Bandcamp Just Trying To ‘Keep The Lights On’ Following Epic Sale, Layoffs to – 126 points –

Thanks Epic... Tim Sweeney has a way of ruining literally everything he touches.

What companies have they ruined? I know they've bought up a lot of stuff, but I'm struggling to think of anything just got outright ruined after the purchase. Most of the stuff I can think of has been fine since they bought it.

Which companies are you thinking of?

Fall guys for example

Rocket league

Still pisses me off about Rocket League. It has the potential to be a big eSports game but even when Psyonix is still independent they still fumble the eSports management.

I wonder if there's a way that Bandcamp could split from Songtradr, and reform as an employee-owned cooperative. I haven't touched their services since Epic bought them, but would return in a heartbeat if they were independent once again.

A shame. I really like BandCamp and I've bought tons of albums from it. If it dies, I'm not sure what the alternative is supposed to be. I despise subscription services, I don't want to use Spotify or the likes.

Soulseek and donating to the artists you wanna support or buying merch

Fyi, there's now a fedi alternative called Faircamp.

Radiofreefedi hosts an instance that is open to all. I'm planning to sign up with them soon.

Fyi, there’s now a fedi alternative called Faircamp.

I wish people would stop saying that. It might be useful for certain things, but it's not an alternative to Bandcamp. Unless something has changed very recently, it has no means of selling music at all.

What makes it "fedi"?

Nothing actually. Faircamp is not actually inherently related to the fediverse.

That is sad news. Amazing that they had nearly 70 staff though. That's huge. Imagine the cost of wages alone. I wonder what they turnover income wise and if they cover those wages?