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Well, I started just playing more my game backlog on Steam and finding other things to do that wasn't scrolling the interwebs most of the time. I come here, sure, but no where near as much as I did on reddit, and I don't comment here nearly as much as I did there either.

Ah yes, let's start belittling people so that the working class continues to infight. Thank you for your contributions to the rich.

How have they been verifying mailed in tax forms with no pictures for decades?

Seems like it unnecessarily disenfranchises the poor and the elderly. You have to have access to equipment that can record you and the tech savvy to be able to use it.

People stopped bookmarking?

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Why? They're a dime a dozen and were put up in the 1900s largely due to the Daughters of the Confederacy and to reinforce Jim Crow laws.

They aren't really worth preserving. A picture can be taken to explain how awful these things are.

Oatmeal. You can customize it to what you need and your tastes. It just needs liquid for the oats and whatever additions you want to do. I use chia seeds and flax seeds for protein & fiber, and add frozen fruit and vanilla soy milk. Microwave and enjoy.

Peanut butter, dried fruit, honey, fresh fruit, etc. are all good choices

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You just take your shoes off at the door and put them back on when you leave.

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Well, NPR did an entire article of 20 protest songs that came out in 2020. Looks like they might have made a Spotify playlist of them at one point too.

Here are 30 protest albums that came out in the first half of 2022

Here are 50 protest songs from 2023.

These are just results from pretty simple Google searches. 'protest songs year'.

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Sort of. Netscape released the program's source code and Firefox used that as a base, but it wasn't like they took Netscape and just changed the name to Firefox like your comment implies. They were competing browsers for a while.

Our Costco checks your member ID before you can use the self checkout.

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It Takes Two.

There's a point where your characters brutally murder the only nice thing thing in the entire story while it's begging for its life (your characters are pieces of shit, but the gameplay is good, so you can kind of ignore it). It happens to be the characters' daughter's favorite stuffed elephant.

Then your characters dance gleefully in their daughter's tears and show no remorse at their daughter crying or any emotion other than woe is us, our brutal murder didn't work.

Seriously, one of the most horrific things my husband and I have ever played through in a game. It made us feel sick. We stopped playing after that. The best thing I can do for that little girl is for her shitty ass parents to never waje up so she becomes an orphan. That's honestly a better outcome for her than having to live with her shitty abusive parents another day. I only wish it had been earlier in the game so we could have gotten refunds.

I can't believe they market that game to play with your kids and put that scene in it.

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Folks or Everyone tend to be my go to.

I feel like all of those have longer preparation times.

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I saw a grocery store put in the best self checkout lanes I've seen, then take them out a couple years later because their customers didn't like them.

Things be weird sometimes.

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I figured they just read Lesbian as Lebanon/Lebanese and got confused.

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I don't know anyone who's used IRC in the last fifteen years at least.

At least back when I used IRC, it wasn't indexed either. It was just an alternative to AOL Instant Messenger or Yahoo Chat.

You and I pronounce 'quay' very differently.

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No problem. Glad to be able to give where I can. Happy Holidays!

Well, hopefully you didn't get her beaten by an abusive spouse.

Chick-fil-A. Direct support to anti-LGBT+ groups. Then after they said they would stop, they were found to still be doing it. But don't worry, they said they'd stop for real this time.

Payless Shoes. Awful experience checking out once. No reason to ever go back. They're closed now, so nothing to worry about there.

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You still have to use, so that's an absolute no-go from me.

Glad they're giving folks options though.

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Sierra On-Line

King's Quest is still one of my favorite series ever and the one they put out a few years ago was a great retelling. I cried at the end.

They would have to get through the Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission, which is already part of the state constitution after voters approved Proposal 18-2 in 2018.

I suppose that 13 bad actors could be randomly selected from the applications. It's not statistically impossible.

Most American bread has sugar added to it, even the 'healthy' stuff.

When I was trying to switch to healthier breads, I tried a Pepperidge Farm bread once. It was so sweet, it was like eating brioche, but it was marketed as just normal standard bread. Absolutely disgusting. I don't buy that brand anymore at all.

I dunno, ask the folks in WWI why they created it.

City Unleashed: Crime Revolt

Default (GPT-3.5)

User Create the plot for a game similar to the first four Saints Row games

ChatGPT Title: "City Unleashed"

Plot: In the sprawling metropolis of Havencross, crime syndicates have taken control, leaving the city in chaos. You play as a street-smart vigilante who rises to power in order to reclaim the city from the clutches of these criminal organizations. As you build your own crew and establish dominance, you'll face off against rival gangs, corrupt officials, and powerful crime lords.

Starting as a small-time crook with a personal vendetta, you'll complete daring heists, engage in intense street races, and execute audacious stunts to earn respect and resources. Your actions catch the attention of an underground resistance that seeks to topple the syndicates. They offer you support, guidance, and a chance to reshape Havencross.

The game offers an open-world environment, allowing you to explore the sprawling city, engage in a variety of activities, and make choices that influence the narrative. Customization plays a significant role, not only in terms of your character's appearance but also in building your gang's identity, from outfits to vehicles to hideouts.

Throughout the game, you'll encounter memorable characters, each with their own motivations and backstories. As you forge alliances and rivalries, the balance of power in the city shifts dynamically. The story takes unexpected turns as you uncover the dark secrets behind the syndicates' rise to power and their connections to influential figures in the city.

With a blend of over-the-top action, humor, and engaging storytelling, "City Unleashed" captures the essence of the first four Saints Row games, delivering a high-octane, open-world experience filled with outrageous missions, explosive combat, and a dynamic environment that reacts to your choices.

ChatGPT did way better.

Someone that is wildly happy with their life is not thinking how life is so terrible and evil.

This isn't a zero sum game.

You can be happy and recognize that life is also terrible and evil.

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Interesting that she went to this show. I'm guessing it was just to make the headlines like this.

The opening monologue is quite anti-Republican.

It's the kids. Kids take a lot of time. Most folks our age with kids don't have any time to themselves until it's 9/10 at night, then still have chores & work the next day.

So punish developers that chose an engine years ago for something they had no control over? How does that help anything?

Sync has a ton built in, so just a button click.

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(シ_ _)シ

So, when you're in your coma, how do you tell the hospital that your POA exists?

$87K x 365 is almost $32M.

Like anything in life, there's only so much that you can do, so I pick and choose my battles. The folks I don't support, I don't support. I don't really worry about the others.

People are assholes. If you don't want to monetarily support an asshole, you need to basically go off grid, stop interacting with any form of entertainment, or pretty much anything from any industry. It's just not feasible in today's society.

Because protein and calorie density are the only two conceivable reasons to drink a non-dairy milk? That's a weird take.

FWIW, 8 oz of soy milk gives you 7 grams of protein vs. cow milk's 8 grams. And 8 oz of soy milk will give you 80 calories to cow milk's 103.

I mean, if you're really that hard up over 1 gram of protein and calories, you could just pour a little more soy milk.

People who are already buying their spices at the dollar store aren't going to be buying Penzeys, as good as their spices are.

Well, hopefully you can get enough people to get over the hurdles you have to vote for actual change.

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Honestly, that's probably the healthiest way for people in that profession to approach it.

Despair? Not really. Though before COVID, people seemed generally okay, if annoying to be around. Now we just know they're assholes. But I more shrug my shoulders at it as opposed to 'despair' over it.

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Mostly it's that everything on phones/tablets/touch screens is an app. You don't pick where to install it. You don't need to look up save files.

Some of them are getting to college without ever needing to go through a file directory, so they don't necessarily even have the basics to troubleshoot.