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The only correct answer, the past, was the worst. I like having antibiotics, not dying in childbirth, hot running water e.t.

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Being able to put the heating on for the days of Christmas would be nice. It is very cold.

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Religion and the fear of "woke" things being taught to their children like evolution, sex education, history,science.....

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I am using Ublock and sponsor block,so far no adverts but it is always good to have more tools,just in case.Thank you for the links :)

The Pacific Ocean is massive and if a ship turns off its transponder it is invisible unless you have satellites in your game. Ships can easily disappear in the Pacific even with modern search and rescues when people really really want to find a ship[ in trouble, they sometimes can't. I have a friend that sails those waters and there are endless small islands, often uninhabited where he stays in small bays and inlets.

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Nothing strange about the islands apart from him raving about the stunning beaches, waterfalls, and colorful wildlife. He once found a bale of weed, he kept it and never returned to that particular island. The strange stories he has all occurred out on the ocean. Swimming in bioluminescent water. A massive shape nearly 100m long surfaced his bow in the middle of the night and paced him for hours. It turned out to be a sub.
He has many stories about the ocean, he is convinced he saw UFOs, not necessarily aliens but definitely unidentified and very unusual crafts and he saw them go into the water. I believe him, he is not the type to be into conspiracies or make things up. He embellishes his stories a little but that is just him being a good storyteller. He was in the military and navy for 40 years so he knows the ocean well. The Pacific Ocean is an enormous space, there are military outposts but due to its size, they are few and far between. The Arctic is much much more surveilled due to all the big countries wanting a piece of it and with climate change opening the Bering Strait, this becomes very valuable. Good luck with your game, may it fare well and be profitable to you.

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Yes that appears to be the case...

Sorry about that,I am still learning my way around the federated universe :)

There are browser extensions that let you bypass paywalls or you can read an archived version. there are more tips here :

Where can I get Nose cancelling headphones? I could do with some dog is old, and his farts are a biological weapon.


I have a pure bred Main Coon, and she came from a shelter. She has never been sick or had any health problems, she is 14 now. I agree with the folk here, adopt from a shelter or if you really like a particular breed, then there are specialised breed rescues. They rehome pure breeds ,but like many others already said they tend to have health problems though it differs from breed to breed just like in dogs. You really need to make your question more detailed. What are your living arrangements? Will it be an indoor cat or will it be able to go outside? Do you live in a city or are you rural? Do you want a very affectionate cat that is vocal, or prefer a more self-sufficient one? How many hours are you at home? Do you want a longhair or short hair? Do you have time to groom a long hair cat? Have you considered the cost of food, flea drops, wormer, vaccinations and holiday cover? Cats are wonderful and easy to live with.90% of the time you need to do nothing but the other 10% are important and if done well will make living with a cat a doddle.

Proton mail is excellent and comes with a decent VPN that is free for personal use.

Same in the UK, saying anything even vaguely negative about Israel can get you into trouble.I wish we could have open and fair discussions, How will we ever end wars if we can not even Communicate?

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uBlock Origin,Ghostery, Bitwarden and sponsorblock

Biblically, demons are simply fallen angels.

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homosexual marriage is the dark harbinger of chaos and sexual anarchy Oh, my I think this is the best sentence I have read in a long time, and I now need to figure out how to work it into a conversation lol

"Some reported Israeli soldiers firing at them and said they passed bodies strewn alongside the road."

I imagine Ukraine's resistance would become objectively horrible if the Russians were still there after decades, claiming more and more land, bulldozing homes and creating an Apartheid. I once watched a documentary about Palestine (one of many) and the documentary maker was talking to a Palestinian woman while children were playing in the background. The children were playing a game of being suicide bombers. The reporter asked the woman about the children's game. She said that t the children had no hope for the future, their only hope for a better life was after death.

That really stuck with me. The Palestinian people have been treated like animals for generations by Israel, lied to, robbed, kept in poverty and forced to live in apartheid. I am not surprised they are fighting back. Yes, HAMAS are definitely bad guys too, but Israel is worse and till they are held to account over their behaviour and made to return Palestinian land and homes that have been illegally annexed ,things will not get better.

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paywalled :(

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You clearly didn't read the article and read only the headline.



thank you :)

What can they possibly say that would be in the least bit reasonable.

Did Muhammad rape his daughter

This is what the Wiki has to say :