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I believe the primary market for these devices is small-scale production of moonshine.

No, because Jan 6 happened under the jurisdiction of the DC circuit, not the 5th circuit.

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It's more likely that they're not touching it because they want to suppress African-American protests. [I am also not a lawyer]

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The best option would be to increase its size — it was designed to have as many justices as there are appeals circuits, but the number of appeals circuits was rasied without increasing the size of the Supreme Court. Doing that will require electing a Democratic President and at least 50 willing Democratic senators (eg: a total of 55+ Democrats in the Senate)

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More than half the jury pool said 'no' to that

Oh I'm not writing for the trolls — I'm writing for bystanders to make the point of how awful the trolls are.

However meritorious this might be, the Republicans would still have a 5-seat majority on the Supreme Court.

Too expensive for ordinary people to buy, but pocket change for billionaires and major corporations.

It's a problem.

The bigger part, the royalty fee, was expressed as a percentage:

The rate increase was mandated by Congress under the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act, which directed the Interior Department to raise the royalty fee from 12.5 percent, set in 1920, to 16.67 percent. Congress also stipulated that the minimum bid at auctions for drilling leases should be raised from $2 per acre to $10 per acre.

I'll note that even the higher rate is lower than what most countries end up charging.

They started with a non-mandatory request, and are apparently proceeding to a mandatory one. Consequences for contempt only happen if he refuses that one, and even then, he's can do things like plead the 5th.

Trump literally took out newspaper ads calling for the execution of a group of African-American teens falsely accused of a crime. He refuses to apologize

Hard to see that as anything other than racist.

It doesn't have to be. That's entirely a human decision.

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I'll note that this is very different from what the Trump administration did, where they actively worked to create a loophole for this pollution. If you're an American who prefers to see active regulation of chemicals which raise cancer risk and harm reproduction, it's worth checking your voter registration to make sure it hasn't been purged, volunteering if possible, and donating if you can afford it

“Yes, the planet got destroyed. But for a beautiful moment in time we created a lot of value for shareholders.”

A lot of it is US billionaires:

One thing we should expect is for all of the “major” third party candidates — Kennedy, Stein, West — to be funded in part by ultra-high-net-worth Republicans. That’s already happening to some degree.

They don't need that. All they need is to take more votes from Biden than they do from Trump. And the the polling makes it very clear that the 3rd party candidates as a group do exactly that. The benefit is something around a 3 percentage point advantage for Trump with the 3rd party candidates on the ballot vs not.

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His campaign is built around on attracting low-information voters, and he has a ton of money to do just that — Kennedy's vice-presidential pick is the former wife of a Google founder who broke up with him after allegedly sleeping with Musk.

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There was an international treaty to cut the amount of sulfur in the bunker oil that the big ships burn. This is because the particulates it produces when burned kill people. They also reflected a bunch of sunlight, preventing it from warming the water.

We can appeal to the humanity of everybody else though, and, at least in some parts of the US, keep the extremists from holding positions of power.

So far the polls don't show that kind of backfire. Would take a bunch more people hearing about why he's actually running to create it.

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That doesn't just mean "think about voting" either — it means checking your registration to make sure it hasn't been purged, talking to people you know about how you're voting and why, volunteering if you're able, and financially supporting the campaign in an amount that's within your budget

That's up to us. Get involved. Join an activist group, or a political campaign. Change policy. Show your neighbors how it's possible to cut fossil fuels out of your life.

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That doesn't really help her much — the doctor could be prosecuted, which means she can't find one in-state who will treat her.

Not yet — they're the first to report on it, and have a real history of doing US climate politics reporting.

The messaging needs to come from somebody they trust.

Talking Points Memo has followed up with a somewhat broader story covering the same topic

Still hasn't broken out of the left-wing press yet.

People are trying. Not clear that it will actually work.

Also not clear if military recruiters can enlist ones that have been frozen for 18 years.

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She's getting a base pay of $6 million per year, plus the potential to double that in bonuses. She's 61 years old. I expect she'll go home rich and retire.

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Key difference: a major failure at the nuclear reactor is can kill people across a large area.

Taking out refineries is going to raise the cost of gas, and lower the value of oil, resulting in both a cut to drilling and to burning, which is a net benefit for people.

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A bit snarky, but it's over his insurrection:

“He tried to overturn an election,” she said. “The very first time I ever ran, I didn’t win. I didn’t go out and try to change the election. I said, ‘Whoops, work harder next time, lady.’”

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You can't be clear enough when it comes to language when dealing with somebody interested in willful misinterpretation. That's the problem here.

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Companies have been allowed to treat pay as a business expense. Executive pay is pay, so they treat it as a cost of doing business.

It kind of makes the point that this is what they're doing even more explicit. The stuff they claim to care about? Not so much. Helping Putin? Definitely.

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