'Like the war's first days': Israel unleashes heaviest Gaza bombing in months

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'Like the war's first days': Israel unleashes heaviest Gaza bombing in months

The Israeli military has launched a new wave of attacks across the Gaza Strip, similar in intensity to the peak of its seven-month war on the besieged Palestinian enclave.

Heavy air strikes were reported across the strip over the weekend and on Monday, with attacks since Friday killing at least 180 Palestinians and wounding dozens more, according to the Palestinian health ministry.

The raids coincided with incursions into Jabalia in northern Gaza, the Zeitoun neighbourhood in Gaza City and eastern Rafah.

The ground advances have been met with fierce resistance by Hamas and other Palestinian groups, with at least five Israeli soldiers killed over the weekend, the Israeli military said.

Another 68 have been wounded over the past 48 hours, including Yogev Bar Sheshet, a brigadier general and deputy defence establishment comptroller, the most senior Israeli officer wounded in the war so far.


Friendly reminder that the US is simultaneously funding the Israeli blockade of Gaza and making claims to have landed around it. We're actively delivering aid into Israel while insisting we cannot get that same aid into Rafa.

Yeah but we built a cool pier 3 months ago that would take 2.5 months to complete so now we're totally flooding Rafah with aid. Or did they hope we'd

Crazy how we couldn't shut up about the pier we were building right after those Michigan primary results came back, and now nobody thinks about it anymore.

Did they even finish it or still waiting for Israel to take it over as their new port?