Another State Lawmaker Wants To Criminalize Porn Through Age Verification

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Another State Lawmaker Wants To Criminalize Porn Through Age Verification

Another State Lawmaker Wants To Criminalize Porn Through Age Verification::Here we go again, everyone. Another far-right state lawmaker has introduced a bill requiring age verification in order to access porn sites from within state limits. This time it is Tennessee state Rep. Patsy Hazlewood who introduced yet another extreme age verification proposal that essentially makes it a crime to own a legally operating porn…


It's definitely a coordinated, global effort. This doesn't just happen in multiple states and countries all at once by chance, it really feels like some group is conspiring to make it happen. We already got this passed in the UK by a de-facto unelected leadership who whips their party into voting their way.

I have to wonder if it's linked to how many women saw success with OnlyFans and the like, so they could avoid working in horrible conditions like at an Amazon factory that pretends to have rules on how long you can do work that probably damages your body, and then just conveniently lets it slip that they ended up making you do what was supposed to be 30 minutes, for several hours. Some capital owners are already trying for child labour, so their desire to abuse workers more than usual is already established. I wouldn't be surprised if it's all connected, but I'm not sure if there's solid evidence, so this is just a fun theory I have.

I agree it's a global and concerted effort but just because they are all banging on about porn and using it as the Trojan horse, this isn't about porn or nudity or sex.

You remember when 'Arab Spring' happened? And all the usual suspects said how great it was and that the internet had a democratising influence? The were welcoming the changes in the Arab world but saw the true power of the unmediated internet in those coordinated protests and vowed they'd never let it happen to them.

Within five years we're going to see gigantic walled gardens where people can only sign in using their given name and confirming by a passport or driving license. We can already see sites where you have to use a OTP or authenticator code on a smart phone to sign in. Extrapolating your identity from that info is trivial.

I think there will be another internet available only by using other protocols but it will be forever looked down upon and payment providers will not service any monetisation there.

Uhh are you assuming MFA is... somehow a bad thing?


No, but it does present more data for the unscrupulous.

Aside from SMS/email, which should be avoided anyway for other reasons, or proprietary solutions like MS’ or Steams approach, there is nothing to be gained from TOTP or WebAuthN.

TOTP (the 6 digit code that changed every 30 seconds, usually) is just a hash of a shared secret between you and the server, and the current time rounded to the nearest 30 seconds.

WebAuthN/FIDO2/U2F is private by design. Keys/authenticators derive a unique key for every credential pair, you can even register the same key multiple times because of this. About the only thing you gain is knowing what type of authenticator is being used, which is of questionable value at best.

Thank you for this, I learned something today.

I wasn't rubbishing 2FA I was saying that in order to use it you usually need to use a mobile phone and it's the phone that I regard as being a security risk for any number of reasons.

Ah I see, and you’re most welcome. 2FA is something I am very passionate about, to the point I’m trying to convince my whole family to use security keys, but I come up against a lot of resistance to it

Capitalists need more slaves. Global birth rates have sharply declined. People can’t afford children

I doubt the entire gig economy adds up enough to worry our masters.

How small government and individual liberty!

"Tread on my daddy!"

-Patsy Hazewood probably

She ran unopposed in the last election after claiming she was going to retire. However, because the local Democratic party can't get its shit together to run a candidate, she just filed her papers and extended her career of taking those free tax dollars and putting them in her pocket.