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It's purposeful. The system is collapsing and the only option they have is to lie to people to convince them to continue participating.

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Here's the kicker: a substantial number of Americans actually want a dictatorships run by him or someone like him, and they've wanted it since the end of the Civil War. That's why Trump is openly promoting it: he knows it's what will get him elected.

The left badly needs to realize that other people do not think like them or have the same priorities, goals or worldview as they do.

The right simply are not our countrymen and you all need to stop pretending they are before they fucking kill you all.

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Those are mobile restaurants run by kitsune who cross dimensions to serve a variety of clientele. You just happened to have stumbled inside on the night before they left to another realm. Consider thyself lucky, mortal, for their food is god-tier

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Anytime you all want to band together and do something about those motherfuckers


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Someone made a laundry list of evidence demonstrating it'll very likely be an actual thing but I can't find it anywhere. When I do, I'll post it

EDIT: AHA! I FOUND IT! It's a Reddit comment, but so it goes. Blatantly ripping off here:

It's not just the insurrection act.

It includes:

1-Argue that Article 2 of the Constitution gives the president power to do whatever he wants.

2-Fire the civil service and replace it with Trump loyalists.

3-Use the DoJ to target critics

4-Weaken the election security agency

5-Reject climate change

6-Remove all LGBTQ+ protections

7-Bring the Bible into government

For reference, they're talking about this monstrosity of a plan Trump has set up for if he takes power in November. Don't actually vote against Biden even if you support Palestine. Shit's unreal. Shit's very clear and obvious .50 cal territory.

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How in the actual fuck are you all surviving down there? Are you like hunting down the kangaroos for sustenance?

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The death of all the coral in Florida.

It was front-page news where I live a few days ago but not a blip of it could be seen anywhere else.

It’s easily the most important news of the past two months and will negatively affect life on the planet anywhere but fuck all if humans outside of a local area could bring themselves to give a shit.

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Because they were looking for him and murdered him on purpose.

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Welcome to the wonderful world of post-9/11 authoritarianism. Remember, it's all to protect you from terrorists so they're justified in doing anything they want to you

Because you won't do anything to hurt their bottom line, basically.

Stop eating at Taco Bell and make your own damn tacos at home. Better yet, go buy some from a family-owned taco truck instead.

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That didn't stop you from making cartoons, did it?

I must be one of the few people on this platform who is genuinely okay and doing all right.

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Age limitation on trick-or-treaters is an inherently fascist concept and will be trashed when the revolution happens.

Based AF

The only ones to blame for the rise of fascism are the fascists. They choose to support an ideology of bigotry and genocide. They choose to act that way.

All you're doing is enabling them by making them out to look like victims when they are anything but.

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🤔 There should be a fediverse-wide rule against genocidal rhetoric. Who cares what side it's from?

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Or more worryingly, used as an excuse by cops to stop any woman they want whenever they want on suspicion they're trying to get an abortion.

And then they can force women to take pregnancy tests on the spot, which will require stripping for giving urine samples, giving police plausible deniability to rape whoever they want.

Mark my words, it WILL happen.

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I just now realized I was justifying a 196 meme with a serious response. I need to go touch grass

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Well, the pot's not wrong, is it?

Imagine anyone unironically swallowing down that pig swill

Actually I used to and can confirm how disgusting and worthless it is. It's not even worth it for the free fries. You barely get any "meat" on the burgers; they're mostly bread and iceberg lettuce which is actually bad for you too.

Even the fucking donuts I eat are better than that disgusting trash. 🤦

Oh, and here's the kicker: the only demographic that eats there consistently is the extreme poor who are unlikely to understand terms of service and contracts, and these deals are designed to exploit them. They, I feel bad for. Anyone who has money and chooses to waste it on that lukewarm basura deserves the suffering they get.

King crab sounds hella good right now, not gonna lie

Better than a garbage-ass McChicken ever was. I remember eating them when I was on the struggle, before covid. The only good thing about them back then was the price; now they don't even have that going for them.

🤔 Someone ought to make a ! sub. EDIT: there we go :P

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Yeah, we've reached that point where peaceful solutions are no longer viable, and that should terrify everyone.

You ever heard of the 10 stages of genocide?

Honestly, the one thing people should be disputing about post-apocalypse games is why it is people would even be scraping by to survive in the first place. We're social animals and would band together out of necessity, and knowledge and high technology wouldn't simply go away simply because half the population turned into zombies and started eating everybody else.

Just hike to the nearest town or something. Read a book. Build a cistern and some aqueducts or something. People have literally been doing just that for thousands of years so why would it be hard for people to do it in modern times?

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Man, why does humanity have to be like this?

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They need to be removed from power by any means available.

Those gun laws are never enforced fairly and are just a thin legal veil to justify racism and oppression of minorities. If you cared about PoC, you wouldn't support gun control at all.

This whole debate reeks of racist white coffee-drinking liberal. 🤦 And if saying that sounds racist to you, remember what was said about the white moderate back in the 60's.

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How was he not protected under whistleblower laws?

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It's not about making firearms. It's about being able to make literally anything else, the ability to do so being something that would liberate individuals, to some extent, from the capitalist system. That's what they really don't want.

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The turn to violence is happening sooner than I expected.

This is your friendly reminder to everyone to go get armed and get training on how to use your weapon of choice properly. Situations like this are going to start to become commonplace. Don't let yourself become a hate crime statistic.

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You're not whiny. Don't denigrate yourself the way boomers bullied you to. Your feelings and concerns obviously do matter.

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Every day I thank the gods I learned how to cook at home

And so the tyranny begins.

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It also bans charitable organizations from paying more than $5000 in bail.

For violent felonies, it doesn't allow them to pay bail at all.

Which means anyone could provoke anyone to violence and they would be jailed with no hope of escape. Including ostensibly a homeless person by destroying their stuff.

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I see nothing wrong with this. Let them kill each other.

Holodomor 2.0

A thing I have thought of trying is to take a bean and rice mixture and make stuffed peppers with it. I am certain it will be delicious. Certainly better than a ShitChicken.

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Well, I said before I'll leave any servers that federate with Meta, and it's looking like that time.

Why wouldn't people just say, "It's getting late, this was fun, but I need to sleep so it's time for everyone else to leave, let's hang out again next week"?

Why can't people be simple?

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Technically they are right; it does violate the rules of the sub and assuming it wasn't staged or made up, that is a pretty douchey thing to do to somebody. I can see why they'd be offended.

It's still absolutely hysterical of course, but they do have a point.

People are allowed to leave shit on their private computer out in the open and IT bros have 100% of the moral responsibility to not look at it.

It's unrealistic and more importantly unjust to blame the victim here.