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For those that don't want to read that article that looks like it was written by a teenage intern -

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Refuses to elaborate further

It's literally all he did for ten years you daft cunt 😂

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What the fuck did I just read?

Humans arrested and charged for feeding hungry and needy humans

That's a level of Freedom ©®™ I just cannot comprehend

That's fucking evil

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fatally shoot

Uh, murder is the word you're looking for

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Is this some sort of American thing I'm too European to understand?

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Tried eating a piano once but it tasted a bit sharp

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I asked a builder why this was, and he said that the lateral forces created by a slightly tilted window has just enough force to rip the entire side of a house clean off due to houses having the structural integrity of wet newspaper, which is the preferred construction method in the States

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Could yous stop using words like "Firebrand" and use the proper "Attention-seeking"

Have you tried ordering some fuckin punctuation, mate?

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told BBC News on Friday that the device was "just basically a gas tank for rocket fuel". He called the event "not serious at all". "In fact, our bomb squad member asked me why we were releasing a news release on a rusted piece of metal," he said.

Saved you a click

Also if Purina didn't test on animals there would be a lot of dead dogs

This just screams "Rich-looking lady who knows fuck all about computers goes into shop to ask what laptop she needs to run Excel"

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(now known as Ye)

When I was younger, if a kid tried to give themselves a cool nickname, everyone would do their absolute best to call them anything but that and make up the worst possible names to call them instead.

We should bring that back. I even went to school with a guy called Dungboy

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As a nation that champions the values of freedom and democracy, the United States

Ha ha ok I'm out 😂

Doesn't sound like a fully international effort to me

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"Apple to claim they invented OLED" ftfy

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Try telling that to my unequivocal legal right to return anything for any reason within 14 days at no cost to myself other than postage

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Nothing to add, just thought a cock n balls would improve it, seeing as he was a pedo

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The only problem with services as a subscription is THE FUCKING IDIOTS THAT PAY FOR THEM

If nobody fell for shit like that, manufacturers would drop it like boiling diarrhea

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I dunno about you, but if I click a link and it says they're going to share my info with 164 'vendors', then only shows an "accept" button, they can fuck right off and I'll never go to their website again

It's 2024, that shit's illegal in the modern world

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Mate, I'd definitely prefer loose leaf tea but can't be arsed with the extra hassle

There are dozens of us

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Let's face it, it's because the housing market is destroyed so they have to live with their parents 😂

It's extremely obnoxious to suggest that people don't use Linux because they don't want to learn something new. They don't use it because there's absolutely no need for them to do so when Windows is a fantastic OS for their needs

Even when you're a bit more savvy it's easy to configure Windows to your liking without all the bloat and spying

I'm perfectly happy programming a Pi for little projects so I know Linux wouldn't be a problem for me, but I simply have no need for the hassle

Linux users are like militant vegans; they do more to put people off Linux than promote it

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Host fees

They love to make it look like the fees are being charged by anyone except them

Stop using Airbnb FFS

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I'm a multi tradesman and I run about in a 1.2L Korean shitbox with a trailer when I need it

Same tradesman in the US apparently needs a 6L V12 pick-up simply because of his micropenis? Yeah thanks for the pollution Brad/Chad/Tad whatever

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Being Business Insider, and the fact it said "appeared to" I was sceptical

Watched the video in the article and ha ha ha aye he's an Uncle Gropey 😂

Fuckin hell you couldn't make it up

That's nearly 70k per person. For education. That's...that's greed on an evil level

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I would strongly recommend against doing this just now. Lemmy isn't ready for your average Reddit user yet.

What'll happen is they'll create an account, see that it's still a bit buggy and a bit empty, then stop using it and tell everyone it's rubbish.

That's how Teslas got their reputation lol

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Not obvious at all to those not familiar with the infantile shitshow referred to as 'politics' in that country

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Agree with Blaze, they probably remember too when Reddit was in its infancy, it was unappealing to your average netizen, the same as Lemmy is now

Remember that 90% of Reddit is now ex-Tumblr and Facebook people; they would come to lemmy, see it's a bit clunky, and go tell a hundred others on Reddit how bad an experience it was for them

Next thing lemmy has a reputation like Tesla that isn't going to shake off any time soon

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I made it myself with no experience, and after two bottles of wine

I can assure you, sir or madam, it is utter fucking shite

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This is a fucking bullshit article. Between Airbnb and filthy scum investment companies buying up homes to rent, actual owners are nowhere near the biggest problem

Stop upvoting shit like this. CNN = Clearly Not News

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Nokia 3310

It'd still be charged

Aw that's sweet

Fuck you

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They usually disappear soon after

Yes, they go under the water

I find I never actually look directly at an analogue speedometer, you kinda just know from the angle of the needle what speed you're doing

New to driving maybe?

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Live in a country with normal fuckin toilets. What the fuck is that lake?

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I'd rather nail my foreskin to a tree than click a TikTok link.

WTF are you even looking at shite like that for?!?

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Paying to pay your taxes is the most moronically American thing I've ever heard 😂

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Happy Meal ©®™

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Yeah Lemmy has a massive problem with fuckers posting YouTube vids instead of articles too.

Not just that, but fuckin infantile thumbnails too 🤢