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If you are still interesting in Linux phone, consider looking at PinePhone Pro. I would recommend it only for experience users and the phone experience is far from Android, but software is catching up. Check @linuxphones

P.S. writing this comment from PPP :)

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Have you considered using Arch on which Manjaro is based?

This way you won't have issues with AUR. It's not hard to install, you can use archinstall helper if you want, it's available in the default installation media.

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I see a lot of hate towards him and it looks like he deserves it. But why is he still in the Senate? Do people vote for him?

I'm not an American, just trying to understand how it works.

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I daily drive GNU/Linux on my Phone (PinePhone Pro), I would say it usable, but Android is way more practical.

Also not a lot of devices can run GNU/Linux and have fully functional HW due to missing drivers. And only 3 phones of them can run mainline kernel.

Waydroid works fine, I use it for banking apps, but it's a bit slow on my specific device.

Cool, the more Linux-based handhelds, the better! I would prefer a handheld with RK3588S, but this one is interesting too.

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in every other country where communism is/was

There is not a single country that has achieved communism.

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Wow, 1M it's a lot! I wish we could have more organizations like this in more countries.

I would recommend generating your passwords and storing them in a local password manager like KeePassXC. This way, you only need to remember one password from the database itself and you will not worry if any website leaks its database since all your passwords are unique.

See @linuxphones. I have PP and PPP. I run ArchLinux. PP is slow, but the battery lasts a bit better then PPP. PPP is more powerful, but CPU is too hungry and the phone heats a lot. If you need long battery life or you type a lot, then buy with the Pine keyboard. It's chunky and have some quality issues, but I would say it worth it. Software currently immature. I would recommend buying only if you are a very experienced user.

Didn't know about Sponsorblock, cool!

Yes, I just kept the original title of the video.

Probably one of the best games for NES with co-op. Played with my firends when I was a child, so much fun.

Sorry, forgot that I need to use exclamation mark: !

Can't wait to review PRs from my Mastodon or Lemmy account 😁

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One does not exclude the other. You can have a fancy name and a semantic versioning.

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Thanks! I enjoy this platform.

The only thing that is missing from Reddit for me is a mobile-friendly app for GNU/Linux (I used Headlines for Reddit). But browser version is so great, I use it from the phone with no issues.

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End of the article mentions the following:

Android was not mentioned by either Arm or Collobora, so I’d assume Arm will still focus their resources and provide closed-source Mali GPU drivers for Android, while expanding their support for Panfrost on Linux.

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Are there plans for it? Sounds awesome!

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I’m sure you could find a lot more than 3 linux distros that perform similarly.

That's obvious, I assume that they tested what they use.

Didn't know that Threads is compatible with Mastodon. So they use the same protocol?

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I think I broke this bot :D

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Of course it's good! Especially for GNU/Linux on mobile.

I running GNU/Linux on my Phone natively. And I use Waydroid layer to run Android apps. So I kinda doing the opposite 😄

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I wish we could live in a world where we could improve things freely...

seems like the post got removed from

I edited my comment. Looks like they banned the user, this is why the post is missing. And it's kinda unfortunate :(

Cool! There are many RK3566 devices out there. If Powkiddy X55 will get it, other devices (like RG353PS) will work with mainline kernel too.

Ah, sorry, I realized that fish is already installed by default. Same about zsh. So no additional steps needed, I just changed my default shell for my user and it works.

If you mean GNU/Linux - no. But you can buy a phone that supports Lineage OS. It's Android distribution, so you will have everything you used to have on your phone and the OS will be fully FOSS.

Looks like the package requires cmake, but actually uses only make.

But I hope that this PR will be merged soon:

Of course! I was just joking. is the first instance, but I don't see any evidence that had the same IP address. Where did you get this from?

I don't think so. They providing GNU/Linux phone and invest money into mobile development for Linux. I would not recommend buying their Librem (better buy PinePhone Pro instead if you want GNU/Linux), but they definitely not a scam company.

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Ah, I didn't know!

Owner of PinePhone(Pro), calls and alarm from sleep works.

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Didn't know! Were there any responses from the .ml admins?

I also noticed that this post is not available on, apparently they banned the post. Looks like they banned the OP from the instance.

It looks like admins from .ml ban people who write bad things about CCP and .world admins ban people who can write bad things about US imperialism. They both think that they fight trolls and usually it's the case.

For example, the banned OP wrote something like "Why, to ban criticism about China more actively?" in (6 days ago, while the post was created 9 month ago!) which is definitely not okay behavior.

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Then what is it? A teapot in the sky?

In such countries there was/is socialism. They only tried/trying to build communism. This is a common misconception.

If it’s a viable plan which can be realized, then how to achieve it, without killing people and creating a dictatorship? Is it possible?

I don't know. But I doubt that the state will give up its powers without any fight.

When I bought a PC I just dd-ed the Arch from my notebook. Works just fine.

Thanks, yes I saw it. But trying to find something not DiY.

Agree, looks like something from AYN.

I see that Lemmy federates with several Mastodon instances. But how can I see content from them?