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Just a reminder that there are tons more options like this (and this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to movie piracy).

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They expect most users to not care, and sadly they're right.

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Looks like one of the maintainers/contributors has already setup a fork!

I see it more like the browser group wanted it to be a 'real' browser and not held down by having to be compliant with the hobby OS. But that's just my reading from the outside. :)

They mentioned being more open to OSS packages, which probably wouldn't work on Serenity.

Looks like one of the maintainers/contributors has already set up a fork.

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What's the easiest way to run Android apps on Linux?

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This is not a very helpful article summary.

Sorry it wasn't meant to be. I just thought it was funny that they're taking advantage of VideoLAN's library (which is presumably open source) rather than their own.

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YouTube already has ToS on their API and has paid tiers. But a lot (most?) of the third-party apps and tools bypass the API and directly scrape the site.

I actually thought the paywalled article was the meme at first.

Also shoutout Bypass Paywalls Clean (D). It's practically up there with uBlock Origin as required to browse today's internet.

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I'd like to think he was just trying to be respectful of the author, probably having worked quite a bit together. But he changed his mind pretty quickly when he saw the original author had totally checked out. Maybe that's a generous reading though.

I gotchu!

In about:config type browser.urlbar.update2.engineAliasRefresh and press plus (add as true).

Then go to about:preferences > Search Shortcuts > Add .

More reading:

Good luck!

Notice Linus doesn't use tabs; he just thinks the parser shouldn't die when it sees them.

If you still need Chrome, consider Ungoogled Chromium!

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Check out Thunder! It's my favorite Lemmy app so far coming from Relay. Similar to Jerboa but a lot smoother in my experience.

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That's still confusing lol. I think the only thing that would've helped is quotes around the game title.

Hmm I hate Google as much as the next guy and am actively trying to de-Google myself, but I'm not sure I can get behind the outrage here. Certificates are free and easy to obtain with LetsEncrypt, so there's really no excuse for sites not to accept unencrypted traffic these days. I'm sure Google does lots of things to delist the small guys and promote their big payers, but I don't think this is one of them.

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You're spot on. I pay enough to YouTube TV for NFL games. I wasn't paying any more for this one.

Don't fret, I think a lot of us are on a long-term journey to de-Google. I've actually found that changing browsers is one of the easiest things to do, especially with the ability to import your bookmarks and such. With Firefox Sync, you pretty much have the same functionality as you would with your Google account signed into Chrome.

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I haven't seen him in a few years

Don't worry, he hasn't either.

Is this going to turn into one of those things that ends up having a cult following?

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This article is actually specifically about mobile! Yes it's great. :)

This doesn't seem targeted towards actually privacy-conscious people. There's too much abstraction and funneling you through their services. I think it's targeted to people who think they want to be private but don't know any better.

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I used to use and Mint until I did some looking into Plaid. They present a login screen that looks like your bank and you assume they're doing some kind of OAuth. Nope they're just taking your full banking credentials and you have to hope they're safe. I think Plaid is a ticking time bomb. When it gets hacked a lot of people will be in trouble.

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What SSL thing?

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I wanna munch!

Make sure to put the word spoiler on the first line after the colons for it to get rendered correctly.

Like this

::: spoiler screenshots incase it gets deleted
Your images here

Looks like this

::: spoiler screenshots incase it gets deleted Your images here :::

I have no idea. I'd guess not, as it's not a strong fork like other Chromium-based browsers. Its main selling point is that it's nearly identical to Chrome, but with a lot of the Google garbage stripped out. I don't use it as a daily driver, but only when I need something Chromium-based like the use case mentioned by It's very likely to work wherever Chrome does.

Thanks, that's a nice and concise summary!

Where does MagicEarth get its traffic data from? Also is it FOSS? I couldn't find much about it.


Unfortunately a lot of these are Apple-only and/or just RSS readers. I'll miss Artifact's algorithm.

Firefox with uBlock Origin!

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Like very unique. 😅

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I upvoted this post and maybe I'll see it again once the feature is implemented. :)

Thunder! It is

  • FOSS
  • Cross-platform (Android/iOS and you can even build for desktop or web)
  • Has some neat features that I haven't seen in other clients, like a really customizable FAB, material you theming, multiple anonymous instances, ping time and version info for instances, already supports 0.19 including new features like instance blocking, an advanced share that can create a microblog style image to share posts
  • Very good accessibility
  • and lots more.

Coming from Relay for Reddit, I feel very at home in Thunder!

Agreed. I would've changed it except I had in the back of my mind that the post title needed to match the article title, but now I don't see that in the rules. Oh well. But yeah the article is not really about Chrome at all.

I use MSEdgeRedirect to redirect both the search engine and the browser used by start menu searches.

Maybe I'm not using all of Roku's features but the only ad I see is the one box on the right of the homescreen. To me that's much less intrusive than the full screen stuff I see on Google TV or Fire Stick.

If your subdomains being public is a security issue then I'd argue something else is wrong. Otherwise you're using security through obscurity.

But I appreciate the insight and I see how this was a harder sell back when it happened. Thanks!

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By the way, you can use spoiler tags on Lemmy!

::: spoiler This is a spoiler
Now the movie is ruined!

::: spoiler This is a spoiler Now the movie is ruined! :::

The ENG US is only shown if the user has multiple languages. As for the icons to the left of that, the user has manually chosen to always show them instead of having them in the overflow area. So it is a bit cleaner by default.