disregarding the rights of Plaintiff, allowing a malicious prosecution to commence against her.”

“In reviewing this case, it is clear that the Starr County Sheriff’s Department did their duty in investigating the incident brought to their attention by the reporting hospital.

“In this case, the Starr County District Attorney and Assistant District Attorney had absolutely no right to pursue a murder indictment in what was clearly just another effort to exert control over a woman’s deeply personal family planning decision and decision about her own bodily autonomy – and in direct opposition to the vast majority of Americans who support abortion pill access,” Rachel O’Leary Carmona, executive director of Women’s March and Women’s March Network, told CNN in a statement.

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