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"Is this number even?"

"yes of no"

"Invalid Response, please answer with yes of no"

"yes of no"

"Invalid Response,...

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It's kind of weird that Gabe Newell et al shows this much support and appreciation for the long term future than most of the people from his generation, referring more to when he entered the industry than when he was born. In theory, he could profit more in the now instead of investing in a future he might not be around to enjoy, but instead chose the high road.

It's also kind of weird that a person not being scum in a position of power is weird to me. Pretty low standard we've set for humanity.

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Mr. "Popullation Collapse" thinks supporting children he creates is too difficult? WOMP WOMP

I like to imagine the person at NBC who did this will be fired soon.

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Yes exactly like that. Turns out killing innocent civilians is bad no matter who is doing it.

So you're the reason I find my TV turned on in the morning.

I'm going to find you. I will bill you for the power, and I will additionally calculate the cost of screen burn mileage on my TV. You will pay.

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Not how that format works, mate.

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Musk going down in history as the person removed from leadership in the largest number of billion dollar companies ever.


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"This is my knife collection. This one is my favorite."

Anyone who even compares a for profit corportation to the world's largest hostile militaristic dictatorship is an idiot. Both bad, but on completely different scales.

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  1. Of course everything is censored, there is no reason to share personal info like that.

  2. I don't know what Geographical Information Systems have to do with this post, are you referring to a reverse image search like google or tineye or something? What were you expecting to find? The original email with all of the aforementioned personal info? Are you surprised content could be posted to Reddit before anywhere else?

  3. Current fears are justified.

  4. Poe's Law tells me not to assume anything is satirical because there will always be people that stupid or greedy.

And yeah, it could be fake, 100%, but your arguments were really dumb.

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YouTube Ads: "You are a MAN with a GUN and you will MURDER EVERYONE if it means you can PROTECT your FAMILY"

I don't even know, or care, wtf they are selling but they missed the target audience with that one. That's the cringiest fetishism I've ever seen in my life.

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What is pretty apt is that Feintstein's career would form a perfectly written metaphor in fiction.

Her career took off when a homosexual Mayor of San Francisco was shot inside of city hall many decades ago, making her the obvious replacement. She helped pass a 1994 Assault Weapons Ban which expired in 2004. She supported the invasion of Iraq. A dying breed of non-polarized politicians, she stood as merely a placeholder or cheap replacement for any real meaningful progress.

Rest in peace, I guess.

Between door bolts missing, virgin airlines missing wing bolts, this nose wheel, etc

It almost feels like some kind of related systemic error in the very thorough maintenance documentation required for aircrafts, or a large scale sabotage of some sort.

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It's probably unavailable anywhere, but it's a bit of an outrage that the fairest of fair uses gets takedowns.

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Thank goodness. Make sure to uninstall the app as well so it doesn't do any more spying on you.

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POTUS Biden already gave a response on supporting their military ally, Israel, and if I see one more braindead fucking comment like "sUrE BUt WhERe wAs HAwAiI's FaST ReSPoNsE?" Within 4 hours he sent aid an national guard response, idk how right wingers keep using that stupid fucking talking point.

That said I really don't appreciate the onesidedness of the USA response, I have much higher hopes for the UN council assigned to this issue and any UN Task Forces deployed in the future. I believe Israel mostly caused this issue on their own by the apartheid oppression of Palestinians, I think this outcome and many other attrocities would have been completely avoided in the timeline where Rabin wasn't assassinated

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Looking at potentially 110 years which will be decided in a separate sentencing hearing, keep pitch forks at the ready just in case they commute his sentence or some other shenanigans.

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Back in 2019 I wanted a nice LED screen with high resistance to screen burn but the only economic option was a Samsung Smart TV.

I actually ended up getting it, ordering a custom mount for the ARM Chip, and using an input method on the chip that makes it run Java natively so that I could make the Smart TV drop it's firmware onto a USB and from there I could modify it, since it was just running a version of Linux.

So that's the story of how I un-smarted my TV. Get fucked, Samsung.

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I find an odd sort of satisfying humour that we know exactly where IBM draws the line, and it's right there.

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That's the most honest Republican probe yet.

I miss the 2014 days when you could customize your channel with custom full-page backgrounds, flexbox organization, and transparency customization. I think at one point you could use your own CSS, although it was pre-CS3 so not great but still way better than the scraps we have now.

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TBH I'm surprised it's not higher than that. Even back before the API changes it certainly felt like a lot of front page content was paid for.

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So correct me if I'm wrong but Trump believes:

  1. The stock market at the beginning of the Trump Admin was good because of Trump

  2. The stock market at the end of the Trump Admin was bad because of Obama

  3. The stock market at the start of the Biden Admin was bad because of Biden

  4. The stock market at the end of the Biden Admin was good because of Trump

Is that right?

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The worst thing for Republican voter turnout is hearing a Bernie Sanders speech. The dude shows up in a coal miner town hall and convinces them all to vote blue.

The glues work fine, it's the paper/cardboard that failed because the glue was stronger.

It's the worst when it happens to boxes because instead of collapsing a box proper you have to tear it to fucking pieces, THANKS OBAMA.

Don't worry, in about 23 more strikes they'll then send in ground forces to sort the survivors. /sarcasm

Also Google: "We see you're using a VPN, mind identifying 87 fire hydrants for us?"

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I used to think they were unethical scammers.

Now I know for sure.

So it's the lowest yet but it was lower in July 2022? Which is it? Did a fucking robot write this?

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I understand it's a joke but there are villains out there using flipper zero to mess with people's glucose monitors and heart implants, so the underlying context of this meme isn't very funny. They should not be misused, they can become weapons.

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Gonna be so funny when management goes into the warehouse themselves to clean up a collapsed product storage rack.

The cheapest way to get cables is to know somebody who crimps it themselves, but for the majority of people probably buy from shitty places like walmart for a 1,000% upcharge.

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Why does the bottom overlap section being empty bother me so much?

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You should block among other child fetish communities.

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Honestly, with the modern political climate, maybe somebody did think out the implications.

Ajit Pai isn't dead...?

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This started out cool but seems to devolve into sick fetishism.

That and because they're considered a pest by fishing boats. Humans kill 100 Million Sharks a year, and we sure as heck aren't eating that many fins. If we did there would be a massive mercury epidemic causing infant deformity, dementia, organ failure, and loss of fertility.

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