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Sevengifts - Nanachi ᘬᘬᏎ⏝

Main "Alt": @Nanachi Altalt: @777 (Currently unusable, wrong mail adress- feel free to yoink it)

Yeah I yoinked the username :sunglasses:

Sending nudes is an artform- it can be arabesque, or grotesque. It can be of looks, or "truth". It can be of aesthetics, or enlighten one on what "it" is. Regardless of what it is, it is a form of art- the exposé of the hidden.

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So the more quality of porn falls down, the more active sites become... Understood.

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Its over, Lemmy is big enough to be its own thing now. This post proves it...

The three degrees of feet cleaniness:
1- The "I wear socks lol"
2- The "KFC Secret Recipie"
3- The "Carbon Foot Print"

I mean, I can understand some people not supporting the blackouts (not the third-party api fiasco)- Reddit is an info powerhouse, some subs going dark means some info won't be accessable, which for important subs, can be a problem (I know not all the subs went dark and some health-critical ones are up btw) alternatively, maybe some people just don't want to see Reddit die, not for corporation reasons, but maybe due to certain sentimental reasons- in which case Lemmy is still the spiritual successor of Reddit, the good part atleast- and we can say that Reddit is already "dead", as in, it no longer is the Reddit as it is known anymore, unless if they like the modern day extra-consumerist hivemind Reddit, in which case, it is better we let them enjoy themselves...

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ᗜwᗜ - I would like to buy a smartphone
Xiaomi - ok>
ᗜwᗜ - I'd also like to buy a pressure cooker, flipflops, bicycle, suitcases, wine bottle o-
Xiaomi - 你不会相信我会说的话

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we may get to hear some mfs say "we're still early" when the oceans of Earth start boiling
also I found this lol

I mean, he does

This is the mindset we must ought to achieve

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a post-modern art brut about ethereal earned-taste topics that makes one think in unprecendented angles, and forces one to leave their comfort zone, trying to see in hyper-eucledian perspectives. The desire to learn really is a sisyphenean mentality; to learn and to still end up foolish in order to learn again, for the secretive to remain secretive, even after getting under the spotlight

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"Your honour, my client won't get sent to the shadow realm! I have the proof to stop that, right here!"

"I will not bow to any big tech company" -My Threads bio

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Stay curious c:


OpenAssistant, play "Through the Fire and Flames" by Dragonforce, please.

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I wanna make new subs with new ideas- I just made c/pieceofmind for example, which might have a reddit analouge but it is still its own thing (for me nnaah ;u;). I also did made many reddit sub clones but I am planning to "transfer" ownership or hope some good mods come in lol, not planning to moderate subs except for a few

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how are you meant to pet people your size

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this is not pooppost but idc - Brad R. Edwards

"Enshittification of the Internet" - By Cary Doctorow

Lemmy swallowed one of these

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Kinda unironic here and I do not know why, I stared at the preview of this image and for a spilt second I felt literal fear. I couldn't read the words, I just saw "Facebook", a long list and it is a phone screenshot. And I felt some voided terror rising within as I clicked on the link. Now that I take a closer look, I can understand why my "gut sense" was warning me.

This lore is getting intense

I used reddit for like, a few days. Dunno how this place is confusing, maybe adaptation pains?

Branching- Pepsi made phones, Nintendo had love hotels and taxi services, Chinese companies are cracked etc

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I like getting pet :C

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it is more flexible,
more poweruser friendly,
way more open and free,
and most importantly:
iphone is very expensive

Big social media companies are sometimes like lemmings- if one jumps off a cliff, others generally follow it because they did so

who is this yoinkly critter, the squimply eepy

switch-lemmies: It is just an imageboard environment

I guess finding uses for inventions is half of making inventions

I would like these stickers

tbh I don't see it as a "child" thing, half-knowledge is blinding regardless of age

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Elon was right, firing off many engineers didn't cause any DDoS attack from outside- as DDoS attacks are now happening from within